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Hef to Fiancee

We Don't Need No Damn Prenup!

4/2/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's 84 and worth $43 million ... she's 24 and knows he's worth $43 million -- yet sources close to Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris tell TMZ neither has uttered those dreaded words ... "prenuptial agreement."

Hef's third wedding is just 10 weeks away, but we're told he hasn't raised a prenup convo because he "actually cares" about Crystal and doesn't want to ask her to sign one.

We're told Crystal doesn't think Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot.

What could go wrong?


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Does it really matter unless they get divorced? He's probably thinking he's more likely to die first, and his will should decide who gets what. I'm sure he'll provide well for her, but that doesn't mean she will get everything.

Posted at 4:27 AM on Apr 2, 2011 by jwoolman

I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Good point.

1307 days ago


Forbes and Hugh Hefner

A magazine that has tracked the financial records of many celebrities throughout the years has become very popular. Forbes magazine stays up to date on which celebrities are earning the most money and how much they are estimated to be worth. Hugh Hefner net worth Forbes states is close to around $43 million dollars.

Although Hugh Hefner is not featured in some of the top stories like those of the billionaires or “B” club his Hugh Hefners net worth is found on the website a long with his salary and other details about his life and investments.

Today’s readers have shifted in a large way to more electronic communication. And thus the magazine subscriptions of many prominent companies has taken a hit. The same an be said for the Playboy magazine. In recent years the value of the company has dropped more than 80%.

Don’t be confused by the lavish lifestyle and television shows surrounding his life at the mansion. The Playboy Mansion is owed by the company of Playboy. Hugh Hefner rents from the Playboy mansion and does not own it in any way. However, unlike most landlords the people of Playboy give him a lot of leeway on design and additions as noted by his zoo and the grotto.

Even though the Playboy enterprise took a huge hit with magazine subscriptions this has in no way effected the lifestyle of Hugh Hefner. He still has his girlfriends, still throws a killer party, takes fantastic vacations, and is still the man every other man would like to be.

Even though he is not featured in the Forbes 400 or even the Celebrity 100 he still invests his money wisely for the future of his family and children. Hefner currently pays for the education of most of his family and will continue to do so even if sales are down

1307 days ago


Feelings have absolutely nothing to do with protecting what is yours.

1307 days ago

J Johnson    

Haha - he might look better than Charlie Sheen!!!

1307 days ago


I feel Hefner is only marrying this gal so that he does not die alone. He had the best wife to be in Holly, but he for some unknown reason, he could not divorce his wife who he had been separated from for over 10 years. He claims it was for the kids, who was he fooling, sleeping with Holly all the while? Hef has lost a lot of respect in the last couple of years, he looks more like a foolish old man.

1307 days ago


Why settle for half when you can get it all!!

1307 days ago


Its a vicious cycle. Some young stud will marry her for her money, while hes out bangin hotties half her age.

1307 days ago

Tom Cruise    

So this beautiful gold digger is going to marry Hef, old enough to be her great Grand Father 60 years her senior? This all show for the brand people. Gee no way she would want to go out with some one close to her age and good looking but if your super wealthy, your good looking. The rest of the world looks at this joke and see's an obvious whore and a delusional old man trying desperately to hold on to youth and fool the public. B.S.

1307 days ago


Dumb old men who think they're still virile and that their young bimbettes actually love them. And they say that WOMEN are the illogical species?

1307 days ago


Does anybody really think this woman looks 24?? She looks 34 to me. Something's not right...

1307 days ago

Tony Johnson    

THis man is disgusting and is a disgrace to the institution of marriage ~ but he is truly allowed to do whatever he wants to do and so it should be

1307 days ago


Hef, probably just didn't want to hamper the mood heading into their "honeymoon", how ever long that will last. He probably figures, that at his age, he can comfortably live on half of his savings. I will say this, . . . nice upgrade, and enjoy the "goods" while you can. And, yes, people, . . . she does look "24" . . .

1307 days ago


Dear Hef: Paul McCartney has been trying to reach you. He has an urgent message.

1307 days ago


Now we know he's suffering dementia as well as decrepit****ia, which doesn't bother the gold digger since it's a small price to pay and play with for the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. ;)

1307 days ago


Despite the socializing of what one would consider austere male behavior, young women will always aspire to older men and vice versa. Call it unhealthy or just a perforated attempt at love and lust while the blinders are still on…

1307 days ago
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