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'Make-A-Wish' Kid to Barefoot C: Don't Call Us ...

3/30/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten just learned a hard lesson ... late is not always better than never ... because she just got blown off by the family of a "Make-a-Wish" boy.

Barefoot Contessa

You'll recall ... Enzo -- a 6-year-old with cancer -- wanted to cook a meal with Ina, but she couldn't find the time. 

After TMZ broke the story, Ina took lots of heat.  So Monday night she called Enzo's family and offered for them to come to the Food Network for a cookout.

Enzo's dad Adrian tells us ... the ship has sailed:  "I don't want to put my son through all these emotions.  We're better off just leaving everything the way it is."

As TMZ previously reported -- Enzo's new wish to swim with dolphins is already in the works, and Adrian tells us it will be fulfilled in August.


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Davey Boy    

Hahahahaha, too funny. Fatty gets schooled by Enzo and his family. Awesome. TMZ is spreading the word about fatty, one story at a time. Everyone I know is boycotting her show.

CountryGal, Katie, and NOLady can all pound sand too. What a trio of sacks of ****.

1271 days ago


Enzo Momma Say Send Checks Faster, They Not Gitten There Fast Enough. Hurry Up Sucka's uh I mean Nice People.

1271 days ago


Enzo Momma Need More Cars, Send $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1271 days ago

More Cowbell    

CountryGal should change her name to InbredGal

1271 days ago


No Money for Make A Wish. The comments here are so eviil towards Ina. Whoever said the child was the new balloon boy was right.

1271 days ago


Good...The kid does not need to meet this women. It took many people to be pissed off and tell this women off for to have a change of heart..
I will still never watch her show again. This lady is a cold,callus witch.

1271 days ago


They turned her down because if the kid did meet would be revealed that it was never his wish when he actually speaks about it and all the truth would come out that it was the mother's ploy from the beginning. This kid is today's balloon boy.

Posted at 12:07 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Bobo Frog

SO TRUE...what mother does this, please. Pathetic. They should be spending their damn time grateful their child is alive, thriving, in submission and doing their heartfelt charity work or whatever to find a cure for cancer.

Looks like the trolls are out. You have no idea how this touches ME personally, this story, and it's pathetic. Parents don't contact a tabloid trash can website directly because their child had a wish that couldn't be fulfilled. It's all about them, the MOM and it disgusting!

Poor Enzo, indeed. Not about Ina but about what his spectacule mother is making out of this!

1271 days ago


Fresh you take a ride yet or are you still doing your mom?

1271 days ago

Tony Chliek    

In real life she may be one of the nicest people in the world, but now she looks like a cold hearted bitch. This move is going to cost Ina big time in her book sales.

1271 days ago


Wow! This C*ntryGal ho must have a whole lotta spare time -- and very few brain cells. What's the matter, honey, did you get fired from the titty bar in your redneck town, and now you're without a job? So sorry. What an idiot!! Anyway, Ina's a nasty freak. It's always been more than obvious to me, but I'm glad everyone else is finally seeing it too. F*ck that stupid b*tch.

1271 days ago


Yes certainly making a wish doesn't mean it should come true, but lets go back and look at the facts, he wished and the urged him to wait up to a year and, star chef lawyer I don't care what...if someone wanted me to grant a wish and for some reason I couldn't do it after that sick child waited on only me...I'd have sent him one helluva care package with my sympathies...yes no one is perfect...but I know Harvey is with me on that, if he say wanted a tour of TMZ and to do a special telecast alongside Harvey (that would be my wish;) ) He'd either say yes...or he'd do something special for the child...say a copy of his "I did it my way" recording? Perhaps a trip on the TMZ tour bus VIP style...something...we all can do something and usually do if we find out a fellow man/woman or child is sick or injured. I believe if you are paid to be a star of any sort you do owe a penance of sorts and at the very least tend to the return for super hero worship. (someone kiss Harvey for me)

1271 days ago


GOOD! Haha! I hope she feels like the insensitive, stupid turd that she is. How could anyone with a HEART deny a terminally ill human being?! Get with it Contessa! Let this be a lesson to you!

1271 days ago

I cook 2    

If the kid was Jewish she would have said YES . BItch

1271 days ago


wasn't that little boy on that reality show "the hills" the one who lived next door to holly and spencer? lol

1271 days ago


I see both sides of the story, however, if a dying child's wish is to cook a meal with you- are you REALLY that big of a celebrity that you can not fit a couple of hours in your schedule? Please! Who do you think you are?
If the president can take vacations in the midst of wars, surely a B list "chef" can take the time to make some food, take a few pictures and boost publicity and make the dreams of a child come true.
No longer a fan of Barefoot!

1271 days ago
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