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Allen Iverson's Lambo in Lock-Up

3/31/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Allen Iverson's sick Lamborghini is sitting in an Atlanta police impound yard ... after the former NBA superstar got pulled over last night ... TMZ has learned.


Atlanta PD confirms Iverson was a passenger in his silver 2009 Lambo when they pulled over the ride because it had expired dealer tags.

Police impounded the whip and gave A.I. a ticket.

By the way, after Iverson got his belongings out of the Lambo -- he slipped into another car ... his friends were following in an even sicker Rolls-Royce.

That's just how he Rolls.

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@ #2 You don't know the deal with the expired tag in Georgia. In Atlanta they impounded your car for expired tag.... other cities write the ticket a holla at you in court. As long you come with a tag it's dismissed. In ATL you still will have come off 440 $ for the ticket regardless.

1271 days ago


Iverson, has 2 house in Atlanta, roughly paid 5 million total for the 2. Forgets to pay the mortgage once in a while and gets notified of foreclosure. So, not surprising he does not pay for tag. Not dependable guy on or off the court.

But we do want to thank him for getting ticketed and towed in Atlanta. We need the money. Hope his cars are licensed in Georgia too. Our car tag tex is so high we need that money too.

1271 days ago


expired dealer tags? 2009 ? wtf
lets not do what the law says you should do when you get a new car It is so hard to stay legal right.

1271 days ago

Bite your tongue    

@Mikey..it was because of expired tags, but why did they even check to see if the tags were expired????? What made them even check, if you were driving a lambo would they have checked yours??? BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!! AND LEARN WHAT CONSTITUTES AS A RACIST ACT!!!!

1271 days ago


thank you ignorant people for proving my point racism still exist no matter what society tries to tell us... now the racist have shed the hoods over the heads and traded it for a computer God will have the final judgement

1271 days ago


"He should be locked up for extortion. Why anyone is paid that much money to run back and forth to throw a ball in a net is ridiculous.."

The same reason why out of shape guys are paid even more to walk around with clubs trying to get a ball into a hole in the ground. Get over it cause we know you suck at sports period.

1271 days ago


I would like to thank all of the people that have posted on here, you have made my long day at work 20 minutes shorter with all of your educated,racial,opinionated and otherwise entertaining remarks.

1270 days ago

Mr. President    

Whites are horrible. They always generalize. A very jealous race.

1270 days ago


its because hes a dealer right,. or wait its cause he blew all his money and cant afford tags and plates. what real winner go allen. go

1268 days ago


AI U still got it babe...always did & always will so just deal the rest will follow & the bs neva goes away ne who...Luv ya

1265 days ago

Bryan Blokeman    

A lot of people are wondering why they checked the tags in the first place. The article states that the car was initially pulled over for not using a turn signal. It's standard procedure during any traffic stop to run the tags. They usually ask for your driver's license as well to make sure you don't have any warrants. It seems like one of those cases where a celebrity let their ego escalate a rather minor situation. If you want an expensive car, know that the taxes are going to be steep. I can just see this, "who is this cop to try to give me a ticket or tell me what to do? I played in the NBA goddamit!" I've already found it pathetic when celebrities or athletes pull the "do you know who I am" bull****. Check this out Allen, 100 years from now, you're going to be six feet in the ground, just like everyone else, and nobody is going care how you dribbled a basketball, if anyone even cares now. This guy is 35 years old and he behaves like a teenager.

1265 days ago


Poor fella - He burned through a reported $200M+ and his arrogance was so good he could not get on an American team and is playing ball for a Turkish team for a measly $2M a year and does not have the ratings he used to have! I guess trouble just follows him around and waits until he is available!!

Measly $2M a year?? Really?? Will you ac***ulate anywhere near that in your entire job history? Im sure you won't! Hater!

1263 days ago

Joe Harris true    

Let A.I. play for the Atlanta Hawks so they can sell some tickets.

1247 days ago


They pulled over the Lamborghini not because of expired tags. It was because the driver didn't signal to the next lane. And because he's black. And Iverson was sitting in the passenger seat, not driving. And also, the peace officer had to do more "investigating." Because he's black.

1246 days ago


if it was a rental then it wouldnt have expierd tags they would be current and up to date if your paying all that money to rent it ..so he deff owns that one and has more here in Va

1158 days ago
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