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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

It's On ... Again

4/1/2011 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rumors swirling that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together, our photog was able to catch a brief glimpse of them leaving a Coffee Bean in Los Angeles yesterday.

Some habits are hard to break.


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That guy is a child molestor piece of ****... Liam Hemsworth is going to get beat to death by somebody really hard...

1268 days ago


i hope there back together, but its hard to tell. who knows, maybe they were never apart, they just said they were to stop rumors about them, and so they could get a private life. and she probaly looks sad becuz there r pap following her?? who would be smiling with people taking pics of u, and chasing ur car??? and i thopught liam lived in australia, but looks like he came down to visit miley, that sounds like there together.

1267 days ago


i love miley, and she ws really happy when they were together. i want miley to be happy, so i hope there back together! and how does miley deserve better? she was with him for over a year, and she was HAPPY, if shes happy, obviously hes doing something right.and she probaly looks miserable cuz people r following them with cameras, most people wouls have that look on there face if that was happening

1267 days ago

moomas boy    

They both are fame whores. Gee, now all of a sudden their going public with their "relationship" after seeing each other for awhile? Ironic, he's trying to get a lead role to a movie (how's the Arabian Knights working for ya, Liam? Wasn't that supposed have started shooting last fall?) and she's going to Australia on tour. They may like each other, but I'll bet their publicists like themselves even more. Hmmm, I wonder which one is picking up the tab this time? Probably Liam; he's become so much more famous trying to save Bouncers from bars where his friends are such roudy sorts! (Another publicity stunt) Why can't either one of these people be like Charlie Sheen? At least he's a train wreck whose paid his dues to being a train wreck. You'd think, it should be more difficult to become a train wreck than just being these two.

1267 days ago


.. she probably wasn't miserable she was just looking down at her lap or texting or something. not everyone is smiling 24/7

1266 days ago



1265 days ago


I wonder if he had her sex doll while they were apart. LOL

I love the packaging on it... Finally- after all Beyonce, Fergie and Lyndsay have one!

1264 days ago

That video pretty much made me really sad and mad at the same time!
This video basically describes half of Miley's life. Of course there are positives sides of being a celebrity and being super famous but there are also bad sides. She really doesn't deserve to be treated like this, she is a human just like us, we make mistakes, she makes mistakes the only difference she grew up in front of everybody's eyes. We have seen her make some mistakes in her life and I'm sure she has learned from them but there is no need to hurt her feelings like this. I can't imagine what it feels like to be followed around 100 paparazzi daily and not being able to see where you go because of those flashlights. You don't have to write so much crap about her right away when she does something wrong or dresses a little different. She's growing up and people change. You don't have to make up those stories which aren't even true, it hurts her feelings and shes just a human like is and please stop hurting her. She is growing up like everybody, shes trying to life her life but how would you feel if you were treated like this, you would read those not true stories about you, see rude comments, see pictures were there describing you as drunk, a bad role model or a slut? I'm sure it would hurt your feelings as well and it's just not fair to her and her family, only because she is famous and she lives a public live. Give her some space, don't try to always find out everything, give her some privacy especially when she's having a hard time, she has a life too like all of us. She's just trying to be a good role model for her fans out there and we all know she is a good girl.

As a fan and supporter of Miley Cyrus I feel like I had to say something about this after watching this video.


1264 days ago


Chill with the caps, Susan.

You don't have to shout to get your point across.

1261 days ago


They look like Brother and Sister, Miley needs someone hotter.

1257 days ago


This picture tells me one thing.
Love can't be forced.

1257 days ago


miley cryus you need to stuped all you doing and cute boy friende . okkkkkkkkkkkkk....;]

1251 days ago


I think there perfict for each other..... He should ask her to marry her.....also she dose look sad mabey she had a bad day.

1206 days ago


did anyone ever think that they never broke up in the first place, they just werent seen togehter cause miley was shooting a movie in a different country, and liam had his own life back in L.A, or australia?

1187 days ago


stupid arient you alesbeyin and didnt you lap dance with a 44 year old guy

1080 days ago
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