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Charlie Sheen's Chicago Show Still a Go

4/3/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the disaster in Detroit last night, Charlie Sheen is moving on to Chicago for tonight's performance ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

The way Charlie's people see it ... it was just "one group of unruly people who started booing, and it became a mob-mentality situation." 

One source groused, "They wouldn't even let him finish a story," adding, "It wasn't all bad and we're looking forward to Chicago."


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karen darvin    

well, i think people took a risk buying tickets because the situation is kind of in your face daily and maybe it was worth it to them to see it live and in person, they are allowed to boo and complain i guess, but what is ok about answering violence with more violence, name calling of a person who may very well have a mental illness or drug damage to his brain?Addiction is never a pretty sight, some are worse than others, but i believe it has scientifically been proven to be a disease.If he is still using i would like to see him get help, if he isn't and just can't get a show together, take a break and go off for awhile to relax and think about yourself, be quiet and is never too late for anyone who wants to change.As for pornography and that world, now that i will say is a toxic lifestyle, but i know men think it's cool and all.personally i think most people in that world are very troubled and have low self esteem, and i know several actresses in porn personally, have been on sets and at parties and it's kind of scary

1265 days ago


The Tour will go on, but with a new name:

"The Torpedo Truth and Nothing but the Truth - Chuckles Sucks The Chrome off of Trailer Hitches On Stage Tour!"

1265 days ago


Honestly people, this TRAINWRECK has got to stop before city number three....had a friend that went to this in Detroit last night (out of curiosity) and said the entire show was nothing but a bunch of sh**, people booing, walking out while Charlie proceeded to rant and rave the whole time...can anyone say 5150 hold STAT for this crackpot???

1265 days ago


what i thought funny about this artcle:
1) when an audience member booed, Sheen replied, "I've already got your money, dude." BUT THEEEEN:
2) After one of the sustained booing moments, Sheen tried to calm the crowd.

"Come on, guys. You paid to see me," he said. "... You gave me your
hard-earned money without knowing what this (expletive) show was about."

1265 days ago



"Out of Torpedos, Bomb Dropped on Detroit, now will Fly my F-18 and Napalm Chicago Fans with Diarrhea!

1265 days ago


Good grief Charlie Brown, it's not that you have balls, it's more like you're the ignorant mulish Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail saying... "It's just a flesh wound!!! I'm invincible! "Come back...I'll bite your legs off!"... after his limbs have all been cut off.

Appearing in person, facing thousands for 90 consecutive minutes, is not the same as acting out memorized sit-com lines or raging in front of a webcam or a single interviewer for few-minute snippets here and there is it Mr. Sheen?

All it took was one live performance for your disillusioned fans to see that their cool-rebel-outlaw-hero is really nothing more than a self-serving narcissistic spoiled brat.

1265 days ago


The dog DIED, any normal person would see it needed to be seen by a vet. I guess when you're as self-absorbed as this nasty person you don't have time for dogs or children, just drugs and sex. I have no sympathy for anyone who goes to see his "show". Why would you contribute to the coffers of such a despicable toad?

1265 days ago


TMZ is minimizing , and all the other reports tell a different story. Strange behavior (TMZ I mean)

1265 days ago

Home Skillet    

TMZ = honest reporting. Nice try, Sheen Spin Doctors, but Detroit was a complete bomb and not-at-all-surprising failure. He's got mayyybe three shows left before they pull the cord on this, and Sheen plunges himself into a drug-induced stupor to cope with his massive ****ing ego that was just crushed by reality setting in. If this guy weren't so predictable he might be interesting. But, he's no different than any other junkie loser out there. And, on top of it all, he's a dog killer. **** you, Charlie Sheen.

1265 days ago


The fact is a very small percentage were actually from detroit, or metro detroit suburbs. everyone else either flew or drove in from out of state (not uncommon here) see no one here can afford entertainment like this. a lot of people are either laid off or just unemployed.

And what i mean by "afford entertainment like this" you have to know what your going to see, a hint perhaps. no i wouldn't have afforded this for upwards of a $100 and im glad i didn't knowing his condition. now if it were the rolling stones or rush at the joe or palace i might have squeezed $$ it out for that.

1265 days ago


Dogs freaking DIE, just like humans and not always something can be done to prevent it. So unless you know the whole truth, it would be wise to shut the hell up, because all of you screaming DOG KILLER are only making folls of yourselves.


Has anyone else heard the rumor that Charlie will commit suicide onstage in Chicago tonight in front of thousands? What a way to go out.

Posted at 8:40 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by Dave


You are a very disturbed human being. And it doesn't matter if it was a joke.

1265 days ago


Chicago tour name:

Armless, Droopy Eyed Chuckles the Clown chases Crack Dealer and Crack Ho on Stage Tour!"

1265 days ago



Chuckles brags about ingesting lethal doses of narcotics - so, you know the inevitable end of this story, right?

Enablers like you will cheer him on till he meets MJ in the sky.

1265 days ago


When you see Jesus, Charlie, your soul will melt before Him, and your awe at the Most High God will become clear to you, and you will beg forgiveness from Him. The only thing missing is your repentance and perhaps that will come through, also. Your soul has already been paid for, now you just need to find the cahunies to claim it. Come against your demons who have obviously claimed your life, in the name of Jesus,and know that you are a child of the Most High God and that you are loved by Him because His Son died for YOUR sins, too.

1265 days ago


What's the point of this tour anyway? He's not a stand-up comic or a public speaker. Are people expecting him to self-destruct before their eyes?

1265 days ago
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