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Lindsay Betty Ford Clash

Violent 911 Confrontation

4/1/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Lindsay Lohan during the nuclear argument she had with Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland -- an argument Holland says turned violent. 

It all went down on December 12, when the staffer -- Dawn Holland -- claims she busted Lindsay and two other girls jumping a wall at Betty Ford at around 1 AM. -- after curfew.  During the 911 call, Lindsay and Dawn were both on the line on separate phones.  Lindsay says, "She's freaking me out!"

When Dawn tried to make Lindsay take a breathalyzer, she says "Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone."  Dawn claims she knows the other two girls Lindsay was with were drunk, "reeking of alcohol."

During the call, Dawn claims she grabbed the phone to talk to the dispatcher ... but Lindsay ripped the phone from her hand ... spraining Dawn's wrist in the process.

As we first reported, the Riverside County District Attorney declined to prosecute Lindsay over the incident.


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Personally I think they r both wrong here. Everyone needs to stop just blaming Lindsay. There's a part of me that thinks some people r just down right after her because they know she isn't herself and she needs some help.

Posted at 12:37 PM on Apr 1, 2011 by VP......naahhht she is being very much herself and pisses on anyone that is below her,and hits and threatens staffers who attempt to stop her entitled antics..

1269 days ago


And not even a single OUNCE of remorse for spraining that woman's wrist. Oh, wait, I forgot. Dawn's just some dumb black chick with a McDonald's type job, right? That's right, another "loser" in the Lohan book of "winners."

1269 days ago


Dawn's comment about suing LiLo was a REPLY to Lindsay threatening to sue Dawn! Listen to the tape again and you can hear it. So, it's "okay" for Lindsay to threaten a lawsuit but when the victim says she could too, all of a sudden it's a money issue? Get real. Lindsay always plays the victim. She's allowed to sue others but others aren't allowed to sue her because then they're greedy. Like she's not. give me a break.

1269 days ago


"Jill" says, "I'm sure she'll survive without you as a fan."

Yes "Jill", but how many others feel like I do? Once her lawsuit money runs out, she is going to need her fans... the good, classy celebrities know this.

As for the question as to what actor in their 20's today has the potential to become a legend... IDK. Maybe Robert Pattinson. It's a shame he started with vampire movies because he's very talented and respectful. Natalie Portman for sure! (Is she still in her 20's?)

1269 days ago


Nicole is quite possibly the worlds dumbest human and should not have access to anything except food, and water.

1269 days ago


What goes around comes around, just a matter of time. It will be the ever popular WHEN not IF it happens.

Then Lohan would just be Lindsay who? A fate worse then jail or death. Totally forgotten and who cares.

1269 days ago


I don't think Dawn was wrong at all. Lindsay climbed the wall. Evidently another guy caught her. She did not want to get busted. I think dawn was doing her job and did not care if she was a celebrity at all. Question is did Lindsay climb over the wall, i.e. VIOLATION of probation and was there a witness besides dawn. My guess would be yes. But then again, money buys ytou freedom.

1269 days ago

john smith    

I can't hate haters for hating because it makes me one of them. I remember working with River Phoenix on a film and I thought I wonder what kind of drugs he's on. A year later he was lying on the sidewalk of Sunset blvd dieing of a drug overdose. He could have been like Leonardo DiCaprio and living the lifestyle of a king with more wealth than he could spend in a lifetime. Lindsay I believe is sober and she does wear really high platform shoes sometimes, she has a shoe fetish like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City. I believe that Lindsay will win an Oscar and she will be successful with her comeback. However there is a fine line between River and Leonardo, and if she's not careful she could wind up like River and If she reads any of these blogs, I hope she reads this one.

1269 days ago


"After listening to this tape, I believe Dawn Holland. I think Dawn acted in a very professional manner considering she was up against 3 drunks. I think Dawn kept her cool and I was surprised at how intelligent she sounded. I don't think Dawn was lying. I think Lindsay was drunk, as were the other 2 girls and Lindsay has never been told what to do in life, so she freaked when she was given an order. Instead of acting like a responsible adult, Lindsay called her mommy and, of course, Dina told her that she didn't have to take the breathalyzer.
Dina will be the death of Lindsay.

Posted at 12:24 PM on Apr 1, 2011 by themare"

Dear, Themare,

Thank you for confirming that you have no idea whatsoever what it means to act in a "very professional manner" as a staff member of a medical rehabilitation facility. Absolutely none at all.

If Dawn Holland is representative of the professionalism of Betty Ford Clinic employee's it a sad state of affairs at the Betty Ford Clinic. For the BFC's sake i hope she's was one rogue employee and the rest of their staff are in fact professionals.

1269 days ago


This is what it means to be white and rich in America.

1) Lindsey Lohan violates probabtion, assaults a clinic staffer and the DA decides not to press the matter.

2) Charlie Sheen holds a knife to his wife's neck, holds a prostitute hostage in a bathroom and destroys public property, but is reprimanded to rehab.

3) Mel Gibson pleads no contest to beating the mother of his child and gets probabtion.

But somewhere in America a poor black man is being stopped on "suspicion" and accidentily shot for "resisting arrest"? Nothing has changed!

1269 days ago


listening to this tape makes me really sick to my stomach.. especially lindsay saying "what do you want money??" this girl is seriously ill. i cant understand the people who still insist on defending this girl when it seems so clear that shes nothing but a vapid c*nt

1269 days ago


Among the many sad things about LIndsay is her expectation that every one she meets is going to exploit her . Even In the middle of her rehab , in one of the best places for that in the world she is not safe from it .Her response to Holland says it all . The world is a very unsafe place for this young woman and she seems to be right about that . Even the way that RO and TMZ pursue her is explotive . She has done so well to survive this far ,that alone says a lot about her desire to get well I hope she gets there before the vultures clean her bones one last time . At the end of the day she is only human and humans can only take so much abuse. Her strength is amazing .

1269 days ago

Dr E    

This is some BS. The tech violated personal space by pulling the phone away from her. She deserved a beat down! she just wanted a pay day because she's a looser

1269 days ago


#10 "You are so dumb, you are really dumb... fo' real"
antoine dodson style. dude... white girl asted is sooooooo guilty lol not even funny !

1269 days ago


No one cares about this ever fading career wannabe actress....shes a fame addict that cant act anymore but causes drama to draw attention to herself ...

1269 days ago
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