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Charlie Sheen -- First Stop, Motown!

4/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen arrived at his hotel in Detroit at around midnight last night as he gets ready to kick off his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show" tour.

Instead of a tour bus, Charlie gets around the country on a dragon that runs entirely on troll blood.


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That disgusting looks like a thin-lipped corpse. I wouldn't pay a penny to see his pre-death show. What a s***bag.

1196 days ago

Bottom Line: Detroit Loves Sheen!    

Like it or not - Sheen is a genius and is winning... The guy was in one of the most highly rated #1 sitcoms, and was in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, & Major League. As far as his life is concerned and people commenting on it....Really? Really? I’m sure everyone who comments about him is perfect, and you have no issues.

I never watched 2 and a half men before, but I saw it the other day. He is a funny guy. His cooking show clip is awesome!!

He has been #1 in headlines for the past 3 months. He can be interviewed on any network, at any time, and drive the ratings through the roof. He is right when he says he can bring magic to people's lives.

I bought my ticket and am going to see the show tonight...

Charlie, Welcome to Detroit!!!

1196 days ago

steven katona    

lookin good mr sheen lookin good! why so serious? this is the best i've seen this guy since i started wastin my time bloggin on tmz. nothin but typing practice since my university's on strike. now i bare witness to the transformation of mr sheen from crackhead to commentator as the torpedo's of truth are comin my way may 2nd. eh charlie? you commin to canada? we're all so proud of ya except your still smoking cigarettes! eh limpy? you aint winning everywhere are ya? you better get on it! how come they look so serious in the picture charlie? are those the commandos? what kinda one man act is this charlie? i guess we'll hear about it soon enough! i'll be watchin it on youtube after the 1st act! we're all waitin charlie! don't let us down cause i aint wastin my hard earned capital on crap!!!

1196 days ago


He's been doing it for years. He'll just get on stage and say what the voices in his head tell him. But, the really amazing thing is: people will pay to hear/see this insanity. Just a melted down druggie.

1196 days ago


Beat your wives, do drugs to the point you are no longer able to control your behavior over time, let your kids hang out with porn stars and dopers, continue to treat your ex-wives like sh_t, unable to form lasting relationships with those that are closest to you, get fired from your job after threatening your bosses = Charlie Sheen's "WINNING". No thanks, but thank you Charlie for making hanging with the trolls trendy and fashionable. Wish you all the "SUCCESS" on your tour you deserve.

Posted at 9:31 AM on Apr 2, 2011 by CC

great post and true

1196 days ago


Charlie its the trolls as you call us that are very concerned about your health, not the yes people who are encouraging you to kill yourself. I hope you will get the help you need.

1196 days ago


Some people get away with too much!!

1196 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

Dr. Drew needs to help him.

1196 days ago


Every time I see a picture of this guy he has a cancer stick in his mouth or hand.

1196 days ago


God, charlie paying you to suck up to him?? Open your eyes and see what Charlie is...a jacked up drug addict that has to PAY chicks to screw him...wake up and smell the coffee

1196 days ago


OMG!!! He looks like a dried up old man.

1196 days ago


@Samuel Smithers

Dr Drew needs help himself.


Is Chuck Lorre or WB executives paying YOU to post this garbage?

@someone who said that Cahrlie LOOKS clean and sober...He IS clean and sober. Only a someone in complete denial wouldn't notice that.

Charlie looks GREAT. I love this "older" look of his, and I don't care what brought it on. He is sexy as hell, in my opinion:))

And considering that this "news" already has 7 pages of comments and 90% are from the haters, proves beyond any doubt that Charlie already succeeded. Whoever gets people that engaged and enraged is a WINNER.

1196 days ago


Who gets 2 mil an episode and let's a dog starve to death? Makes Michael Vick look like a choirboy. I wish him nothing but misery for the rest of his life.

1196 days ago


I wonder if Michael Vick is opening for him?

1196 days ago


Oh and by the way, anyone who thinks he looks good and is sober is as delusional as he is. He weighs what...130 pounds? He won't live to be his Dads age.

1196 days ago
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