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Allen Iverson's Lambo in Lock-Up

3/31/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Allen Iverson's sick Lamborghini is sitting in an Atlanta police impound yard ... after the former NBA superstar got pulled over last night ... TMZ has learned.


Atlanta PD confirms Iverson was a passenger in his silver 2009 Lambo when they pulled over the ride because it had expired dealer tags.

Police impounded the whip and gave A.I. a ticket.

By the way, after Iverson got his belongings out of the Lambo -- he slipped into another car ... his friends were following in an even sicker Rolls-Royce.

That's just how he Rolls.

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I wonder how that conversation with the officers was like "We're talking about expired tags man, what are we are talking about? We're talking about expire tags not the cars NOT THE CAR we're talking about expired tags!".

Posted at 2:15 PM on Mar 31, 2011 by Hello is anybody in there?

HAHA! Good one.

1299 days ago


OMG Chaz!! WTF! If someone is a "arrogant or an ignorant tool" it is you! Yes it was wrong for him to be driving around on expired dealer plates but the fact that they were expired has nothing to do with the fact that he is black- Gasp! or that he is an athlete. Just who the H e l l do you think you are?

1299 days ago

Doesn't matter    

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. What the heck are all those stupid rascist comments about? Everyone of you are ignorant...every flippin one. Who cares black or white? Blue? purple? yellow? brown? Geez get over peoples skin color. you all sound so stupid!

Ps ..that goes for any race whites-shut your mouths, blacks-shut your mouths. Who raised all of you impolite jerks?

1299 days ago


I smile and laugh at the racist comments. Wow, they are actually judging a race because of a narcissistic basketball player's behavior. What happened to just criticizing the individuals' for their actions? SMH. Judge me for me not anyone. I wouldn't judge caucasians by Charlie Sheen's actions LOL

1299 days ago


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1299 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

The TMZ writers are just sick for using such language ... sick I tells ya, sick!

1299 days ago


GOOD, He deserves it, I delivered his room service once in a hotel and he was a total jerk!!!

1299 days ago

PRO US    

The police did their job. Allen Iverson should have verified that all the paperwork for the car was in compliance with state requirements. I'm sure it was a complete coincidence that the police were checking the tags of a Lamborghini that was being driven by a Black man. I'm sure the police always check the tags of Lamborghinis and other exotic cars that are being driven by Whites. Of course.

1299 days ago

Harveys Shirt    

He supposedly makes enough money to buy one, but doesnt have use the brain that god put in his head to READ the registration and see when it expires. I will bet that soon it will be repossessed.he is nothing more than a total irresponsible idiot who deserves nothing but a chevy 4 door.

1299 days ago


It's not because he was black because Atlanta have the wealthiest black people. It's because in Georgia the color of the tags change yearly; all the police have to do is look at the license plate and see the color isn't the right one. BTW Chaz thanks for your input. I respect everyone's opinion.

1299 days ago


How could AI let the dealers tags expire on his car and why didn't AI roll to the impound when it opened this morning and get his car? Why was someone else driving? So many questions. lol

1299 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Who cares what he does with his money who cares how he spends it. It is HIS money if he goes bankrupt who cares(I'll joke about it).What's up with the race stuff who cares what color he is stop with this crap. Wonder what Larry Brown thinks about Iverson's expired plate now that's something to think about!

1299 days ago


I'm talking bout PRACTICE.

1299 days ago



Another idiot who was served a gold-plated ticket out of the grind, and he's blown it. Burned through huge money - even with agents etc. - probably 50+ million net. Gotta be a big deal even if it means getting chased for money despite the pay.

Someone to look up to...


1299 days ago

Knez Martin    

"He should be locked up for extortion. Why anyone is paid that much money to run back and forth to throw a ball in a net is ridiculous.."
Posted at 2:21 PM on Mar 31, 2011 by Landshark

"Your jealousy is shining through this post. Go eat a banana or something."
Posted at 2:30 PM on Mar 31, 2011 by Just me

Banana, nice...maybe AI could use some potassium... studies show it's an excellent source of "recapturing your game and athleticism", maybe it'll cure his gimpy right ankle...worked for Grant Hill!
Seriously, they do a great job of covering this story and other NBA stuff on www.blognbasketball.com.

1299 days ago
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