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Lindsay Lohan on 911 Call -- I Told You So!

4/2/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wins again ... at least according to Lindsay Lohan -- who believes the 911 call of the Betty Ford incident backs her version of what went down with Dawn Holland. 

TMZ was first to publish the 911 call Lindsay made on December 12. On the recording,  Lindsay and Dawn are heard having a heated argument ... and Dawn claims Lindsay hit her with the phone.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the 911 call vindicates her because it makes Dawn seem "rude," "aggressive" and "inappropriate."

We're also told she thinks it proves Dawn was only after money from the start. Very early in the call Dawn says, "Get ready to be sued."

Ultimately, Lindsay does win -- earlier this week the Riverside County District Attorney's Office announced it would not file charges against Lindsay over the incident.



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Alex D    

And just to ADD something to my post, DAWN could have filed a civil suit against Lindsay without a judge or district attorney charging Lindsay which Dawn has not done, which I feel speaks volumes to Dawns character as a person. I do not believe Dawn was looking for a windfall payday, but just wanted some sort of justice. I think the district attorney was paid off by lindsay's people, just like I feel she has been paying off places like the club she was at the other night to destroy receipts that would prove that she and her fam-of-lies were drinking

1276 days ago


most of the comments are coming from the same person..who can tell.. I bet it is this crazy-women who just wanted money from LL...

1276 days ago


lol @ Alex D, anyone can sue anyone. Doesn't mean you have a leg to stand on let alone that you'll win.

Dawns an 8x "recovered" drug addict that ran straight to TMZ and by her own admission sold her story for between $10,000 and $15,000. Micheal Lohan also claims to have paid her off to shut up and f*ck off already, which i haven't seen Dawn deny BTW. Which BTW is why Dawn decided NOT to press charges. All she was after was MONEY and she already got it.

As a plaintiff with an alleged sprained wrist she's a f*cking joke. If the judge didn't dismiss the case any jury would tell her to GTFO and hand her her ass whiled laughing theirs off.

Oh and in the first tape Dawn first says "PREPARED TO BE SUED" and that's when Lindsay says "What!? You want money?". Obviously Lindsay's mind is racing trying to figure out what this bitch's agenda is, and she has damned good reason to think that way about EVERYONE. Everyone around her are using her and have been all of her life, she has no f*cking clue who to trust anymore. EVERYONE are fame whores and wannabes hanging on to her or just flat out looking to get some of her money any way they can.

It must be an incredibly lonely world she lives in. It probably explains why she's so hung up on Sam Ronson too. Even though Sam uses her it pales in comparison to all the other douche bags that have used her and taken advantage of her to the point Sam seems like she's a genuine friend, one who will even give her back talk and not take her sh*t from time to time.

I've never been much of a fan of Lindsay but i sure do feel sorry for her. Before she ever spiraled out of control EVERYONE she's ever known was using her for something, and they still are. It won't end until she's a broke ass nobody that has nothing left to pilfer, steal, or con her out of. If she ever reaches that point then she'll finally know who her real friends are. Because they'll be the few people who will still talk to her.

1276 days ago


Guilty Lindsay. You can hear Lindsay grab the phone from the woman, sounds to me like Lindsay is the one who is rude and aggressive and inapproprite. The woman is the one who sounds more upset than wanting to sue, but good try. I have no idea how Lindsay would think this vindicates her, I guess thats what crack does to your brain.

1276 days ago


I wish this evil ginger kid would get outta Dodge.

1276 days ago


Holland violated patient rights ever saying a word about Lindsay to anyone. Also she's never provided proof that she demanded that Lindsay take a breath test and Lindsay refused rather than Lindsay's version which was that she volunteered and Holland brushed her off. Nor has Holland produced anything, say a security video, that shows Lindsay grabbing the phone etc. This is why the DA is dropping the whole thing. It can't be proven that Lindsay did anything wrong.

All that said, there's nothing to stop Holland from starting a civil law suit against Lindsay and she likely will if she hasn't already

1276 days ago


I don't know why these dang trashy B.L.A.C.K people are always jealous of everyone else.

1276 days ago


Seriously, black people need to just go back and work at KFC's or something. They won't get injured there.

1276 days ago


Why would a world renowned rehab place hire some ghetto crackhead like this lady?

They need to look at who they bring on staff more in the future.

1275 days ago
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