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Lindsay Lohan on 911 Call -- I Told You So!

4/2/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wins again ... at least according to Lindsay Lohan -- who believes the 911 call of the Betty Ford incident backs her version of what went down with Dawn Holland. 

TMZ was first to publish the 911 call Lindsay made on December 12. On the recording,  Lindsay and Dawn are heard having a heated argument ... and Dawn claims Lindsay hit her with the phone.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the 911 call vindicates her because it makes Dawn seem "rude," "aggressive" and "inappropriate."

We're also told she thinks it proves Dawn was only after money from the start. Very early in the call Dawn says, "Get ready to be sued."

Ultimately, Lindsay does win -- earlier this week the Riverside County District Attorney's Office announced it would not file charges against Lindsay over the incident.



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john smith    

If the necklace fits, you must not acquit!! If the necklace fits you must not acquit, J Kockring

1298 days ago


I like what #7 said....DITTO!

1298 days ago



TMZ and Harvey really miss the Gibson/Ox story. That put TMZ on the map and they never had more posts than that story. That's over for the most part and this is what's left.

1298 days ago


She (Linds) is such a whiny B**ch. I am so sick of this self-entitled dumbs**t, I hope they nail her with something soon so she just disappears. Unfortunately, Dina has two other children to exploit. We'll never be rid of them.

1298 days ago


#7 is right. Betty Ford is turning over in her grave to what has become of her clinic. That was never her intent.

Keep in mind you have people paying 29k for every 30 days. People like Lohan who don't give a crap just wants to stay out of jail does what she wants. Lohan doesn't care who she throws under the bus as long as she comes out just fine.

Holland had to have qualifications to get hired but once you break HIPPA you are gone.

1298 days ago

john smith    

Holland has been to rehab eight times for crack, that's what her qualifications were to be hired.

1298 days ago


Just because they didn't press charges on the assault doesn't mean she won't get a VOP from Judge Sautner for refusing the breathalyser when they hear the case on the 22nd. Myers is sleeping soundly. Lindsay is going to jail.

Why didn't Lindsay just take the test as asked?

1298 days ago


Isn't that Corey Feldman's missing jacket Lindsay is wearing ?!!!

1298 days ago


Sorry Linds, butthat 911 call makes you look really bad. And I think that DH saying "get ready to be sued" is actually what makes me believe even more, that Lindsay struck her with force. She probably wouldn't be threatening to sue Linds if Linds didn't do something suit-worthy.

And, yes, Linds DID start the phhone call with a lie when she stated she didn't know who DH was. Also, I wasn't aware before, that the other took a breathalyzer and failed.

Linds should definitely have her probation revoked on this alone, nevermind the theft charge. And DH should absolutely find a way to make some cash off this bitch too. For Christ sake she lost her job because Miss LOWhan came into her life.

Love how Linds can do all kinds of crazy **** to anyone and her trolls keep giving excuses for her, but let the victim do one thing that might not be considered appriate for public opinion, and they will try to make it look like they were totally intending to capitalize on Linds from the beginning and therefore Linds is innocent.

1298 days ago

john smith    

Dina has 17 acres of underground computers voting, she's trying to taint the Jury pool.

1298 days ago


This behavior isn't normal folks, but on METH it is, and Lindsays behavior is typical for crackheads here. Lindsay gets away with doing legal METH!!!

1298 days ago


"Oh now I'm getting ready to file charges on YOU" - Dawn Holland.
This says it all really. Obviously Lindsay DID make the 911 call as she was scared by this woman, who is quite clearly trying to twist the situation. When we're provoked repeatedly we do lash out to protect ourselves. It's human nature. I'm not entirely sure what this "scuffle" involved but had she antagonised me enough, I probably would've punched her in the face. She can sue my a$$!!

1298 days ago

john smith    

The Todays show on NBC just did a big piece on this subject and they made Dawn look really bad, they must be trollhans...Do the Lohans own NBC?

1298 days ago


Flash plugins don't work on the iPad.
Can't listen to the call or watch any tmz videos.

1298 days ago

normal person    

Well today must be a sad day for you 10 haters to find out that you haters are in the minority. It doesn't really matter right just as long as you can bash Lilo all day long on TMZ you will be happy.

1298 days ago
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