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Charlie Sheen's Chicago Show Still a Go

4/3/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the disaster in Detroit last night, Charlie Sheen is moving on to Chicago for tonight's performance ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

The way Charlie's people see it ... it was just "one group of unruly people who started booing, and it became a mob-mentality situation." 

One source groused, "They wouldn't even let him finish a story," adding, "It wasn't all bad and we're looking forward to Chicago."


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charlies balls    

can we say LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha,,,hope the loser wofe beater gets the same and worse, bring rotten tomatoes folks....charlie is looooooooosing!
what a jerk

1268 days ago


I'm afraid Detroit has already set the trend for this entire tour and if he doesn't change things quick, he'll get booed again.

1268 days ago


can we say LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha,,,hope the loser wofe beater gets the same and worse, bring rotten tomatoes folks....charlie is looooooooosing!
what a jerk

Posted at 7:35 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by charlies balls


Sure. You can say it. Charlie doesn't give a damn, but go ahead. LMAO!!

1268 days ago



A new game that suckers more than 3 card monte. And he hit 1500 detroit people!

Let's face it..the violent torpedo of truth didn't inploded..creating a giant sucking sound.

1268 days ago


Give the man a break, I have seen people who claimed to be comics or entertainers do worse than him. He is not claiming to entertain you, just give you the truth; I am not exactly sure what that may be, but if you bought a ticket you are getting what you paid for!!

1268 days ago


ChicagoLand: Home to Jimmy Hoffa, Mayor Daley, Blagojevich, Rahm Emmanuel and Barack Obama. Rots o Ruck, Charlie.

1268 days ago


Well now that people have seen what a train wreck his "show" is (and I use that term VERY loosely), I'm willing to bet a lot of them will be asking for refunds. This is definitely the final nail in the coffin for Sheen's rapidly dwindling career. I had zero interest in buying a ticket for this show. I got tired of hearing his incoherent rambling during his media blitz. Why the hell would I want to see it in person? I sincerely hope to God he gets booed off stage in Chicago tonight. Maybe then he'll finally realize that he's #LOSING.

1268 days ago


Poor people of Chicago .......

1268 days ago


Hes going to be set up at every location, and you can darn well bet that the media will do the same by interviewing the anti-Sheen shillers. Why the hell would someone who actually wanted to see Sheen and paid to do so come in and boo? They wouldnt - these are intentionally stacked crowd(s)!

1268 days ago

FL Dude    

Good luck to the s uckers....I mean audiance that have tickets to tonights show. I'll wager he'll be a no show last minute
tonight and really tick of the fans

1268 days ago


Not everyone is going to indulge this spoiled mess of a human being. Maybe his porn princesses will, for a while, but when the money runs out, so will they.

1268 days ago


The new pickup line for Trannys on Sunset BLVD:

Can you SUCK as hard as a Charlie Sheen show?

1268 days ago


Why is Charlie getting all the sh*t here.... how about all of these stupid people that are paying money for tickets and actually going to the show?!! I saw as long as people are willing to go to these shows, Charlie should do them and cash in.

1268 days ago

spelling police    

Did anyone expect anything less from this guy? Detroit got what they paid for - why? Because they paid to see a crack-head spew insults all night... I would have only gone to see the show if it was free, but NEVER would I enable a crack head to just stand up and spew ignorance and stupidity for 45 minutes! As for the Detroit comments - looks like enough people could afford to see the show; it looked like a full house - Angry mob? I think not! Who would allow anyone to come into THEIR HOUSE and talk that much **** about a town that has more heart than any other - Sure *******$, kick the city while it's down - they're doing all they can to build a hurt city - if the rest of the nation would have half the heart of Detroit, this nation would be way better. Let's see Chicago take crap from this doucher! You think you're so tough, Chicago - wait till he insults your city too... maybe starting in Detroit was smart - now he has someplace to make fun of and can piggy-back off of that. You're welcome, Sheen - take your money and run. Detroit at least made a little money off of you too last night. Good riddance!

1268 days ago


The comments are surely more entertaining than anything Charlie Sheen will do on stage.
He is an actor - not a standup comedian, not a monologist - every word he has ever uttered in a movie or TV show was written by someone else. In other words, left to his brain(or what is left of it) Charlie cannot think of anything to talk about except himself. Since we all already know everything there is to know about Charlie Sheen it translates as boring, and so you get boos.
By the way, to the hopeful one who wanted to blame the booing comment on "one person" - umm, it's all over all the media outlets, even the Guardian from the UK.
Any of us can have a published book of poetry, photos, etc. It's called "vanity publishing". Charlie is simply rich enough to "vanity publish" a whole stage show - and vain enough to to do it. Ya gotta wonder about the folks who paid good money to see this nonsense, though - you have got to wonder...

1268 days ago
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