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'Teen Mom' Pusher: Jenelle Got PAID for Fight Video

3/31/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who shoved "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans before that fight erupted ... is dropping a dime -- BIG TIME -- claiming Jenelle was actually in on a plot to make money off the brawl.

Brittany Maggard claims Jenelle only got up the guts to fight Britany Truett -- the eventual ass-beat victim -- because Maggard, Maggard's sister, and their friend Nick had her back. Maggard says Nick had the video camera.

After the fight, Maggard claims she and Nick came up with the idea to sell the video -- and Jenelle not only thought it was a "good idea" ... but SHE called "someone she knows at a [photo] agency to purchase the video."

According to Maggard, they sold the vid for $5,000 -- and Jenelle wanted a bigger cut because, as she said, "You wouldn't get any money if I wasn't famous!"

Jenelle's attorney says he doesn't believe Maggard's accusations.


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Just when you think these girls couldn't be an stupider... they call up TMZ and confirm that yes, they are far more stupid then we ever suspected.

Damned they're dumb... rocks are smarter then these girls.

1311 days ago


From the beginning I thought this whole "fight" was a fake. It looks staged.

@ Tinalouise - hopefully they'll just cancel the whole show.

Everyone made a big deal about Kate exploiting her kids, how is this show any different? It's not... they are getting paid by a network to show their lives. I really hope one day the TV guys can stop showing all this reality show garbage (including all the singing/dancing/dating/hoarding etc)! Please bring back SITCOMS.

1311 days ago


1. Dumb enough to resort to violence
2. Dumb enough to film evidence of that violence
3. Dumb enough to sell film evidence where it it going to be seen by law enforcement.

I guess stupidity is its own reward. Awful really that at that age they're still behaving like school children. Such narrow horizons for a situation like that to be important. It's not even that I see this as a major crime, but it's the kind of behaviour that can escalate to seriously hurting someone. Sort of thing most people have worked out by the age of 16.

1311 days ago


I agree w/#8..all for ratings and money. I never believe any this reality show fights ,,even Snooki arrest, I think the cops are in on the set up for Snooki's arrest, again for ratings..
Kardashians fights are so phony, especially the one in the bar when Scott jumped in..

I never watch these shows, you don't have to, blog sites give you updates and show the clips...

1311 days ago


Now she has to pay that money towards bonds and trial... Well, she probably won't pay for trial. That's for the tax payers to cover. It was so obviously a setup against the victim but the police bit and locked up the innocent girl as well. That's not fair. Where's her cut of the money?

1311 days ago


I just read this on another about trailer trash...

Maggard sold the tape of their fight to the media for $45,000.
"She told me herself and I got very upset," Evans said Wednesday. "I cried for two hours."

1311 days ago

Give me a break!    

all the more reason she and her friends need to go to jail

1311 days ago


Wow! Thank you so much to these dumb girls for giving the rest of us, who either currently are or were teen moms, a bad name. These girls and the creators of this ridiculous show should all be ashamed of themselves. Being a teen mom is not some silly game. It's hard work! You've gotta be willing to sacrifice a lot, and if you aren't able to grow the hell up and make the hard, responsible decisions, then either keep your legs shut, or use some protection! Some of us are willing the grow up and take care of our babies, not dump them off with whoever we can so that we can go out and act like we have no responsibilities! Yet for some reason no one ever notices......oh right, that's because girls like this and shows like "teen mom" exist to further society's poor outlook, by showing them only the train wrecks. On behalf of all responsible teen moms out there, thanks.

1311 days ago


In other words, she's not just an idiot, but also a cowardly, greedy idiot. This is a surprise?

1311 days ago


Shock! Not! Look at the video and the chick is hitting her own hand, total set up.

1311 days ago


Did tmz pay $5000.00 for the vid?

1311 days ago


She "Famous!!!" WOW, So she's famous for being a baby having a babym white trash, dropping out of school, doing drugs, being a leech off her "friend" and society, and otherwise being a waste of oxygen. INFAMOUS maybe, not "famous" Wow, that's I'll I can say, "wow"!!!

1311 days ago

Saul rosenberg    

HAHAHAHAHAHA, this dumb hick chick really knows how to make money, lets see, even if she got the entire 5k for the video herself, she would still lose money because its her 2nd offense in less than a year, it can be charged as a more serious offense than her breaking and entering and her pot possession, and she has to pay a lawyer, way to go Jenelle. What is your next plan, buy and ounce of weed for $250 and sell it for $150!!! LOL

1311 days ago


of course her lawyer "claims" he doesn't believe that girl.... he wants to win the case for janelle. janelle isn't getting out of this one, so he needs to suck it up!

1311 days ago


This is what happens when MTV, TMZ, and other give any sort of attention to white trash like this. People like this used to just make babies, smoke ciggis, and cash in their food stamps from their little corner of the trailer park. Now thanks to MTV and TMZ morons like this think they are famous. TMZ, if you are still around in 18 years, remember to do a story about how you and MTV contributed to ruining everyone of these moron's babies lives. I will never understand how anyone could watch a show with this level of stupidity, when they could go to their local trailer park and see it live. Keep making 16 year old girls famous for getting knocked up by an inbred moron TMZ, you are doing the world a service.

1311 days ago
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