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Charlie Sheen -- Protect the Warlock!

4/3/2011 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's performance in Detroit was so ... um, not good ... that security at the venue he's performing at tonight is so concerned about safety ... they've called a special meeting for today, just to be safe.

Sources at the Chicago Theatre tell TMZ they are aware of what went down last night -- and while they already have their precautions in place, they've decided to have an extra meeting on crowd control ... just in case.

We're told they will discuss whether or not additional security will be needed so that there are no issues and Charlie can be safe at his own show.

Stay tuned ...


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Death threats?

1277 days ago


Charlie, I'm told you read TMZ, and I'm sorry the tour has gotten off to a rocky start. With some fine-tuning, I am sure you can turn this ship around and bring down every house on the schedule.

I would like to address my own poor "performance" at the 11/12/10 TAAHM taping. Since we had met about a month prior, and I had tweeted to a "MrCSheen," I was sure I could catch your eye. My bright idea was to get up and dance in front of the crowd. When I saw you reclining down on stage and waved at you from the balcony, you seemed very enthusiastic as you waved back. This did not go over well with the very queeny emcee. He either thought I was overstepping my bounds, or maybe has an unrequited gay crush.

Thinking it would make the emcee and the audience laugh, when he asked me what kind of dance I was going to do, I said, "Slutty!" The emcee paused, made the ugliest, most disgusted facial expression possible, and repeated angrily, "Slutty!" This would not have been apparent from the stage below. He could have been lighthearted and amused, when instead, his reaction turned the crowd against me; you could have heard a pin drop. As silent disapproval washed over me, I felt my heart fly out of my chest, my blood turn ice cold, and my body suddenly felt like a block of lead. Oh, and it also felt like I'd been punched in the stomach, with all gravity pushing down upon my shoulders.

Suddenly petrified, I could not dance worth a sh*t, and in my panic began complaining about the music, which was a rap song I didn’t recognize. FWIW, I do appreciate some popular rap music. Anyway, the emcee saw that I was choking and did everything he could to make it worse; throwing out his microphone stand as if it would make for a good pole to dance on, encouraging me to dance with a very young guy who was not interested due to my total loss of confidence, anything to keep me from focusing my attention back on the stage at the sexy man still relaxing there, which would have helped me regain my ability to dance seductively.

Needless to say, I think I would have been better off staying in my seat and waving at the end of the show. As it was, when the emcee had everyone who danced stand up to see who "won," I got a very tepid, polite applause. The farking c*nt emcee then very smugly said, "Not. Very. Good." He's lucky I'm not as sue-crazy as most of the general public seems to be . . . so are Audiences Unlimited, Warner Brothers and CBS. An emcee’s job should be to make the event as fun as possible for all audience members, not act bitchy and humiliate whomever he chooses on a whim.

I am close to finishing my first script for Austin Film Festival, pursuing voiceover work, and know that I'm a vivacious, attractive woman--something that bitch@$$ emcee only wishes he could be. When next I see Charlie, I hope to get a big smile, a hug, and who knows? :) Love, Blizz Blonde

1277 days ago


The longer this chirade is allowed to continue, the more dangerous it will be for all involved. Interesting they don't mention security for the audience. Makes me wonder if most people realize they could be attending an event where they are doing nothing but end up being caught in the 'crossfire'.

1277 days ago

J Johnson    

Sounds like the tour is really "winning"! Hahahaha. For you morons who bought tickets to this train wreck - enjoy.

1277 days ago

Master Po    

Not death threats sounds like additional security will be on hand at the end of the every other row to escort out any hecklers right away to give the illusion of a good show. The detroit show was filled with drug addicts getting high in the bathroom which I am sure is also a concern.

1277 days ago


Shocking! Who knew that a show consisting of an arrogant narcissist driveling on and on about how great he is was going to bomb. Didn't see that coming! ;)

1277 days ago

J Johnson    

@agent blonde

Are you always this delusionally pathetic?

1277 days ago

nancy williams    

Recent polls show his support at 15% who did he expect to see or did his yes men tell him everyone supports him.That would be sad.

1277 days ago


Maybe he should include a song and dance routine in case people don't like his comedy/ speeches or whatever...if worse comes to worse he could try stripping in his act. lol

1277 days ago

Master Po    

AgentBlonde shut the hell up. What are you babbling about? Stop embarrassing yourself publicly.

1277 days ago


How is Charlie getting ready for his world class world tour? Check out the fact-based “Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now. You’ll be glad you did.

1277 days ago


The best thing that can happen now is that the audience boos charlie offstage and ends this painful farce. Once the "warlock" realizes he is living in his own delusional world he might get some real help and start living like a normal person again.

Nothing can save the Chicago show, it's going on in about 8 hours, what could they have done to fix this mess in that little time ?.

1277 days ago


Agentblonde....did we forget to take out meds today?

1277 days ago

Master Po    

I would also like to add if a young man didnt want to dance with AgentBlonde I think that says it all. A fat entitled girl tried to wave and upstage the comedian doing his job who got hurt when the comedian put her in her place. End of story.

1277 days ago


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1277 days ago
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