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'Jersey' Cast

Holding Out for


4/1/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several "Jersey Shore" cast members are putting the screws to MTV -- refusing to renew their contracts until they get more money -- and we're told, it's all because this upcoming season could be their last.

Sources close to the cast tell TMZ, the "Jersey" stars in question realize the joyride might be coming to an end -- and they want to milk MTV ... while they still can.

Another disputed point -- the number of personal appearances, which can pay up to $40,000 a pop. MTV is adamant about limiting that kind of exposure, but the guidos and/or guidettes in question wanna get that cheese.

So far, we're told only Ronnie has signed -- and while the rest plan to follow suit (duh) ... they better do it fast. Season 4 is scheduled to start shooting in Italy within the next few weeks.

Calls to MTV weren't returned.


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Considering Ronnie is one of the most boring person on the show, of course he already signed. All he does is fight with Sammi for the past 2 seasons, get the f-ck over it, move on! As for the others the only ones I see getting paid more are Pauly D & Snooki since they actually make the show somewhat entertaining. Mike starts drama like a high school girl, then just walks away and whenhe gets confronted he says he didn't do nothin - fake a$$ 40 yr old lookin big nose fckd up skin wrinkles all over face douche.

1237 days ago


Please don't renew their contracts. Absolutely the worst actors and actresses on Televison. Snooki can go on biggest loser anytime with her tree stump figure.

1237 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE kill the show!!!!! They are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats. Wasn't Snooki too young to b drinking 1st season??? She should have been arrested & clubs she went to shut down.

1237 days ago


How can these train wrecks quibble over money..That piece of garbage Deena steppen in sh##..Mtv should have sent her packing the day she showed up

1237 days ago


I'm no fan but i find it funny that News Anchor from Fox New York Morning Show, Rosanna Scotto was making fun of Snookie. The irony here is that Scotto is no different from the Jersey Shore cast. She talks just like them and she always wears these really tacky outfits. Between her, cawfee, Deeze and Dem and tree instead of three (3) vocabulary coupled with her annoying whiney voice makes her any different??? Hell No! Not to mention that she's always fighting with her co-anchor Greg.
Yes the Jersey Shore is low life but when someone who is just like them makes fun of them on a TV show......well thats a real hypocrite and i'd say the joke is on Scotto.

1237 days ago


So u were not 21 once?? I was and I acted like an ass too lol... almost everyone does... one day they will look back and laugh at themselves too... I think this show is funny and it reminds me of my assery when I was 21 and I am an old lady now lol Im 33! I will say that snooks is getting a little too chubby though... I mean if ur gonna be on tv in little skirts and **** maybe you should drop a few ha ha..I am sorry but that ass was bad on wwf..My 33 year old ass is waaaayyy bettter than that one ha ha .... That is all.

1237 days ago


They should be grateful that they are getting paid at all! Greedy guidos!

1237 days ago


GOOD FOR THEM, I say screw MTV, they've exploited those kids, they've since have gotten savvy and want theirs....

Pony it up MTV... I frankly don't give a damn about the show... I've never seen it, have no desire to see it... but I know the root of MTV


1237 days ago


The cast should hold out for at least $75,000 an episode. MTV/Viacom is making big, big bucks on Jersey Shore. No matter what you think about the show, its characters, quality or subject matter, Jersey Shore has viciously beaten every show on television except American Idol in the ratings.

That hasn't EVER occurred consistently for a non-sports event on cable. Jersey Shore is a strange phenomenon. MTV is notoriously cheap (see every article ever written about MTV production), but this time company will have to step up and pay this time. MTV would be crazy to not to ride this pony into the ground. I do not care about for show at this point, but I am a TV ratings nerd. Actors are being paid far more on much less popular network shows.

1237 days ago

all about the money    

Cancel the show already! Don't even think about taking these fools to Italy...America already has image issues around the world these yahoos will only make it worse. On the flip side though...sending them to Italy might actually work out. Let them do their drunken antics over there and offend the wrong people. Might just get them all whacked and save the world from further hijinks from these disgusting idiots.

Seriously they bilked MTV for more money a year or so ago with the same play. MTV claimed they were not going to cave in but did. Take the money MTV was going to spend for these ridicules examples of American Italians and go to Italy and find some real Italians in Italy to do the show about.

1237 days ago


Please cancel the show already! What do roaches, Sarah Palin & the Jersey Shore cast have in common? They are hard to get rid of.
Enough already.

1237 days ago


MTV: if you have any decency, or brain cells, you will NOT give in to their demands.

1237 days ago

marissa hamilton    

please dont cancel the show its freaking awesome!! i love all the cast members. so you all dont need to be making judgemnts about them cause you dont know their lifes out side of the show so dont judge...oh by the way HATERS make them famous!!

1237 days ago


What would be really beneficial to the entire planet, would be for the show to get cancelled, and for the entire cast to be thrown into a live volcano. Or just never ever heard from again. Whichever comes first.

1237 days ago


my 85 year old grandmother loves the em

1237 days ago
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