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Kingston Rossdale -- Pickup Artist

3/31/2011 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You're never too young to pick up chicks, at least when you're a playa like Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston.

The 4-year-old rocked a wife beater as he made his move on a pretty young thing at an L.A. park.

Brody who?



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I Weep for Humanity!    

I like Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. They seem like good parents but I do wonder why they feel the need to dye the hair of a 4 y.o. boy. To each his own I guess, but hair dye on a a little person can't be healthy. And yes, before the criticism starts, it is dyed. I've seen plenty of pics of this little boy with dark hair.

Posted at 7:29 AM on Mar 31, 2011 by A Real Lawyer
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one thinking that. I kept looking at Kingston's hair and wondering if it was for real. It's sooo obvious that it's dyed. NOT COOL. He's too young and it's not good (with all of the chemicals)for a little one. If he wants to dye it when he's a teenager that's something else entirely, but let him be a kid for crying out loud!! Plus constantly coloring hair will damage it. His hair will probably be totally wrecked by the time he's 13. =~(

1265 days ago


Wow. No women work there? Nobody on your staff is insulted by the "wife beater" reference? Just male jerks? Wife beaters? No husbands or fathers in that newsroom who are offended by this term as I am?

For future reference, I have always associated this type of shirt to be worn by old men, under dress shirts.

Perhaps Chris Brown or Mel Gibson have started writing your copy.........

1265 days ago

Missy many uptight people, ready to take offense at the least little thing. America needs more fiber in it's diet.

1265 days ago


My favorite two celebrity kids are Kingston and Honor. Those would be some cute babies 25 years from now.

1265 days ago


Does that kid have a tattoo?

1265 days ago


That's his cousin!! It's Gwen's sister's daughter!

1265 days ago


I see I'm not the only one offended by your calling the little girl a "thing". We prefer pieces of ass, or creatures.

We also prefer that you evolve and stop degrading the female sex.

1265 days ago


To all the people who are offended, get off TMZ or get a sense of humour. This is cute and meant to be funny.

1265 days ago


Omg seriously? People are offended by the terms "pretty young thing" and "wifebeater?" I hear old ladies use the first all the time and the latter is super common and doesn't actually mean the person wearing it is gonna beat his wife! You all need to get out more often!

1265 days ago


too much , they are only little kids,, who wrote this, as it is not cute

1265 days ago


I see the stick up the butt brigade is out in full force here in the comments section today!

1265 days ago


Hey thought TMZ had morals??? really??? is this your first time to the site?

1265 days ago


A new low TMZ. Pictures of a 4 year old kid playing at a park,
"picking up chicks" and using the term 'wife beater.' I know, I was all meant in good fun...but it's not funny OR appropriate. LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE!

1265 days ago


Not good. Not good that he's being stalked to photograph at 4 and not good he's acting like he's 20. He's growing up a bit too fast here and I do love Gwen big time.

Let's make 4 year olds off limits for photographs when they are alone. NOT GOOD at all.

1265 days ago


Nice pic but we don't need to be putting little kids into the role of being sexual beings, do we? Can't they just be two little kids having a lot of fun? I really miss the good old days when kids were just kids.

1265 days ago
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