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Charlie Sheen's Chicago Show Still a Go

4/3/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the disaster in Detroit last night, Charlie Sheen is moving on to Chicago for tonight's performance ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

The way Charlie's people see it ... it was just "one group of unruly people who started booing, and it became a mob-mentality situation." 

One source groused, "They wouldn't even let him finish a story," adding, "It wasn't all bad and we're looking forward to Chicago."


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Why are any of you surprised the Detroit show was a disastrous flop and disappointment? Entertainment is a business, and Charlie surrounds himself with a bunch of losers that he ironically calls winners. Instead, Charlie needs to rid himself of all the cling-ons and move on. Hire real talent with brains; not boobs and yes men that did not have the guts to tell you that rehashing video was not entertainment. This sesame street generation has little to nothing to contribute to our society, little lone entertainment, wit or a smash show.

How did you fail to capitalize on your notorious wave of celebrity? It was a golden opportunity and you blew it. We don't care about your goddesses and despise the on-line tirades. Smarten up Charlie, because the Detroit show was a death knell. Did you hear the bell ring? Can you hear Chuck laughing?

When JC drew his last breath, only person in the room for weeks was my mom. Is this the way you want to go out? If yes, then get ready for the refunds starting tomorrow or risk getting sued for fraud. No refunds, no career, because fans do not take kindly to betrayal! If not, start today cleaning house of every one and get on the phone calling in people that work. It is your last chance, because batter is at the plate with two strikes.

The truth is that I, Charlie Sheen, took very careful aim and shot myself in the foot in Detroit. It is the same fame the city is known I fit right in.

Torpedo of Truth - what does that stand for? It is where the Supreme Court decided that Thompson, a man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, cannot collect $14 million from the state. It does not matter that 5 prosecutors hid the blood evidence and ignored eye witness testimony. No wonder there are so many jokes about attorneys, they just lowered the bar to official blood suckers. Scary isn't it. They can now arrest you and hide the evidence just for a conviction.

Remember that next time you sit on a jury. Sure glad that did not happen to me with my ex-wives or they would have been out $55K a month.

The Supreme Court, whose hallowed halls was the last bastion of the American spirit of justice and freedom, now mirroring the office of the president and both houses of Congress. Some where there should be a joke in here, but I can't find it, because the joke is on us. No wonder I beat Palin in the polls.

Ever been to jail? I have. Compliments of the state, I now have this nice portrait. My father twists it around to somehow I have a type of cancer. Must be an Obama Care diagnosis.

I call it partying, having a good time with balls to the wall attitude. But wait, the conspiracy group thinks the government is using some type of devise to make people like Judge Judy incoherently babble. Could it be happening to me?

I know many of you men are fantasizing about my love life. Hell it has been all over the news. Yet what you don’t know is that I invested in Trojan stock. I call it my retirement plan.

Educate, reflect and find the joke or satire.

1262 days ago


lol.. That's what ya get for going to detroit. I mean, c'mon... DETROIT!

1262 days ago


To see hateful and obsessed psychopaths over tmz making half-assumed death wish is just too pitiful.

Some people here should really get psychiatric help, now speaking of "loser" -oh the irony- they are really good examples of disgraces to humankind.

1262 days ago


What's that old saying? "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time." As Charlie will find out in his face to face shows with live audiences, his unfocused, rambling, vapid act will grow old very fast. Sell your tickets for his future shows now people! Buy something of real and lasting value with that money. Let Charlie retire peacefully to his mansion and finally get the help he so desperately needs.

1262 days ago


Yeah detroit. where everyone flys in from toronto or comes over from windsor or drives up from ohio or indiana.

1262 days ago

tom alison    

Charlie Sheen is a joke. The fact that Americans paid money to see him says that some part of the American population are also jokes. They deserve each other. Here come the Chinese, they're not jokes.

1262 days ago

wes david    

Charlie Sheen is a drug addict and a dog killer. He let suffer starvation and pure neglect just a day ago one of which died. He is a vile human being. And here he stands on stage like nothing happened. No guilt. No remorse. No conscience. It's the public who has allowed this monster to thrive. Anyone who would support him makes me sick. In so doing, there are condoning this loser. Wake up people, do more than boo.... stay away from this *******. Don't buy tickets!!!!

1262 days ago


Hes going to be set up at every location, and you can darn well bet that the media will do the same by interviewing the anti-Sheen shillers. Why the hell would someone who actually wanted to see Sheen and paid to do so come in and boo? They wouldnt - these are intentionally stacked crowd(s)!

1262 days ago


Has anyone else heard the rumor that Charlie will commit suicide onstage in Chicago tonight in front of thousands? What a way to go out.

1262 days ago


I only like adult men you retard & as for Charlie Sheen I wish him the best on this tour. Good luck Charlie Sheen

1262 days ago

the third    

my dearist charlie ------ so wish you would just be a human being ! if not maybe the japs could use you to plug up the leak in their reactor!!! people!!! there are more things to ponder than C Sheen!!!! i could only wish to have so much time on my hands 3rd

1262 days ago


I'm just guessing here, but perhaps Charlie is actually filming a fake movie do***entary about his fall from fame like Pheonix did two years ago.

Yeah right!

1262 days ago

Tickey Tock    

I'm still looking for a really good pair of tube socks.

1262 days ago


come to Colorado Springs. We would treat you like the royalty you are.

1262 days ago


Did the media happen to catch ANYONE from detroit to get their take on the show? it seemed everyone was from every where else but detroit last night. oh wait i think their was a lawyer from plymouth mi. there, my bad.

1262 days ago
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