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Lindsay Lohan on 911 Call -- I Told You So!

4/2/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wins again ... at least according to Lindsay Lohan -- who believes the 911 call of the Betty Ford incident backs her version of what went down with Dawn Holland. 

TMZ was first to publish the 911 call Lindsay made on December 12. On the recording,  Lindsay and Dawn are heard having a heated argument ... and Dawn claims Lindsay hit her with the phone.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the 911 call vindicates her because it makes Dawn seem "rude," "aggressive" and "inappropriate."

We're also told she thinks it proves Dawn was only after money from the start. Very early in the call Dawn says, "Get ready to be sued."

Ultimately, Lindsay does win -- earlier this week the Riverside County District Attorney's Office announced it would not file charges against Lindsay over the incident.



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@aston I agree with your points. Lindsay in NYC, not now. All she's showing is that she'll hit every popular hot spot she can and get into the late-night clubbing scene. She may benefit going to someplace really boring with virtually no night life because she hasn't demonstrated she can avoid this for an extended period of time.

1308 days ago


Follow me on this exercise. Assume everything Lindsay is saying here is true: Dawn Holland was rude, agressive, inappropriate, and just wanted money.

Still -- THAT DOES NOT NEGATE LOHAN'S BAD BEHAVIOR. Lindsay was caught coming in after curfew, she was caught scaling a wall, she refused a drug test, she was rude with a facility employee, she grabbed and/or threw a phone at a facility employee, she threw a temper tantrum, she blocked a patient from speaking with facility staff, she called 9-1-1, etc.

So the authorities decided the case did not warrant assault charges, that doesn't mean Lindsay was golden here. In fact, since it took so long for a decision to be made, one might assume it was a really CLOSE call on whether or not to prosecute.

How refreshing would it be to hear Lohan say, "I regret my behavior on that day and would certainly do things different given the opportunity." Not even an apology -- but just an acknowledgment of not stellar beahvior. Instead, we get "I told you so." Even better, how about her Mom declaring her daughter misbehaved instead of the constant head-in-the-sand "nothing is wrong, Lindsay is fine."

1308 days ago

john smith    

@82 FUTMZ I wouldn't be surprised if they go out of business and the jewelry store also, when are people going to learn to just take shelter and not mess with The White Tornado, that the rehab facility that Michael Lohan just started? You know how these Mom and Pop fly by night new places go out of business all the time like a bad pizza store.

1308 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Ah yes, LieLo up to her tried 'n true sociopath tricks. Steal jewelery, fur coats, clothing, carjack, kidnap, and when the police question her the first thing out of Lying LieLo's mouth is:

"The black person did it."

Mamma Nicole and Pappa therock must be so proud of what LieLo has become. A 24 year-old who looks 45 and the butt of every late-night punchline.

1308 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

LieLo and her pops MiLo have so much in common these days. They're both hostile, aggressive, racists. No wonder no one wants LieLow to be in any movies.

1308 days ago


And a patient does NOT have the right to put their hands on any staff member, that's usually grounds for immediate dismissal. Also, that goes the other way as well. Staff must keep their hands off the patients as well. Seems LL grabbed the phone from DH causing her wrist to twist and obtain a sprain. Posted at 1:41 AM on Apr 2, 2011 by twilightmom
The staffis not supposed to put their hands on the patient either, and since Lindsay made the call and then Dawn Holland seemed to be in Lindsay's face I would say Dawn Holldand was the agressor here. Dawn Holland lied also, she said the sherriff asked to speak to her, that did not happen. Lindsay was talking to the 911 Dispatcher and Dawn started yelling and suddenly Lindsay was no longer on the phone after we hear a scuffle. I don't normally agree with Lindsay, but on this one I do.

1308 days ago


I see the east coast trollhans have been busy pounding the survey in lindsaylohans favor,

1308 days ago


Dear the Lohans (spec. Mike & Dina):

Congratulations for being failures at the most important job on the planet: raising a child.

If I spent the majority of my life acting like a self-entitled spoiled brat, I'm pretty sure my mom would take me down a few pegs. Because that's what parents do.

1308 days ago


@Delmar, I don't know what Lindsay Lohan's deeper problems may be, and she's obviously not able to keep her cool, but everything she does is blown way out of proportion, especially by rags like TMZ making a buck from it. She's not a serious criminal. It would probably be good if someone managed to get her to some farm or something like that and let her take care of animals. She needs (for her own sake) to find out there are other things in life than clubbing to make you feel good and at peace. But that's a personal thing, not for the paparazzis or law enforcement.

