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'Make-A-Wish' Kid to Barefoot C: Don't Call Us ...

3/30/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten just learned a hard lesson ... late is not always better than never ... because she just got blown off by the family of a "Make-a-Wish" boy.

Barefoot Contessa

You'll recall ... Enzo -- a 6-year-old with cancer -- wanted to cook a meal with Ina, but she couldn't find the time. 

After TMZ broke the story, Ina took lots of heat.  So Monday night she called Enzo's family and offered for them to come to the Food Network for a cookout.

Enzo's dad Adrian tells us ... the ship has sailed:  "I don't want to put my son through all these emotions.  We're better off just leaving everything the way it is."

As TMZ previously reported -- Enzo's new wish to swim with dolphins is already in the works, and Adrian tells us it will be fulfilled in August.


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Dear "Soory for typos . . . " That last posting comment you made was a doozy. And for your information, the word is "cannot," not can not. I haven't laughed that hard in two weeks. Your stage name says it all, Beautyfullaydee. You are correct; you are "soory."

1265 days ago


Ina just shoved a big "barefoot" in her career.

1265 days ago

marilyn birnback    

I have to say.. I would watch her...never cared for her hubby.. however.. i could tell she has no children.. now I know she has none... she's busy with herself . If you can refuse a child you don't know what it is then to sacrifice .. and clearly she doesn't... now that's a big turn off to me... shame on her.. she just doesn't get it... maybe she is more to be pitied than condemned..

1265 days ago

tom bass    

What an ass! For me just knowing that she is from the Hampton's (NY) tells me enough, she probably thinks that she is better than anyone out there. I will never watch her show again!

1265 days ago


I will never watch Ina again. She was one of my favorites but I will avoid her and hope her business and arrogant fame suffers.

1265 days ago


Thank You Lord! If this was my child I would have done the same thing. May God be with this family!

1265 days ago


To beauteefullaydee,

great comment and great website. Thanks.

1265 days ago


too fat to help a kid!!!!

1265 days ago

orson lacey    

you idiots that think her life should be destroyed because she is held to a schedule and is busy women, i dont understand you---her show will carry one long after enzo take a dirt nap.

1265 days ago


There is much more in this media firestorm than meets the eye. First, this woman gives generously (from what I've read) to many charities and is not a "horrible" person as many deem to protray her. No one is obligated to do anything for any one. Secondly, this young boy supposedly made this request to meet Ina 3 yrs ago which would have made the boy 3 yrs old at the time. Three and/or 6 year old children do not have a desire to make pasta with a cooking show host, they want to go to Disneyland, Seaworld, Legoland, etc. I believe Enzo's mama is probably a pretty good cook and wanted her foot in the door as opposed to now putting it in her mouth. Give Ina a break. We don't know the entire story and thankfully this little boy is not terminally ill.

1265 days ago


At what point did the table turn and ''celebs" became so important. Throughout history they were servants here to entertain. This woman forgot where she came from and who is important. this child is better off she probably would have boiled and eaten the child then washed the meal down with a big slice of cake. If the network cut her off and fans stopped paying attention other in her position might get the point. The child is my hero, bravely trying to fight of cancer and still with a smile on his face.

1265 days ago


The Pereda family has been waiting for 3 years....all Enzo wanted was to meet the barefoot cook..even when she turned him down the second time...3 years people...they didnt call tmz or anything...a friend started this on facebook & thats the result...the power of the social bs...

1265 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@T 322 poster Roxy54 screw you and bad karma be after coming you and as for Ina cu*nten she fatazz cow and ugly as hell

1265 days ago


She is too busy stuffing her fat face and making money to do anything for a sick kid. You can tell she's childless, it's all about her. Yes if a kid contacted me and wanted something I'd move heaven and earth to make it happen...most people I HOPE would...even if the kid is a stranger!

The fattie called Ina
Do you think she has a vagina?
Just a *** hag
Look'in like a guy in drag
Last name of Garten
yet lack'in some heart'in
Some boy bother'in her wit a request
dissed himm now she gets no rest.

This should be on YouTube!

1265 days ago


The only reason she has made an attempt to reach the boy is because she was being FORCED to! Any gesture on her part would be fake, just like her laugh and cutsie playfulness with her husband. She's a snob and children are beneath her, unless they belong to a very wealthy person she knows. She and her show are history!

1265 days ago
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