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Britney Spears

Gimme Nicki Minaj!

4/1/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears has lasered in on Nicki Minaj as her opening act for her upcoming concert tour ... and lawyers for the two are in "serious talks."


We're told it's looking very good that Nicki and Britney will reach an agreement in the next day or so.

Nicki would take the place of Enrique Iglesias -- who bailed at the last minute because his ego could not take opening for Britney.

Nicki is currently on tour with Lil Wayne -- those concerts end on April 28. Britney's tour begins June 17 in Sacramento.



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Get ready for the None talented bi-polar womans tour coming to a city near you .....

1266 days ago


She's "excited" to find someone--ANYONE--who's willing to tour with her. Did you see her little interview on MTV, the one in which she says she's excited to go on tour? If she didn't SAY she was excited, nobody would have known. Zero expression, zero emotion, sounded dead. Must be drugged into some state of submission to not go bat**** about what could have been--if she'd ever had any talent, that is.

1266 days ago

Hot Blooded    

Get ready for the None talented bi-polar womans tour coming to a city near you .....

Posted at 10:46 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by Adrienne

LMFAO! Made my day.

1266 days ago


This probably will work out better for Brit.Although,I personally dont care for Nicki Minaj shes hot right now.And although I love lookin at Enrique-he is just an opening act still (him and his publicist need to get their heads outta the clouds)-bad pr move on his side.Pulling out like he did right after it was announced.

1266 days ago


Personally, I think the best choice would be for britney to just stop going on tour and wrecking music as it is now with all her auto-tunes synthetic tracks that are unoriginal and lame at best. She is not talented at all. She has never been able to truly represent what a SINGER is...that is simply singing! Nope, not Ms. Spears. She made her career on faking it plain and simple. And for her "fans" to obsessivly compare her to such actual ARTISTS as Madonna, Beyonce, Pink, Christina, etc is quite simply an insult to those actual artists. Britney was created by a team from the beginning and has never been a "true artist". Therefore, I do not believe she should carry such a title as Pop Princess at all. Mediocrity is her middle name and I would be extremely grateful if she retired from this industry. No matter how much you tweak, twist, enhance those vocals...they still suck. Kind of like all those album covers and photo shoots of shopped to DEATH to make her somewhat "pretty" again. Personally with that forehead and pug nose, she has never been beautiful and considering the fact that she always looks so dirty, nasty and unkempt in public...yeah that's more the "true" britney than anything you will hear or see in the media. Sad that true talent is many times overlooked for this simpleton.

1266 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

She should never try to tour or sing live period.One of these days when she's lip syncing the audio is gonna mess up and then have that Ashley Simpson/Milli vanilli moments. That will be the end of Britney Spears.

1266 days ago


Oh yeah and the tickets START at $96!!! WTF??? If you are willing to pay that kind of money to watch a nitwit fake singing and limping her tired a$$ all over the stage like a lifeless porn star, then go for it. Personally, there are so many other things I can think of that would be better than going to this concert.

And TMZ....I highly doubt it was "ego" that did him in. I think he realized he wanted to tour with an actual artist, not a fake. Lol!

1266 days ago


Funny... Enrique Iglesias is an international figure, he is even bigger than Britney in many places around the planet ... Why is he going to be her opening act when Enrique sells tickets like crazy for his own show !!!! Hello !

1266 days ago


I am in awe of this... Britney Spears has been out of the game for a while now. So, why does she think she still holds headliner status? Nicki Minaj should be the headliner!

1266 days ago


whatever with enrique he would have bored them to death anyway! NIkki is going to get the crowd going shes hot enrique sadly in MY OPINION, is not!!!!! boring ass foo!

1266 days ago


Yall are some f*ckn haters!!! I dont see yall out there on tour!!! So SHUT THE HELL UP you nagging crapholes

1266 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

61# OK your right none of us don't tour only people who are famous and tour can share their opinion about Britney thanks for the heads up.

1266 days ago


BOOOOOOHOOOO britney's going on tour with big booty nicki minaj.Just STFU already you cry babies. AND NICKI DOES HAS TALENT. YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND RAP MUSIC YOU UNSOCIAL HOUSECATS!!!

1266 days ago


She needs to get someone halfway talented to open for her to get enough people to show up (besides those who just love to watch a traiwreck, that is.)

1266 days ago


guss she couldnt afford lil kim haha#blackfriday

1266 days ago
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