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Chuck Liddell's Ex -- You Kidnapped Our Son!

4/2/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The custody battle between Chuck Liddell and his ex, Lori Geyer, began this week when Geyer and her current husband called police claiming Liddell had "kidnapped" his son ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report filed on March 27, Liddell picked up his son Cade from Geyer's Parker, Colorado home on March 23 and said he was going to spend time with Cade ... in Colorado. Geyer told police Liddell said he and Cade would return on the 27th.

But on March 27, Geyer claims she got a call from Liddell's attorney, saying her son was in California with Chuck and would remain there until a custody hearing. The attorney said Cade wanted to remain in California with Liddell.

Geyer told police Chuck had never had much interest in his son and didn't understand why he was "now interested in custody."

Police determined no criminal activity had occurred.

As TMZ first reported, Liddell was in court yesterday in Los Angeles to try and gain full custody of Cade -- but the court ruled the case should be heard in Colorado and a hearing is set for Tuesday.

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*** By the way, I have a former husband and his then-girlfriend decided on her own to pick up our child from Montessori without my express permission when I had full physical and legal custody; I went to get my child from her and when she tried to explain why she'd done it and all of her disgusting lies - all the way to my car - I put my child in the car seat and turned around and hit her in the face with my elbow, Judo-style, and watched her go down woman-to-woman. She never did it again and my ex-husband dumped her when my pitbull attorney gave him a call. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF PISSED-OFF WOMEN!***

1307 days ago


*** PS., Just read that Chuck Liddell did not like the fact that his son, 12, was asked to help out around his mother's home from time-to-time, like "shoveling snow", so that is his basis for breaking a legal agreement and court order. In my estimation, people who think they are above the law, like Chuckie-boy, are people who are abusive. If every time a kid complained about his or her custodial parent and demanded to live with the other parent the courts would be full of nonsense and the fact is that Chuck disregarded a court order.

There is a law called the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The child's "home state" of residence is the location where the child was born and/or has lived for the past six months unless a court order directs that the residence be elsewhere.

The point is that you do not just do what you want because most of all, there should be cooperative parenting for the benefit of the child. This child is being taught by Chuck Liddell that he does not have to follow rules, does not have to listen to his mother, and quite possibly that breaking the law is okay as long as he thinks there is a good reason for it.

Chuck's kid needs some serious therapy after this little stunt of his. ***

1307 days ago


Chuck is an ex-MMA fighter who is a cocaine addict. I have seen him having seizures from too much cocaine while sitting in the audience of an MMA fight. He went on TV on interview shows and blacked out several times in the middle of the interview from drugs, and at the end all the incredulous interviewer could say was "Take care of yourself, man!"

Chuck is doing this to save money on child support, to use it on drugs. End of story.

1307 days ago


I still say WHO, and whoever doesn't like it, (and no I won't waste my time to google his azz) can say whatever they want, as if I really care lol!

1307 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

the boy misses his father. every male needs a male role model in his life, a positive one. and this boy in his now more and more complex growing teenage years is yearning to create a strong bond with his father. this is a very normal development in a boys life. his mother cannot teach him what his father can, and it is understandable that a boy becoming a responsible man is going to search for the better parent to teach him the way.

1307 days ago


*** "yo" is correct about Chuck Liddell being a drug addict and cocaine user - "Are you okay, Chuck?" - Watch here:


There is no way Chuck Liddell should be around that boy on a permanent basis. He's got some serious issues most of all drug abuse. NOT WINNING.

1307 days ago


@ajlind... I dont believe you ever shut up long enough for your lawyer to talk.

1307 days ago


Oh please, the kid doesn't like to do his chores and wants to go live with dad. Dad who has not been father of the year in the past feels like this is his chance to make it up to the boy and "fights" for him trying to prove to himself and the kid that he is a good father. Same story plays out across America every day. The whole thing isn't going to make dad a good dad and the kid will learn all the wrong lessons. In the meantime....who the heck is going to get that snow shoveled. I woke my son up early in the morning to shovel the snow, and he had to cut the grass! Chuck....bad move dude.

1307 days ago



1307 days ago

Mama Bear    

SAME THING happened to me. More than 20 years ago. Dude that took my cub LOST in court...and most of us lived happily ever after. Hang in there Cade's mama bear...it's hard but your cub will come home.

1307 days ago


The claim here is that the boy said he had a toothache that was not taken care of for 2-3 months amongst other things, and was not keen on going back. If it was my kid and assuming that was the situation, I would do the same thing Chuck did.

As far as Chuck needing to save money on child support to feed a drug habit; how absurd. Even if the guy was in full-blown Charlie Sheen briefcase of coke a weekend mode, he could afford it. He was made a vice president at the UFC, and still has income generated from other sources, he does not "need" that money. What a joke.

1307 days ago


Chuck is an addict loser who will get every bad thing that comes his way. He will either end up in jail or like Charlie Sheen, #LOSING.

1307 days ago


man chuck had a kid with a real uber ****.
that punished him and his kid for being his kid to get back at him. lol im gonna torture your kid and refuse dental care for him to punish you.
three months of absessed teeth feels like years .
i can garuntee a week with a bad tooth feels likes months so months must feel like years.

take a drill to her teeth all of them then see how she feels in a year

1307 days ago


yo BOB! It is NOT always the woman who wins AND I AM a single mother of 3 and they are VERY productive members of society. Thanks for the vote but 2 of them are adults who are managers in their work places and my youngest is 16 and is chartable and works right along side of me ya ass. I was NEVER their friend and always their mother. Single mothers work hard and it is USUALLY them guy who bails. So bite me and all the other single moms. And just an FYI ya big ass....domestic violence is against the law! And stop promoting it.

1306 days ago


Wow....first some people on here(bob) need help and can tell that you have had bad breakups. Why is the Mother/ex wife a bi@#h? Because he said so? How do you know he's paying her tons of money that she buying shoes with and not dental care? A teenager not wanting to do chores and claims its abuse..shocker! My neighbor is a single mother with two teenage boys and I feel for her!! They are lazy and rude, do drugs, fight to the point the cops have to be called. They have broken almost everything in her house and she had to replace the front door frame and all after one fight they had. She works as a nurse and pays for everything HERSELF!! Her ex gives her no money or support in child care. If I was the mother of this child and he was telling lies about a 3 month toothach and abuse in the form of everyday chores I'd say SEE YA!! Good luck to the druggy dead beat Dad and the son who wants to live with his rich father an sit on his ass....lets see how long that will last!!

1306 days ago
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