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Lindsay's Alleged Victim: The D.A. Wussed Out!

3/31/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is griping ... LiLo should have been charged with a crime.

Dawn Holland Video
Holland -- who early-on said she did not want Lindsay prosecuted -- has had a change of heart after the Riverside County D.A. told TMZ they would not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

Holland says she's "disappointed but not surprised," adding, "It's not fair."


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Good riddance!    

Cocaine Pants Gate version 2.0! Not too worried though, as Lowho is a career criminal that's unable to walk the straight and narrow and it will catch up with her!

1271 days ago


This woman is a piece of sh**, seriously, all she want it's money and fame!JUST SHUT UP!!

1271 days ago


This woman is a piece of sh**, seriously, all she want it's money and fame!JUST SHUT UP!!

1271 days ago


This woman is a joke. She said herself she wouldn't press charges and then she wants to? I think somebody is looking for some publicity.

Look at me! Look at me! I am a victim. Well, not really, but wait, yes I am... Look at me!

1271 days ago


OMG the staffer obviously wants more money, and I think she made it all up anyway! No, Lindsay is far from being the good little girl, but I think she is being taken advantage of from the worker. Nice payday she already got. Probably spent it on crack. And I think the jewelry store is taking advantage of her too. THey let her walk out without saying anything. Hollywood, everybody out to make a buck off of someone else.

1271 days ago


Those pictures of Lindsay at Dlisted are God awful. I would be crying to if I had a meth face like that.

1271 days ago


Jesus, TMZ, do you have any idea how obnoxious that Investigation Discovery neon-pink Anna Nicole Smith ad is? It covers the entire screen including YES YOUR CONTENT AND NAME, I wasn't sure I was at your site or some spammer, and it is harder than most to fricken get off the screen.

1271 days ago


I am in the fourth grade and have to write a report on a famous person. Is Lindsay Lohan an actress, a singer, or a dancer? Can you tell me what she done lately that makes her famous.
Thank you.

1271 days ago


SO STFU and plz hang yourself when LL is found, NOT GUILT!!!!

Posted at 5:37 AM on Mar 31, 2011 by therock
LMFAO! You sound like A Two year old

1271 days ago


@therock, Just remember:

"What goes around, comes around"
"Every dog has its day"
"Karma is a Btch"

Lindsay will find that out on 4/22/11

You only want my to STFU because YOU cant handle the TRUTH

1271 days ago


No, the DA was bought and paid for by the maggot.

1271 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing about Lindsay. Who really cares anymore? Just toss her in jail for wasting everyone's time. And stop trying to sue celebrities. In general. Get a new job if you have too much time on your hands. Or take up a new hobby. geeze.

1271 days ago


This woman shouldn't be bitchin...She had the chance to prosecute, but she didn't cooperate with the proper authorities, so she LOST out BIG TIME!!!

I mean...didn't she accept a payout from the Blohans?? In return, she loses her job, and now will be penniless! It's safe to say that the lesson learned here--is that GREED gets you NOWHERE--in the end.

1271 days ago


Dina is trying to get some more photos of Lindsay out, so the dlist photo dont stay in your minds

Coming soon to TMZ, ROL or x17

Stay tune folks more staged photo ops from the Lohns trying to make Lindsay look good

DL should focus more on getting her daughter help, than running to gossip sites selling photos

DL id digging Lindsays grave

1271 days ago


This is her own fault!! If she'd filed a police report from the start and cooperated, instead of being wishy-washy, LiLo would've been charged.

1271 days ago
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