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MJ's Kids -- Daddy-Inspired Clothing

4/1/2011 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson  were all spotted at The Grove yesterday -- and while Paris (left) sported a shirt with MJ's pic on the front and Blanket (right) wore an Ed Hardy tee (MJ and Christian Audigier were pals) ... it's unclear if Prince's shirt (middle) has any connection to the King of Pop.

Where's the red zippered leather jacket and the "Billie Jean" tux?


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Phantom of the Opera    

Happy Birthday Paris Jackson !;

1297 days ago


the image at prince tshirt is the same at the chris angel's believe poster if you look inside the stage down you'll find the siluette....believe!!!!!!!!!!! God bless Michael Jackson and his kids!

1297 days ago


First of all those are MJ's kids. Blanket looks exactly like him and the other 2 have few similarities from MJ. Prince's shirt represents the walks he and his sibilings took with MJ on the beach. If you look closely you can see surf boards, palm trees, and a little house. Those children are beautiful and you should not talk about them like that. Michael would not have wanted his kids to be in the spotlight. RIH=Rest in Heaven MJ.

1297 days ago


why these haters wont just leave Michael kids alone let them be I think you just wish you were in their shoe, just envy killing you all because there is just no way in hell any of these kids look like Arnold Klein, please leave them let them live their life in peace they are kids.

1296 days ago

m. white    

you know, there are still some ignorant people out here in this cruel world. these are kids you are talking about. spare the ignorance and show some respect to these kids. they have not done anything to anymore to be talked about that way by ignorant know life people. i wish the very best for those kids and the jackson family. just know if you ever read this commemt just know you have a fan for life from me and my entire family and freinds.

1296 days ago


OMG some people are such *******s! these are kids and they seem like well adjusted nice kids.. what if they are reading these comments I mean obviously they know how to go online.. They are all beautiful and who cares if they are biological or not! I am adopted and my adopted parents are my parents and that is all that matters.. They obviously love their family and the Jacksons love them. I think these kids have been thru enough losing their father and having to deal with crazy ass people who are constantly questioning weather he is their father or not, its not even anyones business.. anyone who would pick on a child is a total loser!

1296 days ago


Totally agree with VP. Their are a bunch of idiots on here. Their his kids bio or not. He's the reason why there here in this crazy world filled judgemental people which most of you are. I think if you asked then who their father is they'll tell you who and why. So some of you just need too get over it. Does it bother you that much? Who are some of you all to say who their father is, should be or isn't!!! Get a life!!!

1296 days ago


If PPB were not michael's bio children, they would not be with the jacksons. the children were not adopted by michael because you cannot adopt your bio children. It means everything that they are michael's children because it's their birth right. PPB are michael's children by blood. no sperm donor situation. since michael had a genetic ailment he would automatically be disqualified as a donor. Prince and Paris will both be 18 in less than 5 years. No one has lawyered up and fought for custody. NO ONE!! Reason being the real father Michael is dead. there's no one else out there. Just speculation, ignorance and empty headed online claims of paternity.....ALL of it has run its course...

1295 days ago


Happy Belated Birthday Paris!!!

1295 days ago


There was a post on another site from someone who had spoke with Paris(threw Twitter) and asked her this question; How has MJ changed you life? She answered: He gave me life!

Now with that said it shows that what MJ said in his Thiller 25 album credits and at the World Music Awards is true they loved him unconditionally. Nuff said! You all can say what you want that just said it all. Quite sure as they get older and speak more about the lives and feeling it would be made clear.

1295 days ago


Some of you need to realize that children are born into this world using many type of methods. I don't see people making a big deal about it if it was someone else. I guess since it's Michael Jackson people seem to think they have the right to question everything he does. It's no ones business how he chose to have his kids. How would you all like it if someone was try'n to get into you personal life? Now think about it! The Jackson Family is no different than any other family. No family is perfect, every family has issues and problems(we all know that)So stop judging the Jackson cause I sure your family are no different!

Oh, and didn't Debbie Rowe give an interview explaining the reason for having the kids? Youtube- Debbie Rowe The Missing Tapes. So I don't see why you all want to keep bring up the questions and comments. MJ the father! That's where it started and that where it ends. Love is that matters at the end of the day and they were the most loved kids in the world.

1295 days ago


Post#95 Nicole, Totally agree with you they just hide behind their computers.

#111 Kim, Thank You well put.

#126 HumanNature, 100% correct!

134 Julia, Agree with you all the way she loves him no matter what.

This world is filled with so much hate and this passing judgement on people. Then to even stoop as low to even pick on innocent kids go's to show just what type of world we live in.

1295 days ago


Simone, you really need to do some research! He never molested anyone! Open your eye's dang it! Soo tired of people say that without even knowing the truth. Stop listening to everything the new or media only wants you to hear. They never put the truth out. So in part their responsible for what has happened to MJ.

Now if you would go on Youtube and watch the fact on the cases than maybe you'll think differently. If not that shame on you then.

True Crimes with Aphrodite Jones Michael Jackson
Thomas Mesereau on Larry King Live

1295 days ago


Some of you need to realize that children are born into this world using many type of methods.
Michael jackson fathered his children the old fashion way. Personally!!!! Michael had too many genetic ailments to donate sperm. pleazzzz! No provider would touch his DNA for artificial insemination. Besides Michael and Debbie spent the majority of both pregnancies on the History Tour. (82 shows in 35 countries). There was no time for IVF. It's all so ridiculous and ignorant.
Michael is to blame for a great deal of it. Lying about how his children were conceived in the first place. All that nonsense about a surrogate mother for blanket. simple blood test would disqualify michael jackson as sperm donor due to vitiligo and lupus....pleaszzzz. Michael and Debbie were sexually active just like any married couple....
Everybody knows that Debbie had the children to give michael the family he always wanted. IMO after the fantasy and wondermint of the History Tour was over the marriage was over for michael.
Also, I believe Debbie really loved michael and would do anything he wnated.....even if it meant sacrificing herself and her self respect. I also believe Debbie would say whatever Michael wanted her to say.
I will not get into custody, paternity, termination of parental rights, or legal guardianship. People will trust twitter, second hand BS, and unfounded wind noise regardless of the truth.
One final note: If you can't research the truth and rational facts to support the truth, don't bother spreading lies and speculation. there are people out there who know the truth and can see through BS and ignorance everythime.

1295 days ago


Bubbles Should
Be Proud Of His
Posted at 9:00 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by OhWell
You act like a monkey 24/7 on this site and still you've done nothing for him to be proud of. you can't even get the respect of a monkey even if you're his uncle.

1295 days ago
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