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Charlie Sheen in Chicago

The Blow-By-Blow

4/4/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Chicago show has ended -- and it was a definite improvement over Detroit. Read our live recap to see how it all went down.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago
8:15 PM -- No sign of Sheen yet.

8:20 PM -- The crowd just started a "Detroit sucks!" chant.

8:25 PM -- Charlie just read a poem about how much he hates Detroit.

8:27 PM -- Show definitely has a different feel than last night. Instead of Charlie on stage by himself, he has an interviewer of sorts asking him questions.

8:30 PM -- During a question about his marriages, Charlie referred to Brooke Mueller as "kidnapper bitch."

8:33 PM -- Charlie took off his shirt after someone in the crowd yelled, "Get naked." He traded shirts with a guy from the crowd who was much larger than him. Oh, forgot to mention -- after last night's performance, no opening comic this time.

8:42 PM -- Nothing too exciting. Telling stories, including the one about the first time he smoked weed ... with Chris Penn in Malibu.

8:50 PM -- The show is in intermission. Much more structured than last night's. So far, no booing.

9:14 PM -- And we're back! Sheen's got a fresh cig and talking about a party he went to once with Mick Jagger and Eddie Van Halen.

9:20 PM -- Charlie says he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million. He tells the interviewer he pays for sex because he has millions.

9:25 PM -- Charlie says he was supposed to be in "The Karate Kid," but his dad told him to do a lesser movie instead. "My dad has great advice."

9:30 PM -- How's this for an about face -- Charlie said he would go back to "Two and Half Men," but he did say the people who run it are blood suckers. But he called Jon Cryer a "rock star."

9:45 PM -- Charlie is now reading a letter from one of the goddesses.

9:52 PM -- And with that letter ... the show is over. All in all, a much better experience than last night.


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So Raymond,

So like so many things, things go to crap around Chuckles and there is no good explanation huh?

You realize its all going to catch up to him, dont you?

1260 days ago


Talking about feeding rubbish - Charlie serves up the worst crap since..




And how much does he pay you to wipe his ass, anyway?

1260 days ago


Hey Raymond,

Chapstick is making less and less sense, isn't he? LOL!

BTW...I heard that Charlie is biting the chickens' heads in the garage of his Mulholland Estates' mansion, every morning before his first coffee. Do you think Levin will make it his next EXCLUSIVE?

1260 days ago


RR & Lagoon - very interesting comments / insights, there maybe another factor to take into account as well. It could be that he's never been 'right' after a traumatic birth.I've read somewhere that Charlie was born a 'blue' baby & had to be resuscitated by the Doctor (hence his middle name of Irwin after the Doc).
If this is the case then is there a possibility that he was starved of oxygen & suffered a degree of brain damage as a result?
He's seems to have had problems since young, he never finished his education cos he couldn't make the grades, he can't seem to establish a normal long term relationship, he can't control his temper hitting out when he can't get his own way, his need to hang out with women half his age, who hang on his every word making him feel superior to them, his poor social skills, low self esteem which requires him to have to pay for company, also he appears to need constant attention & supervision.
He seems to have had everything he ever wanted since he was a little kid (maybe part of the problem) yet it doesn't seem to have made him feel wanted, liked or valued. Whatever the problem this is one very damaged individual.

Posted at 1:04 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by Green Fairy


Thanks. Yes, there are several interesting and possibly viable hypotheses circulating.

If an adult person presented with this childhood & adolescent history, then assessment would likely include testing for ADD- R (residual form ADHD) and learning disabilities (LD). Of course, most adults with this sort of history today usually had psych/educational diagnostic services available and would have already had that testing for ADHD & LD.

People with these issues are not necessarily lacking in intelligence. I have personally assessed children and adolescents who were in the gifted range intellectually - but were functionally "under achievers" due to LD usually but sometimes also ADHD as well.

Can be very frustrating to these individuals because they have the innate sense that they are not as stupid as they may be considered to be. So, that results in a defensive posture that negatively impacts social skills. Really, its a downward spiral if not intervened early and well. Sometimes, families feel that they are protecting such children by disallowing diagnostic services but nothing could be further from the truth.

With untreated ADHD with/without LD we see self-medicating like we do with mood disorders like bi-polar. The usual drug of choice is in the stimulant class - like coke or crack - just as the prescribed medications are also usually in the stimulant class. Helps the person feel more focused and can have a great positive impact on academic performance.

IF Charlie has this sort of diagnosis and is currently sober, then what his aggressive schtick could be doing for him is creating an elevation of norepinephrine (precursor to adrenaline) which serves in lieu of taking a stimulant drug.

Endogenous biochemistry (bodily) can be nearly as effective as exogenous drugs (consumed). So, when I hear him say that he is on a drug - a drug called Charlie Sheen - what immediately springs to my mind is that he is likely 100% correct in saying that, even if he doesn't fully understand why or the implications.

1260 days ago




1260 days ago


Reading certain people is like listening to Dr Drew. Ugh. What's with those self-appointed psychiatrists? Geez...LOL

1260 days ago


I stop after the first sentence. Unfortunately I always start reading and THEN I look at the poster's name. LMAO!

1260 days ago



Excellent posts, I'm sure Charlie has many issues beyond NPD.

Thats why they pay doctors the big bucks. But this disorder seems to be his home base.

Do other actors or players in hollywood suffer from it too?

No question - but I dont see them threatening and hating on their co workers and ex wives.

I dont see them banging 6 or 7 gram rocks and bragging about it on TV.

