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Lindsay Lohan on 911 Call -- I Told You So!

4/2/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wins again ... at least according to Lindsay Lohan -- who believes the 911 call of the Betty Ford incident backs her version of what went down with Dawn Holland. 

TMZ was first to publish the 911 call Lindsay made on December 12. On the recording,  Lindsay and Dawn are heard having a heated argument ... and Dawn claims Lindsay hit her with the phone.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the 911 call vindicates her because it makes Dawn seem "rude," "aggressive" and "inappropriate."

We're also told she thinks it proves Dawn was only after money from the start. Very early in the call Dawn says, "Get ready to be sued."

Ultimately, Lindsay does win -- earlier this week the Riverside County District Attorney's Office announced it would not file charges against Lindsay over the incident.



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@15 true

i already forgot what the article was about. Put the keyboard down, walk outside, breathe and repeat after me..."this is reality, this is reality." get a life

1278 days ago


We all know who #6 is.

1278 days ago

Good riddance!    

Oh bullsrap! Hohan sneaks over a fence from a rehab and is with two friends who are drunk and you fools are trying to still say she is the sober and innocent victim here? On top of that, Dawn was on the phone with the police and THEN Hohan attacked her and started the scuffle easily heard on the recording. Hohan instigated clearly instigated that attack. Dawn Holland may be dumb, but she's still being raked over the coals by the Lohan Brand Smear Campaign of this traveling side show of roving and violent grifters! Luckily this piece of trash will soon start doing her time behind bars! After years of abuse of herself and others, the teflon this idiot once had is wearing off and all her crimes are catching up with her! I say good bye to bad trash!

1278 days ago


Lindsey is a typical child star that has dug herself into a deep hole. For her and (people like her) I recommend doing what little time she is required, going back to school and getting a degree in something that doesn't require big boobs and a "duh-winning!" attitude. Believe me for every LL there are 100 "addicts" or drunks that go through the same drama every day. It's not pretty, and by staying in the legal systems headlights you lower yourself and become enslaved by others deserving or undeserving, and yes California is the epicenter of this.

1278 days ago


They are both at fault, but Lindsay is the one that does METH/Aderrall not Holland. Lindsays behavior is typical for a METH user. This stuff aint normal, BUT ON METH IT IS!

1278 days ago


I need to study the tapes to make a decision on this but I could even make a better study of it if I could examine lohans breast while I was listening to the tape aned then and only then would I find lindsay innocent

1278 days ago


to all the Lohans--er, I mean, Losers, attempting to support LiLo in her obviously-entitled, over-indulged and clearly total disrespect for anyone not named Lohan, should wind up with kids just like her. Others have said it and, I agree, if Lindsay Lohan were any regular citizen out there, she'd have been put into prison long ago, and often. To the losers who posted that she's a talented actor trying to get her life together, wake up! She stopped being talented with The Parent trap, too many years ago to remember. She's now an ugly on the inside/out thief headed for an early grave if she continues to be treated with kid gloves. Not only is she NOT better than the regular joe out there, she's WORSE than most...send her ass to prison.

1278 days ago


Just like the store incident, camp Lohan tries to make the other side look bad, so she looks ...better than them. This whole thing isn't about how Dawn acted; it's about Lohan, she's the one under scrutiny, and she sounded like a vile, spoiled, filthy mouth trash princess on that tape.
What do you want; money? is just waaaay too indicative of the way Lohan settles her disputes. No one would say this unless they were used to paying people off.

1278 days ago


Rather than judging, why aren't you questioning her quality of care, a demanding an audit. In relapse, some would not have stripped her of her meds, and project her into the weird world of psychotherapy, garnished with the ideological twist of victimizing her with "four times a week,intensive psychotherapy." One would have thought, that all treatment decisions were to be made by LL and her therapist to be, and not imposed by a judge and media jury. Shoplifting is a compulsion, as is embezzling. Every dart and arrow hurled at LL, is an ethical travesty.

1278 days ago


Sorry, Lindsay. This 911 tape makes you out to be the fool that you are.

1278 days ago


Lohan did break curfew regardless of charges pressed or not. I don't no if that would have anything to do with her probation. She's has 20 days left to court which is coming soon.

Her career is still tanked and all she has is this kind of attention. She makes sure the paps are around and will blame them should it not work in her favor at court.

Lohan is looking forward to the trial so she can get the OJ Simpson type media. That's sad when this is what you have to do to get publicity and attention.

1278 days ago


Enough already. Throw the skank in the pokey. Throw away the key.

1278 days ago


This stuff aint normal, But on legal METH it is!

1278 days ago

john smith    

Oh yes the poll is rigged, the same way whe Lindsay gets 73 percent of the jury in the necklace case the jury will have been rigged. What does Lindsay need one juror out of twelve to vote not guilty. That's 8.25 percent of the jury there's no way Lindsay is going to get 8 percent. Danette and Dawn could be sisters, are they related?

1278 days ago


Will this Lindsay chick JUST GO AWAY! Geez! There is no one else to write about in the big world of entertainment?!! She's done. Her career (if you want to call it that) is non-existent. Does anyone REALLY care what she is doing? Not me.

1278 days ago
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