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TMZ Live: Jeff Bridges -- Our Holy Grail

3/31/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our love affair with Jeff Bridges goes on ... Plus, somebody's getting a raw deal in Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case -- and it ain't Lindsay .... Somehow, K-Fed gets another woman to carry his love child ... And, just why did Harvey have to leave in the middle of our program?

18 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) The weather is great today ... so we're back outside.
(2:30) Harvey squares off with Matt ... who thinks Harvey has NO SHOT at getting Jeff Bridges to host TMZ TV. Harvey ... naturally ... disagrees.
(4:25) The latest on Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case.
(7:20) Lindsay Lohan fell down in New York last night ... just like Dax did the day before. Dax has a few choice words for Harvey -- and Max -- for the beating he took on the TV show.
(9:19) Michelle from Dallas, Texas asks a question via Skype.
(10:45) Harvey takes off ... and is replaced by Gary ... who's lost 25 pounds!
(12:30) Gary thinks Oksana WON'T sue Mel Gibson ... if we keep talking about her.
(13:25) Facebook question ... not surprisingly about Lindsay.
(15:10) If Make-a-Wish wanted Harvey to eat a hamburger with a kid ... would he do it?
(18:23) Gary and Jason talk about the guy's elephant hunt.
(22:00) Enrique bailed on Britney Spears ... and everyone thinks it was a bad move.
(24:00) Twitter question time!

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1270 days ago


Didn't you report that LiLo gave up smoking earlier this month? Don't you see a ciggy in her hand in today's photos?

1270 days ago


Hey, you wore that shirt within the past two weeks and it screams lemon yellow.

1270 days ago

Gillie Robbins    

Jeff Bridges may do it. not his brother!!!

1270 days ago


1270 days ago


I thought LiLo quit smoking....but in one of the photos she has a cigarette in hand.

1270 days ago


Harvey has the cutest arms!

1270 days ago


Ladies and Gentlemen:

It has been over 2 years since I missed any TMZ episode and I must lend my observations to the clear inappropriate and incompetent manner in which your show is closed-captioned.

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that shows on FCC airwaves be Captioned for the hearing impaired. It has been over a year since said captions have spelled a name outright or described adequately the punch-line of any joke. For example, whenever a TMZ staff refers to another by name, it is never captioned, rather lazily put into pronouns. I challenge you to watch any episode and be able to follow the true description and translation of occurrences.

In fact, I challenge you to address a clear lack of competence and outright laziness of your captioning staff. (Watch Judge Judy with captions for a sample of perfect captioning). If you do not act to change this glaring discrimination against those with hearing difficulties, I will make it my mission to notify the FCC of your lazy, ineffective and blatantly discriminatory manner in which lamely attempt to caption your sometimes interesting show.

Very truly yours,

Scott Whitman, Esq.

1270 days ago


The guy on the left is definitely in his third trimester. I hope his water doesn't break on-air.

1270 days ago


Linday out and about with Hotelier Vikram Chatwal in NY can see him in the back ground of some of the pics...went to check where she is staying and no doubt at the chatwal Hotel nyc it is! im sure he shed some $30000g on that private jet that flew here to NYC ...nice little friends!

1270 days ago


Do you think ther Jackson family is over reacting?

1270 days ago


Boycott ABC!!

1270 days ago


Also Boycott Disney cuz they own ABC.

1270 days ago

nee nee    

Elephant killing is WRONG . the Go Daddy man is disgusting

1270 days ago


2 points id like 2 address.
1 - no1 could fill a stadium like michael jackson
2 - and im glad tmz are ranked along side cnn and abc but again u wudnt be anywhere near if it wasnt for michael jackson ;)

1270 days ago
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