I dont see them producing wild eyed, frustrated rants while looking scruffy and unkempt on TV and calling it Krack Korner.

Oh well, someone has to lead the way!

RIP Chris Farley, Chuckles forgot your PSA!

Posted at 4:30 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by Chaps


Thanks. See my previous response to GreenFairy. IF Charlie has that history or diagnosis, then he would have developed serious self esteem issues. That's generally what we find with untreated ADHD & LD in particular but also when its treated there needs to be ongoing concurrent therapy targeting social skills and self esteem issues as well.

I use the term self esteem with a bit of trepidation because of the damage that has been done by well intended misapplications in the US educational system. Self esteem needs to be coupled with actually mastery - but its so much faster and easier to tell every child they are a WINNER - even if they are losing. Same for adults.

The real advantage to children is to help them to genuinely master a subject, a skill, whatever and then no one needs to tell them they are a WINNER - they can see it and feel it for themselves. They also develop less defensiveness to people saying "Loser" to them. They know the truth in their own hearts - and sooner or later the world will see the evidence and reward the real achievement.

Oh, and that brings to mind - the only actor in 2 & 1/2 Men who received an Emmy to date is Jon Cryor. So, Charlie may still have a similar (to his academic history) history of underachievement amongst his peers. If so, would only reinforce his low self esteem and continue the spiral downward.

So, bringing us round to NPD.

Low self esteem is the heart of narcissism. Narcissism is a defense system based on a lack of true self confidence and a poor self image. The projected grandiose, narcissistic image is compensatory. When a person with NPD decompensates for whatever reason we usually see an increase in grandiosity, a need for more "positive strokes", and a decrease in stability including a stable self image.

Some theories state that the entire set of Cluster B (dramatic, acting out) PD is a spectrum. On the more severe end we have Borderline PD where a core feature is a near complete lack of stable ego strength or stable personality structure. In the "old days" of Freudian psychoanalysis and such theories a "Borderline" diagnosis meant that the person was on the border between psychosis and neurosis. That was before the current DSM based system with PD diagnosis.

Still, we often see transient psychotic episodes aka psychotic breaks in people with BPD. We also see various degrees and manifestations of NPD when someone has BPD. Not exactly correct, but sort of like Russian nesting eggs/dolls - the BPD generally subsumes the NPD. When there is improvement to functioning then often a person with BPD will primarily demonstrate NPD traits.

Often therapy with individuals with these issues involves a phase of deconstruction where the maladaptive coping strategies aka defense mechanisms are systematically eliminate and then a reconstructive phase (these two phases aren't fully separate of course) where new form of healthy coping strategies are acquired. Sometimes this process is called "reparenting" and ideally the adult patient/client learns to parent them selves and also learns better ways to self sooth than drugs, sex, etc.

Make any sense?

1260 days ago


ksis - you're a ****ing idiot. I noticed you were putiing in your twoc cents worth on everything Charlie for about 18 HOURS yesterday, you moron. Get a life, or even better, get a job!

Posted at 8:40 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by J Johnson


Interesting observation. I haven't actually counted up the hours but I can certainly see how it might seem like 18/24 hours. I don't see how anyone can personally generate such a large percentage of the posts here over such a time span if they have anything else to do during the week other than sleep a bit.

Then again, there is at least one other possibility - besides ksis doesn't ever sleep. Maybe there is no single "ksis". Maybe there is more than one and they take turns - have a work shift if you will. After all, how hard could it be to generate text when the rule of "don't confuse me with the facts, I already know the truth" is followed?

1260 days ago

J Johnson    


I see you want me to learn some "maths". Hilarious, you moron.

1260 days ago


Looks like Charlie is in Cleveland now. I believe that yesterday Harvey said TMZ is planning another "blow by blow" sort of coverage. At any rate, I'm sure there will be some sort of coverage soon. See you folks there - and I'll leave my clinician hat behind here and bring the bowl of popcorn. Ready to just prop up my feet and watch the show.

Oh, and btw its kinda nice to see Charlie own up sometimes - even just a little - like he does here when he admitted that the show starting late in Detroit wasn't very helpful. Makes him seem more likable, IMO. Wish he could just drop the phony hype, the bitter anger, and just be - I dunno - more laid back I guess. But, that's just me. I guess some people like his aggressive nasty bad boy persona so whatever. Besides, at this point he's kinda stuck with it so he needs to work it all he can.,0,7477361.story

1260 days ago


OMG...I think I'm gonna faint. RR aka Drew Pinsky No.2 is analyzing me. Wow.
Honestly...No one gives a f**k about your...*cough*...psychological gibberish. Certainly not me, so find someone who does. After all, you are a typical attention whore, who tries to fool people into believing that you are actually a vocal expert, when in're a big fat nothing.
What is it with you anyway? I don't remember even once referring to your posts, until you started referring to mine in your condescending manner. What you're doing is pretty pathetic, actually.



1260 days ago


Come on Charlie! To quote Bill Maher "a show about uncle Sleazy raising Chunky" and his brother leech. It ain't oscar worthy. I think John Amos could take over the role and audiences wouldn't miss a beat.

1260 days ago



Just remember - Charlie is a total freaking rock star from Mars!

Oh wait! Not a rock star!

Just a freak from Mars!

BTW, excellent posts BTW. Its obvious Chuckles troubles run deep.

But he thinks its nothing that cocaine and porn whores cant fix!

That wall is headed his way - the Splat is gonna be big!

1260 days ago


Detroit should be thanked for they did...Detroit made the show what is now.

1260 days ago
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