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Charlie Sheen Show

No Refunds

4/1/2011 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ got hold of a ticket to Charlie Sheen's one-man show, and TicketMaster is hedging its bets if Charlie goes off the rails.

When you read the fine print on the back of the ticket -- standard language -- it sounds a little like a dice roll, because if Charlie doesn't show up, the ticket holder would only be entitled to a refund if the event is not re-scheduled within a year of the original show date.

So ... if Charlie is a no-show at one of his concerts, what are the chances he'll do a make-good concert within 12 months?  God-dess only knows.


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Schmooo yooooo hoooooo

Accent on the


1271 days ago


Why not just make a donation to the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries? The money goes directly towards helping those with mental illnesses and drug addictions instead of to Sheen, who suffers both and stands to make a buck off it.

1271 days ago


Chaosy...Seriously...Check your blood pressure. You seem very upset. Boy, that Charlie's power! LMAO!

1271 days ago


A fool and his money soon part!!!

1271 days ago


Charlie will show up and he will do a mediocre job. His crazed fans will adore him. Reviews will be mixed but some will say he did better than they expected. He will continue doing this for a few weeks and then stop.

He is going to be a bad version of Dane Cook and Spaulding Gray combined (if you can imagine that). There are always going to be people who want to watch someone perform, no matter how bad they are or what they are doing.

In the metro Detroit area there are at least 4 million people. So if 1/10th of 1 percent go to see him he will pack a big house. Anyone who has any kind of career can do this for their first appearance. Let's see how it goes a month from now.

1271 days ago


I guess when the reviews come out sunday we will see. Ya never no.

1271 days ago


hahhaha what about this?

1271 days ago


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1271 days ago


It's going to be interesting to see the reviews after tomorrow night's catastrophic event. Charlie Sheen will not be able to entertain nor sustain ANY audience for this type of affair for one or two hours. I mean, how many times can one be delightedly moved to "woop, woop!" by hearing his predictably numerous utterances of "WINNING!" which we all know will be the "highlight" of his boringly tedious patter?

And..."NO REFUNDS"'s too late to change your mind now.
well, there goes $52.50 down the proverbial drain.

1271 days ago


I wish TMZ would make a prize out of that ticket! So many people would love to go to the show and couldn't get a ticket! Wish I lived nearby and could go to the show....I LOVE CHARLIE SHEEN!! I'll bet that it is a wonderful show!!

1271 days ago


CHUCKLES will show...he's too big of a narcissist to not show, he thinks people would be crushed emotionally if he didn't...he'll do those shows even if they're the worst thing you ever saw on a stage (which they will be), even if he's boo'd off the stage, even if he has to crawl there. He'll show he loves himself too much not to.

1271 days ago


I just don't get why people would spend money to watch a guy who is so clearly in need of help. What in the world will he be talking about for an hour and a half?? Really? After 5 minutes of seeing his rants, now people will be watching that for 90 minutes???? He needs help. After 30 years of being addicted to alcohol and drugs, you do not get clean on your own. He is NOT a role model to anyone...he is a pathetic human being. Get help!
I love Two and a Half Men. BUT I am soo sick of Charlie Sheen. I feel sorry for his kids. At least his daughters are being taken care of my a woman who has a good head on her shoulders....the other on...hmm?

1271 days ago


You need to read even closer Harvey. Charlie doesn't even have to do a show ever and they can still stop you from getting a refund. Part of the fine print says "a ticket comparable in price and location to another similar event as designated by management"

So if they decide this is a comedy show they could withhold refunds by claiming Gallagher or Carrot Top is a comparable show.

1271 days ago


Unsold scalper tickets will be sold years later as memorabilia and fondly named "Tiger Scat"

1271 days ago


Yeahbutt does Carrot top do Detroit?

1271 days ago
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