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Britney Spears

Gimme Nicki Minaj!

4/1/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears has lasered in on Nicki Minaj as her opening act for her upcoming concert tour ... and lawyers for the two are in "serious talks."


We're told it's looking very good that Nicki and Britney will reach an agreement in the next day or so.

Nicki would take the place of Enrique Iglesias -- who bailed at the last minute because his ego could not take opening for Britney.

Nicki is currently on tour with Lil Wayne -- those concerts end on April 28. Britney's tour begins June 17 in Sacramento.



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Wow @ #7. Sounds like u have nothing better to do w/your time.

1211 days ago


Enrique who? This would make for a much better show

1211 days ago


Fact of the matter is, Britney still sells albums...After all these years, x-amount of melt downs, court cases, etc. And she will continue to sell albums, maybe because she got lucky and hired a killer team of song writers and publicity managers whatever the case, she still bring in the $$$. So you can say her career is over, and that would be true if you measure her success in talent...then it was over a lllooonnngggg time ago...But I and the majority of the world measuer success in terms of income, and she's still got it coming. Whether you like her or her music or not you can't argue with her countiues success in numerous apperances on the Top 40, or constant sold out shows. Just by looking at majority of these post for example, look how many say they'd love to go. Even if it is just to go see her opening act, she's still selling them tickets. My personally opionon is Britney has been doing this for a long time, and even though she maybe a horrible mother, talent-less "performer", cracked out high school drop out...She has what it takes to survive in todays music bizz.

1211 days ago


Dear number 7, Jackson wrote most of his hits, Billie Jean, Beat it, Don't stop 'till you get enough, bad, black or white to name a few. We are the world, anyone?


1211 days ago


Britney's singing sux! Doesn't even sound like a real voice with all that digital crap going on. Maybe if she sung a song using her real voice and only her voice, we could determine if she had any talent or not. All her songs sound the same, same beat, same background "music", it's all the freakin same. I wouldn't open for her either. I'd want to open for someone with real talent. Britney's a has been. I applaud Enrique for backing out.

1211 days ago


I have the utmost respect for Brit. In todays day and age a lot of young people let fame go to there head and they stray away from there roots and forget who they are. But this is not the case with Brit, she has stayed true to her white trash roots by havin' kids out of wedlock, gettin' married in Vegas, exposing her good looks to make money, etc.

1211 days ago


Of course Spears is going to be promoted to the hilt. The feedback I heard is not good at all. The test they did last week on the net, people were not kind.

I don't know how much a ticket goes for but if that was an indication of her show I would want my money back.

1211 days ago

Sin D    

Be a great double bill...maybe they could doit on stage..I mean doit is better...

1211 days ago


Brit should be Enrique's back up!

1211 days ago


Is this Minaj person the same one who told Christina Aguilera to tell her fans to kill themselves?

1211 days ago


wait ive heard nicki sing live and she sounds nice especially considering shes a RAPPER .....and i dont want nicki to open for her even tho it would expand nicki's fanbase ..i think they should co-headline it

1211 days ago


Ummm how 'bout Britney should open for Nikki? Nikki is far more popular right now and has much more talent.

1211 days ago


I feel sorry for this child...they've told her for so long that she's talented...she actually believes it! but lipsincing (?) and strutting around w/your tushie hangin out is just NOT talent!

1211 days ago


I knew that she will find someone fast, is a great opportunity but also why do you keep telling that Enrique say no because his ego, do you know him personally? have you talk with him? ( because I guess you have not seen Enrique in a concert) he do not need her to be successful , I think was the right move, I just went to a Enrique `s concert is it was more than 20,000 people, it was full, he was singing live and great interaction with the fans, so HE DO NOT NEED BRITNEY , sorry but I believe was not EGO just a smart career move even if you do not see it his fans can see that and the end of the day we are what matter on this right? Britney will do great she has a great fan base no harm done.

1211 days ago

Jake Leckie    

Considering when this was posted... it could be an april fools joke :(

1211 days ago
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