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Charlie Sheen -- Chicago, Do Or Die

4/3/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will learn tonight whether or not his departure from "Two and a Half Men" was a good career turn or a disaster as he performs his second show -- this time in Chicago.

Charlie Sheen Chicago
A rep for tells TMZ with the rest of the tour already not selling well -- they have between 200-300 seats available per show -- tonight's performance could send the rest of the tour into a tailspin.

And staffers at several ticket agencies tell us there has been a rapid rise in the number of people trying to unload their tickets since last night's disastrous performance.

Either way, we'll be there and we will tell you how it all goes down ... as it happens.



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You get nothing in Charlie's show and you will get nothing for your money in Britney's show.

1261 days ago


Jess Lan~

sing for us

1261 days ago


Sheen massacred any mystique that might have remained of Hollywood.

1261 days ago


This is a hilarious video of what people said as they left the theater last night. Enjoy!

1261 days ago

PRO US    

Charlie may be high or crazy but not stupid. He's touring at the right time because public interest in him is at an all-time high. A few months from now, he would not have been able to get this multimillion dollar pay day for talking nonsense in theaters. Anyone who has thousands of fans and who can get millions for spouting nonsense is not a total loser.

Charlie is only interested in what is good for Charlie. He hasn't been trying to hide that fact. And making money any way he can is good for Charlie, in his eyes. So, why did the people who bought tickets for Charlie's Detroit show expect anything other than what they got? Charlie didn't prepare an entertaining show because like he told the audience, he already has their money, so why should he keep working for what he already has? He left after being on the stage for just 1 hour and talking for less than half an hour. He couldn't care less if they have a good time or not.

Most people in Chicago will be disappointed, angry, bored, confused or upset. No one forced the to buy tickets to this circus show. So, they should just write the evening off as a loss. Everyone makes a bad purchase once in a while. Charlie is laughing all the way to the bank with his p-rn star and nanny.
He'll keep on doing the shows unless someone or some organization stops him by canceling the shows or getting him into a rehab or psych evaluation program.

1261 days ago


good i hope all these ticket agencies get stuck with a assload of tickets...............thats what they deserve since they are the reason these shows sell out so quick, they buy up all the tickets and over price them for resale so the working man can't go enjoy a show, concert, or sporting event!

1261 days ago


How will Charlie Sheen handle failure?
Alcohol? Drugs? Anger? Violence? Homocide? Mass Murder? Or Suicide?
All of the above?

Posted at 1:57 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by pawang
Same way he handled success Alcohol, drugs, whores, abuse etc.

Posted at 2:23 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by normal person

very true, but I would like to add, KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS!

1261 days ago

PRO US    

One person's comment (not mine):

"Afterwards, Sheen's publicist declined to comment. "
That's pretty funny. If his PUBLICIST refused comment, then I would say he doesn't HAVE a publicist!

1261 days ago


still a fan Charlie, even though you took a wrong turn with the one man travelling show idea. Come back to tv where you belong so we all can forget this bad part of your career, and start fresh.

1261 days ago


your all losers for buying these tickets

1261 days ago


He has taken this ACT way too far and it's old and stale already. He has the wrong PR and he just isn't funny with this act. If he were smart, he'd hire another yoyo to do his PR and inject some sensible humor into his act. This act is too all over the place and is not sensible. Problem with CS is that he has nothing but a bunch of hanger-on's that laugh at his stupid antics and are too afraid to tell the guy the truth.
I find it sad. Sheen was actually funny in Two and a Half but he is only as funny as his writers make him. He had a leash on him in the glory days of his fame and without the leash he is a failure. He is too self absorbed to see the truth and in the end, given a few years, the money will be gone and so will the so-called Goddesses.
If he were smart, he'd hire someone with actual talent to write this show and quit being so obnoxious to think that it's all him that is the talent. He is not talent on his own.

1261 days ago


Anyone notice that Sheen's follower count has stopped increasing?
Curious if he shut it down, or gave up on his tweeting stuff.

1261 days ago

PRO US    

Another person's comment (not mine):

"What did they expect, Oscar Wilde?"

1261 days ago


dumb as- people of detroit what did you expect,shame on radio city music hall in ny for booking this LOSER,if you bought a ticket give it to a homeless person so theyy may bye a loaf of bread

1261 days ago


so...what time is the show tonight in Chicago? lol

1261 days ago
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