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Charlie Sheen

Bombed in Detroit

4/3/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got heavily booed and people walked out of his show in Detroit tonight.

According to multiple people inside the Fox Theatre ... the majority of the audience heckled not only Charlie, but his buddy Simon Rex, who came out and started rapping.

We're told Charlie started the show with a Q&A session -- answering audience questions about everything from fave porn stars to crack cocaine (see the crack joke here). Then Charlie played clips from a network interview he did and ripped it apart.

At one point, Sheen tried to deflect the angry crowd by pointing out that he had his own app ... and they didn't (see video above).

That went on for about 30 minutes ... and the crowd was initially cheering for Charlie. He even sent out a twitpic of the enthusiastic audience.

But then the crowd got ugly.

We're told Charlie called on Simon Rex for backup ... sending him on stage to rap -- and when that backfired they played the new track, "Winning" ... which Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. 

We're told that got the crowd fired up ... but when neither Snoop nor Charlie came out on stage they started booing again.

At that point most of the crowd started walking out -- and the house lights were turned on.

We're told Charlie did come back on stage briefly and invited the people who stayed to move up closer to the stage ... but then he started complaining about his audio and walked off the stage.


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To the people who paid for tickets - No sympathy if you lose all. This tour is gonna fade quickly. And I feel Charlie will follow suit. Shame on all of us.

1267 days ago

Lisa Green    

~GO TO To read comments by people who actually attended thee imaginary show--very unhappy people-they also have photos on there-use to be fans can post their pics on that site of the Losing show....

1267 days ago


Let's see...everyone in attendance should be shipped over to fight in Afghanistan, because they are part of what's wrong with America!

1267 days ago


To anyone who spent their money on this...You got what you paid for, AS if....

1267 days ago


I guess he didn't drink his tiger blood today. What a loser and what a bunch of losers that would buy a ticket to this trainwreck.

1267 days ago


My My...where's CHUCKLES cheering section RAYMOND (Ray Ray) and kisi (kpuss)?

What wrong guys? can't take the truth about the DOG KILLING, WIFE BEATING, WHORE MONGER?

1267 days ago


Dear Charlie....get used to what #losing looks like.

1267 days ago


Ticketmaster scored with their NO REFUND policy call on this gig. And there are still a months worth of shows to bomb.

It might be funny when you are writing this crap, I mean show, while you are high but like all seasoned performers, you MIGHT want to try it out on an audience that is not one of your enablers.

I think he will be groveling back to his 2 1/2 Men boss soon...

Note to The FOX network, RUN!

1267 days ago


Honestly, booing and leaving, no lie, serious...I love it! He's coming here to Columbus on the 6th...I'm sure local news will cover all stories leading up to his concert nite.

Local groups are planning a protest in his coming...

1267 days ago

PRO US    

Does anyone think that Charlie's show will be received better by the crowds in Chicago, New York City, etc.?

Does anyone think Charlie will improve the show so audiences will like it better?

Is Charlie going to go through with all the shows?

What is Charlie doing after the show?

1267 days ago


There will be no show in Chicago or anywhere else. He is DONE.

1267 days ago


I am a big fan of Charlie Sheen and all of his antics, shena****ns, free verse, tour dates, creativity, talent and Hollywood smarts. Let's face it: He's going to get his job back from Warner Television Studios and CBS, or else they are going to pay him $100 Million for doing nothing. The only people we need to sanction here, are those who chose to attempt to kill the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. Any and every roadshow tour goes through a shakedown, and anybody in theater will tell you, every night, and every crowd, is different. Charlie could hire local bands to play sets in-between his onstage LIVE RIFFS on tour for LIVE NATION. It's a Winner. Tomorrow night, Charlie will be telling jokes about tonight in Detroit. As for TMZ, well, TMZ equals PEREZ HILTON. TMZ Producer puts out those horrible daytime fake-oh, ersatz Court Shows for YEARS. The Guy surrounds himself with know-nothing sycophantic papparazzi adult juveniles on his cable television show. He lives like a leech off of real Hollywood Careers. He is not significant enough, to comment on Charlie Sheen, or tie his shoes before he goes on stage.

1267 days ago

Lisa Green    

doubt he will even continue his tour...his ego cant take it...I am in Michigan-everyone loves a trainwreck-a *free* trainwreck that is-i'd rather sit back and watch him disinegrate before my eyes-you dont have to pay for it these days-between these blogs, and twitter and youtube-everything is free....detroit isnt any different than any other big city...

1267 days ago


Lost his mind

Lost his job

Lost his publicist

Lost his children

Lost his dog by killing it

Lost his fans.

Lost any future in entertainment.

He did prove to the world that without his writers, producers, and castmates Charlie Sheen is Lost.

1267 days ago


Hey Charlie, I hear Julie Taymor from SpiderMan is looking for a directors job?

1267 days ago
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