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Lindsay Betty Ford Clash

Violent 911 Confrontation

4/1/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Lindsay Lohan during the nuclear argument she had with Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland -- an argument Holland says turned violent. 

It all went down on December 12, when the staffer -- Dawn Holland -- claims she busted Lindsay and two other girls jumping a wall at Betty Ford at around 1 AM. -- after curfew.  During the 911 call, Lindsay and Dawn were both on the line on separate phones.  Lindsay says, "She's freaking me out!"

When Dawn tried to make Lindsay take a breathalyzer, she says "Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone."  Dawn claims she knows the other two girls Lindsay was with were drunk, "reeking of alcohol."

During the call, Dawn claims she grabbed the phone to talk to the dispatcher ... but Lindsay ripped the phone from her hand ... spraining Dawn's wrist in the process.

As we first reported, the Riverside County District Attorney declined to prosecute Lindsay over the incident.


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That call was a lot worse for Lindsay than I imagined it would be. It sounds like it completely supports the Betty Ford employee's side of the story that Lindsay was the one being rude and abusive. It's ridiculous how much Lindsay gets away with. She should have gone to jail for violating her probation over that assault.

1303 days ago


Come on TMZ ! What story ? There is no story except the one about TMZ being hot and bothered because the DA's office refused to go forward. Sometimes I wonder what dog do you have in this race?

1303 days ago


@the rock: It was the entitled brat who called 911.... that would be your daughter!

1303 days ago


lindsay was at fault for this 100% she acted like a drunk baby

1303 days ago


And there isnt enough evidense to proceed with the case? Oh thats right there isnt enough evidence to proceed with the case since its Lindsay Lohan.

1303 days ago


It's interesting that this tape has surfaced today AFTER we know that the DA isn't going to prosecute Lindsay over this matter.

1303 days ago


@AA Sponsor your assessment is correct. I'm an RN and have been responsible for staffing in psych/drug rehab units and Dawn failed to function in any professional capacity. Betty Ford should be ashamed for having this woman on staff. Again, I'm not defending Lindsay, but she was the patient, and patients out act.

Dawn failed to act properly in this case and should never again be hired to work in a therapeutic enviornment.

1303 days ago

Sad sad    

caroline can you prove that on audio? no.

1303 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan should go to jail if only to get the rehabilitative help that she needs. She is apparently partying in New York so it's apparent that she needs some help, even the legal kind. When she sneaked out of Betty Ford she proved that she does not follow rules...and people who do not follow rules do not obey laws. She needs some serious reality and the prosecutor may very well end up saving her life. ***

Posted at 11:03 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by AJLin"

I hate to break it to you but U.S. state & federal prisons have nothing to do with rehabilitation, drugs or otherwise. They are strictly a punishment mechanism.

It is also not the responsibly of persecutors to save people from themselves and rehabilitate them. Their responsibly is to persecute the accused for any crimes they may commit. Being an addict is not a crime in itself.

1303 days ago


Ummm... yes! The call is Lindsay saying there is a strange woman in her residence and she doesn't know her. Plus, I believe that after it happened, both Holland and Dina Lohan admitted that Lindsay called first.

1303 days ago


After listening to this tape, I believe Dawn Holland. I think Dawn acted in a very professional manner considering she was up against 3 drunks. I think Dawn kept her cool and I was surprised at how intelligent she sounded. I don't think Dawn was lying. I think Lindsay was drunk, as were the other 2 girls and Lindsay has never been told what to do in life, so she freaked when she was given an order. Instead of acting like a responsible adult, Lindsay called her mommy and, of course, Dina told her that she didn't have to take the breathalyzer.
Dina will be the death of Lindsay.

1303 days ago


Make no mistake people, Lohan is milking this to the hilt. The only thing is jail. Hardcore Reality.

Treatment for Lohan is nothing and has never been anything but a joke and just a means to stay out of jail. There was never any intention of her taken this seriously. Hell, she's had 5-6 times and all have been nothing but a joke.

Let's see the poor Lohan act should she get jail time. The fake tears and it's all the media's fault (that same media she's begging and doing whatever it takes to get publicity from)c'mon.

1303 days ago


Of all of the actors and performers under the age of 25 who do you think has the potential to become an icon who stays around for years to come?

1303 days ago


It's interesting that this tape has surfaced today AFTER we know that the DA isn't going to prosecute Lindsay over this matter.

Posted at 12:17 PM on Apr 1, 2011 by S.D.W.

Cops would not let it be released as long as the case was pending.

1303 days ago


And now the Trollhans are out in force bashing anyone who agrees that Dawn was just doing her job. The MO of the Trollhans is disgusting. Bash the jewelry store because Lindsay stole from them. Bash Dawn Holland. It just goes on and on.....

1303 days ago
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