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'Teen Mom' Pusher: Jenelle Got PAID for Fight Video

3/31/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who shoved "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans before that fight erupted ... is dropping a dime -- BIG TIME -- claiming Jenelle was actually in on a plot to make money off the brawl.

Brittany Maggard claims Jenelle only got up the guts to fight Britany Truett -- the eventual ass-beat victim -- because Maggard, Maggard's sister, and their friend Nick had her back. Maggard says Nick had the video camera.

After the fight, Maggard claims she and Nick came up with the idea to sell the video -- and Jenelle not only thought it was a "good idea" ... but SHE called "someone she knows at a [photo] agency to purchase the video."

According to Maggard, they sold the vid for $5,000 -- and Jenelle wanted a bigger cut because, as she said, "You wouldn't get any money if I wasn't famous!"

Jenelle's attorney says he doesn't believe Maggard's accusations.


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Cage fight! Last one alive gets out (but gets sterilized) and maybe gets to live.

1266 days ago


Who cares about these stupid idiots? Why are they even getting the publicity that celebrities get? It's ridiculous that there is even a show about them and I myself refuse to buy any magazine where they appear on the cover.

1266 days ago


This girl just doesn't know when to shut up does she? She's digger the hole deeper by talking. Now she's saying it was all planned to beat the hell out of Britany?? That makes it even worse! Keep talking girl you're going to bury yourself!
What a bunch of brainless idiots!

1266 days ago


that should read..

She's digging the hole deeper.

1266 days ago


Wow. This girl is dumberer. Shut your mouth already. No one cares about you. You are a trashy fame-whore who gets off on starting trouble between other people cause you are too weak to do it yourself. Get a life & a job.

1266 days ago


This waste of space Janelle needs to be kicked off the show IMMEDIATELY.. First of all she is NOT a mom. Her OWN mother raises that child. Its up to you MTV to make this right.. GET HER OUTTA HERE... Hell at least those white trash bags Gary and Amber are moving to LA to stay as far away from these freak shows asap. GO AWAY CRACK HEAD LOSER....

1266 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This girl is an idiot. She doesn't seem to understand that everything she is saying will be used against her in court. She must not have a lawyer yet because any lawyer with a brain would be telling his client to shut up and keep their mouth shut.

The sad thing is this girl is prob cashing in on her story by talking to TMZ because TMZ pays all these idiots (Lohans, White Trash Teen Moms, etc.) for their stories.

TMZ started as a celebrity gossip site and has basically turned into a website with stories about D list celebs (if they can even be considered D list). Add to that the fact that everyone on their staff seems to be so full of themselves. The only reason to even flip on that show is the cute brunette with the glasses (she had the Dodgers hat on yesterday). But the others are idiots and 90% of the time when they add their own opinions to the stories they just show how uneducated they are on the topics being discussed.

1266 days ago


lmao this friend his killin the defense i love it good girl keep spillin your guts then you will be the famous one ; )

1266 days ago


....and this is exactly why babies shouldn't be having babies, if these stupid girls weren't responsible enough to use birth control, whats makes people think they would be responsible enough to take care of a baby? these idiot, trashy girls don't have a brain cell in their head, their kids have no hope, they really should have put their babies up for adoption so it could have a chance to have a good life, those poor babies are going to grow up living in public housing and living off of welfare and food stamps and thats not fair to those kids that they have to be raised like that by young, stupid mothers like these skanks. I don't know who in their right mind would even bother wasting their time watching this dumb shows like Teen Mom, 16 & pregnant and Jersey Shore, those shows are garbage. MTV has really gone down the tubes after the 80's, it has nothing to do with music anymore, just a bunch of shows about stupid teens with no hope in the world, someone please call CPS and have those kids taken away from these sorry excuse for mothers and also tie a knot in their tubes before they end up with 5 kids before they are 22, take trashy shows like this off the air. I would have never guessed that someday it would be "cool" to teens to get knocked up at such a young age, what has this world come to?

1266 days ago


These kids are famous for being low life ho's. Famous I don't think so. Sorry trash, yes.

1266 days ago


Anyone else really care anymore about these girls? They had their 15 minutes, move on already.

1266 days ago


aren't we concentrating too much on this stupid story and worthless trailer park trash?

why is TMZ turing 3min of unwarranted fame into 4min and counting?


1265 days ago


That's cool.

1265 days ago

dube blu    

jizzalle + quifer = match made in heaven.

1265 days ago


low lifes

1265 days ago
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