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Charlie Sheen

Bombed in Detroit

4/3/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen got heavily booed and people walked out of his show in Detroit tonight.

According to multiple people inside the Fox Theatre ... the majority of the audience heckled not only Charlie, but his buddy Simon Rex, who came out and started rapping.

We're told Charlie started the show with a Q&A session -- answering audience questions about everything from fave porn stars to crack cocaine (see the crack joke here). Then Charlie played clips from a network interview he did and ripped it apart.

At one point, Sheen tried to deflect the angry crowd by pointing out that he had his own app ... and they didn't (see video above).

That went on for about 30 minutes ... and the crowd was initially cheering for Charlie. He even sent out a twitpic of the enthusiastic audience.

But then the crowd got ugly.

We're told Charlie called on Simon Rex for backup ... sending him on stage to rap -- and when that backfired they played the new track, "Winning" ... which Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. 

We're told that got the crowd fired up ... but when neither Snoop nor Charlie came out on stage they started booing again.

At that point most of the crowd started walking out -- and the house lights were turned on.

We're told Charlie did come back on stage briefly and invited the people who stayed to move up closer to the stage ... but then he started complaining about his audio and walked off the stage.


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where is my dear Raymond or Ksis? I miss you both LOL

1264 days ago


well Duh did Detroit thing they were winning or Bi-winning?

1264 days ago


Starting to appreciate how that Two and a Half Men paycheck yet, Charlie?

1264 days ago


I won't go as far to blame the audience but when you go to Detroit you get Detroit. Sheen is probably a little to sophisticated for that crowd. It reminds me when Eddie Vedder did his first solo tour and in Wisconsin they booed him and now he's touring again and low and behold Milwaukee is not back on the tour.

Posted at 7:35 PM on Apr 2, 2011 by LAWRENCE

taking the show to chi town tomorrow but peeps there are already dumping tickets

1264 days ago


he took a big chance coming here ripping people off that paid good money to see his sorry ass..I had a chance to go and opted to spend an evening with friends instead of a ****ing drug addict loser who just **** on people that probably actually liked him!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!Your kids will be so proud to know how you screwed hard working people out of their money!!!

1264 days ago


i can see it now sheen will say that there were no fans at his show JUST people paid by WB to make it look like he failed.

1264 days ago


The whole show was horrible. I knew twas going to be a trainwreck but damn... btw tmz....the pic was of the crowd booing him

1264 days ago


There is no way Charlie will have another show in Chicago or anywhere else.

Or get work as an actor.

1264 days ago

PRO US    

@Lori: "My My...where's CHUCKLES cheering section RAYMOND (Ray Ray) and kisi (kpuss)?

What wrong guys? can't take the truth about the DOG KILLING, WIFE BEATING, WHORE MONGER?

Posted at 8:10 PM on Apr 2, 2011 by Lori

You are so right, Lori. Last night, Raymond and kisi were ripping into me for criticizing Charlie Sheen, and they were praising the great Charlie Sheen to the universe. They've shut up since the reviews and tweets about the show came out. Maybe, they're embarrassed. Is that possible?

1264 days ago


Tickets for Charlie's Chicago show going on sale like hotcakes on Craigslist. Hmmmm....

I would hate to be the hotel who booked his "entourage" for tonight. What a PITA to have to deal with this egotistic jerk all night. I'm betting he lands in the hospital, then jail, then rehab tonight. Thats one way to get out of the shows.

1264 days ago


Wow!! That is NO surprise.... And to think, people paid money for that. I think Charlie had better start sucking up to some Trolls and get his job back at "Men"

1264 days ago


"Umm YES because he couldn't get a word in over the boos. They just set him up and went their to boo him. #obvious "

Yes that's how I see it. What in the world were they expecting?

Posted at 7:38 PM on Apr 2, 2011 by Hey Now

i don't think so

First the U.S. automaker recession, and now this. Charlie Sheen unleashed his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour on the Motor City on Saturday night to a crowd that began with an adoring standing ovation and concluded with booing and walk-outs. The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even hardcore fans.

1264 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I just watched 2 Detroit newscasts. What a bunch of idiots for paying to see this crap. Charlie Sheen is just like Lenny Bruce - two narcissistic idiots.

1264 days ago

Lisa Green    

RE: comment #143 by:Lawrence, Are you serious? your comment about Detroit, was serious? you are an ignorant small minded man, you atcually think Chicago is any different than Detroit? poor you! he will suck in any town, you fool...

1264 days ago


over/under on how many more shows on the "tour"?
i will set it at 2

Go Reds!

1264 days ago
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