1308 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

To hear Lindsay go off like that and say the words she said to that poor Betty Ford tech is disgusting. Lindsay Lohan keeping aggressive racist behavior alive and well in the Lohan family for another generation.

Listening to that tape you can't help but think that Lindsay Lohan makes toothless, backwoods Deliverance rapists look bad.

1308 days ago


The Todays show on NBC just did a big piece on this subject and they made Dawn look really bad, they must be trollhans...Do the Lohans own NBC?

Posted at 6:16 AM on Apr 2, 2011 by john smith

No they are whores just like the Lohans and profit from interviews with Dina $15,000 at a pop a good investment in the trainwreck that is LILO .Dina has matt laur on speed dial

1308 days ago


First off, once the police were called, Dawn really couldn't have terminated the incident with the Sheriffs dept. Lindsay had a legal right to the police once she initiated the call. So, you really cannot blame Dawn for trying not to get the Sheriffs dept involved once they were already called. If she had, people would be screaming about the fact Dawn prevented Lindsay to her legal right to call for help.

Secondly, the very first bit when it's only Lindsay on the phone shows to me how much she was also trying to frame the situation and manipulate it. She put on her best scared voice and told the operator that there was a strange woman in her home that she hadn't ever seen before. She said nothing about being in BF or the situation. To me, it sounded as if she were trying to almost make it seem like a home invasion to get Dawn out of there.

Finally, I heard LL tell the girl not to go anywhere with Dawn. I'm confused as to why LL had such a problem with the girl speaking up if LL did nothing wrong. If LL didn't break any rules and the other girls did, why start such a commotion over anything??

This tape hurts LL and she doesn't need anymore bad press considering I heard Harvey Levin say he thought for sure she was going for a jury trial. This means lots of people from LA who know all about her issues will be her ultimate judge. Yes, this tape hurts Dawn as well, but she's not about to go on trial for grand theft, is she?

1308 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

From here on out, every time I see a photo of Lindsay Lohan, I'll just naturally start hearing the banjo music from Deliverance. She and her family are so bass-ackwards and inbred that they make those country folk in Alabama appear civilized.

1308 days ago


@ Sean - I can hear Dawn (or someone) saying Hello? Hello? at the beginning but I can't tell if it's Dawn, and I can't tell she's not on the same line vs. another extention. It all just sounds like a mess. I don't refute the fact that Dawn (as the tech) was trying to take control of the situation, nor can I buy into Lindsay's reason for the call (at first saying I don't know this person, then seconds later saying that she's a tech). If I were a juror on a case like this, I would be thinking that it all sounds like a big mess and would look to witness testimony - which will all probably favor Lindsay (whether they are lying is another thing). After listening to this,how can anyone claim it one way or another really?

Posted at 10:06 PM on Apr 1, 2011 by Jennifer....please do not impose your ignorance on me and other I presume hear a drunken hot mess assaulting staff at a privately owned sober living center .They are NOT lindsaylohans personal phones.Any person truly analyzing the audiotape and the corresponding report will understand we are talking about multiple battery operated cordless phone handsets each being operated by a different party,During 911 call.In the attempt by lindsaylohan to dislodge handset(#1)from Dawn's hand while assaulting her with handset (#2) operated by lindsaylohan the battery door was dislodged and damaged ,by throwing the phone she was operating at Dawn lindsaylohan disengaged herself from the 911 call...GET IT??

1308 days ago


I WISH some people would realize the concept of a landline phone. DAWN DID NOT TAKE THE PHONE FROM LINDSAY.

Lindsay was on one phone in the house, and then Dawn picked up another extension. This is when Lindsay threw her cordless phone at Dawn (you can hear the scuffle right after).

I have been to rehab and know how crazy it can be. I don't think Dawn necessarily handled the situation as well as it could have been. But, I also think Lindsay needs to take some responsibility here for trying to get between Dawn and the other residents of the home. One of the girls WANTED to to talk to Dawn in private and Lindsay would not let her. And, I just do not understand why Lindsay was so desperate to prevent the other girl from talking if Lindsay herself did nothing wrong. We know that she at the very least was caught coming in over the wall. And, that was breaking the rules. Why can't LL own up to any of her mistakes???

I think THAT will be a big question on the mind of the jurors in her upcoming trial.

1308 days ago
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