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Charlie Sheen in Chicago

The Blow-By-Blow

4/4/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Chicago show has ended -- and it was a definite improvement over Detroit. Read our live recap to see how it all went down.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago
8:15 PM -- No sign of Sheen yet.

8:20 PM -- The crowd just started a "Detroit sucks!" chant.

8:25 PM -- Charlie just read a poem about how much he hates Detroit.

8:27 PM -- Show definitely has a different feel than last night. Instead of Charlie on stage by himself, he has an interviewer of sorts asking him questions.

8:30 PM -- During a question about his marriages, Charlie referred to Brooke Mueller as "kidnapper bitch."

8:33 PM -- Charlie took off his shirt after someone in the crowd yelled, "Get naked." He traded shirts with a guy from the crowd who was much larger than him. Oh, forgot to mention -- after last night's performance, no opening comic this time.

8:42 PM -- Nothing too exciting. Telling stories, including the one about the first time he smoked weed ... with Chris Penn in Malibu.

8:50 PM -- The show is in intermission. Much more structured than last night's. So far, no booing.

9:14 PM -- And we're back! Sheen's got a fresh cig and talking about a party he went to once with Mick Jagger and Eddie Van Halen.

9:20 PM -- Charlie says he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million. He tells the interviewer he pays for sex because he has millions.

9:25 PM -- Charlie says he was supposed to be in "The Karate Kid," but his dad told him to do a lesser movie instead. "My dad has great advice."

9:30 PM -- How's this for an about face -- Charlie said he would go back to "Two and Half Men," but he did say the people who run it are blood suckers. But he called Jon Cryer a "rock star."

9:45 PM -- Charlie is now reading a letter from one of the goddesses.

9:52 PM -- And with that letter ... the show is over. All in all, a much better experience than last night.


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stop number 3-cleveland ohio...tons of tickets for sale on Craigslist...lmfao at this trainwreck tour....go home Warlock!

1277 days ago


post more #Roeper comments here please

1277 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"I think he may have been - I dunno - scared???"

Posted at 7:01 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by Fred Farkel

Wow - I almost felt a twinge of compassion! Interesting insight, Fred!

Posted at 7:03 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by JWLor


You're catching on JW. I proudly wore my SHEEN jersey to another party tonight and there were NO HATERS in the crowd.

They were all just curious.

And frankly??? I'll bet that we hear someday that Charlie and the godesses all sat around their room at The Townsend in Birmingham, MI after the show - and cried.

It was sad.

And there is no need to hate.

1277 days ago


WTF, I cannot beleive people wasted their money on this? Just judging by the recaps the show sounds like a snoozefest. "We can't afford our bills but lets watch a crack addict with bipolar disease talk about himself for 60 minutes." Americans are retards.

1277 days ago


Wonder if the crowd will be locked and loaded with tomatoes when he returns?

1277 days ago


So it seems Charlie is playing to the critics and ticket sales now...At least I got to see him in Detroit in true form until someone let the Trolls in! He's still winning non-believers he's getting paid for this ****!

1277 days ago


What can Charlie possibly do for an encore? While you wait on pins and needles for his next move, check out the almost-truthful "Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen" on The Loop Now. Just part of our daily offerings of mirth and whimsy.

1277 days ago


OH no, a security guy just duct taped Roeper, tazed him and they dragged him out for unfavorable #tweeting!

1277 days ago

Sad sad    

Richard Roeper
Does anybody know who this guy is "questioning" Charlie? Dark-haired, 35ish, wildly unfunny?

1277 days ago


"I found someone on twitter who is there, they're not having a good time.

Posted at 6:54 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by Meme"


Nobody cares about a f*cking turd trying to ride Charlie's coat tails. F*cking troll. LOSING

1277 days ago


LOL Roeper says Charlie is SUCKING BIG TIME!

Puck that, Puckett Charlie-butt-licker!

1277 days ago


Last night, Charlie loved Detroit. Now he hates it.

Last year, Charlie loved Brooke. Now he hates her.

Last season, Charlie loved 2.5 Men. Now he hates it.

See a pattern here?

Posted at 6:47 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by MacGuffin

Yep. Well, the tour audience was promised "Vintage Sheen" and they are getting it.

He's a little man with a little man complex (aka Napoleon complex). Anyone or anything that offends him even in the least he attacks with "violent hatred" right? What else would we expect?

Problem is, even walking on egg shells around him he seems easily offended. Sooner or later he will exhaust most or all of his relationships - but then again if he doesn't run out of money he can just buy new ones.

Wonder why he promised Snoop on the tour and then Snoop didn't show up? Wonder if Charlie's crazy enough to write/read publicly a poem about how much he hates Snoop? (or Kid Rock or Eminem for not just dropping by last night in Detroit)

Oh and btw I saw an article online today titled "Charlie Sheen most hated man in Detroit" so I think the feeling may be largely mutual.

1277 days ago


it's always sooooo exciting to listen to drug stories.

1277 days ago


I heard people were leaving already

1277 days ago


So what is happening, TMZ? It must be over by now!

1277 days ago
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