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'Jersey' Cast

Holding Out for


4/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several "Jersey Shore" cast members are putting the screws to MTV -- refusing to renew their contracts until they get more money -- and we're told, it's all because this upcoming season could be their last.

Sources close to the cast tell TMZ, the "Jersey" stars in question realize the joyride might be coming to an end -- and they want to milk MTV ... while they still can.

Another disputed point -- the number of personal appearances, which can pay up to $40,000 a pop. MTV is adamant about limiting that kind of exposure, but the guidos and/or guidettes in question wanna get that cheese.

So far, we're told only Ronnie has signed -- and while the rest plan to follow suit (duh) ... they better do it fast. Season 4 is scheduled to start shooting in Italy within the next few weeks.

Calls to MTV weren't returned.


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GOOD. Kill this show already. They'll all be waiting in line to fill out applications at McDonald's by the end of the month.

1304 days ago


i hope they all die. seriously. slow, horrible, toe nails being ripped off pain, then death.

1304 days ago


You mean they've realized they're a bunch of no talent losers and their 15 mins is almost up so they better milk it for all its worth.

1304 days ago


i dont care for the show nor them..but i dont blame them for holding out..mtv makes tons of money and ratings off of them.only for them to get paid peanuts

1304 days ago

C. Fox    

This is a good time to be Snooki or The Situation and a really bad time to be Vinny or Deena.

1304 days ago


Good for them. If you're on a reality show you may as well get as much bank as you can whilst you can.

1304 days ago


Please cancel the show already.

1304 days ago

norm abrams    

If they don't sign... you can find some guy out there with abs and biceps (not like nobody has them).... it's not like they have lines to memorize. Maybe the Sitch can do more celebrity roasts? Next time he be the waiter filling the water glasses.

1304 days ago


Ronnie and the bitcution can be the new laurel and hardy!look at the 2 dopes LOL!!1

1304 days ago


Jersey shore is my favorite TV show and i never miss this show. Always i used this source to get this show.

1304 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Say.. do you think they're cognizant of how *bad* they have it? I mean, after this little stint, they're done for. That's it. Nothing left in life for them, except praying for the sweet release of death.

They're already past their prime (if you can say they had a prime) - they have no skills to fall back on. So.. what's left? I'm sure none of them will have invested their money wisely.

I'm guessing a gig at the Bunny Ranch...

1304 days ago


Fire them all and get a new group of kids. These MFers are boring the crap out of me already.

1304 days ago


What a nasty bunch of asses! Who the heck is their audience? Kids? Kids - heck, nobody - should be influenced by these trolls. No morals on MTV. A horrid, horrid conglomerate.

1304 days ago


I hope that's an April Fool's joke. ALl they do for their "show" is spend all night hitting bars, come home, sit in hot tub, screw cheap ho's they picked up at the bars, kickt hem out the next morning, then argue all day.

It really is the most IQ-lowering pointless TV show ever made.

1304 days ago


Shoot Ronnie signed on? was hoping the two holding out were Ronnie and Sam, because no one would care ;)

1304 days ago
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