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Charlie Sheen -- Protect the Warlock!

4/3/2011 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's performance in Detroit was so ... um, not good ... that security at the venue he's performing at tonight is so concerned about safety ... they've called a special meeting for today, just to be safe.

Sources at the Chicago Theatre tell TMZ they are aware of what went down last night -- and while they already have their precautions in place, they've decided to have an extra meeting on crowd control ... just in case.

We're told they will discuss whether or not additional security will be needed so that there are no issues and Charlie can be safe at his own show.

Stay tuned ...


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Chuckles "Warlock States Of Sheen" will go broke, can afford 5000 bouncers to handle 5000 pi ssed off fans!

1299 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a menace to himself, he needs some caring people to step up and get him help. All those involved at the moment are endangering him even more. He needs to be locked up and get serious help...I hope he gets it.

1299 days ago


You want truth Charlie? Goto google type in crack smoking. You could even goto twitter, youtube or ustream and type in drugs. You'll find 100's of millions of videos of kids smoking drugs every day. Every day kids and young adults upload videos of themselves using drugs.

Charlie even Snoop dogg posts twitpics of himself smoking, the same day he is on the kid's choice award he posts picutres of himself smoking backstage.

That's truth Charlie, that's what you lack. You're all fear and it stinks on you. You're afraid to be Charlie Sheen. Stay hidden.

1299 days ago


Yes, the perfect excuse to shut down the show if Charlie looks like he can't go on. You can't argue with someone who says "Charlies life might be in danger so we are postponing the show until we can work out security issues" or something like that.
Either they can buy time or cancel completely.

We will see.....

Posted at 10:14 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by NobodySpecial


Ding ding ding...we have a winner. That will be his out..too many "trolls" invading the audience and it wasn't "fair" to the real fans in the audiences, blah, blah, blah. Before last night I thought that it would be the famous "exhaustion" excuse that some given when they start canceling but last night's audience reaction and today's extra security article what you suggest is the most likely scenario. Will he even go ON stage tonight or will his "security" deem it an unsafe place and he never even shows up?

1299 days ago


This act is so perfect!

Deliver it to Tripoli and watch those SUCKAS RUN!

1299 days ago


There was a time, long before I arrived on this Earth, when people in vaudeville--or something like it--who did a poor job of entertaining an audience, got fruits and vegetables lobbed at them while on stage. It's too bad Charlie and his goddesses never got to endure that(it would have kept them well fed, even if they did a lousy job of entertaining).

1299 days ago


This is Charlie and I am going to 'splain something to you but first an offer and a statement followed by a shady story, my hairy buttal: Well if you can make a better show then do it! I’ll hire you and everyone who has anything to say bad about the show. I challenge you, make one better! Contact me with great ideas on how to make an awesome show better and its a work in progress. The next show will be completely different, drop the parts that got booed and add parts related to stuff that was cheered. Dont stay home my friends, come see the evolution revolution of my big torpedo.
Think big, think long and hard about how to make my show better and I’ll pay you for making it better! Making it bigger and feel good too!
I have a big bag of ideas just waiting to swim out of ma' head into your ear. I just need some help to pry those ideas out of me, so last nice was the first night, nowhere to go from there butt up! Going up the, but first we’ll have to practice, then going up onto the stage will be magical and each show will be more awesome than the last. I expect the last 20th show for tickets to go for 5000$ a piece, maybe 100,000 each. Thats how titanic the show will become. It will truly be a generation-changing event like Woodstock.
This show is an evolution to perfection. What did you expect? That the first show I drop my drawers and give you the big torpedo of truth? no no, this is just foreplay, foreplay it is... this is like me brushing your nipple on accident. Did charlie sheen just brush my nipple you ask yourself?
Yes maybe I did, and by the 20th show, if you can get a ticket, you’ll be screaming Charlie, come inside my apartment, there’s a tiger who needs to be murdelized

1299 days ago


You've got no job now. No contract, no moral clause. Your audience goes to shows and the performers use drugs right on stage. Maybe you need to get out more, Charlie Sheen experience what you've been missing. Phony. You could stand on stage and drink untill you pass out and your fans would love you for it. All your doing now is showing some advertiser that used to pay for your show that your sober. Nobody cares.

1299 days ago


HA HA....THAT'S WINNING. The more he whore himself, the more annoying he becomes. What an idiot. You can only fool yourself. I know what can crack my @$$ on the floor, but not you. Lets see if the "winning" team turns into losing. ciao!

1299 days ago


@ 51, you are exactly right, that will end the troubles in Libya. Better yet--drop Sheen into Quadaffi's palace or wherever he's currently holding up for the night. The mad dictator won't last an hour and will flee the country for his life and mental well being. War over. Charlie Sheen, peacemaker to the world.

1299 days ago

Don Alex    

Two words: Andy Kaufman. Two more: Tony Clifton. Then two more: Joaquin Phoenix. You heard it here first (from two more words, Don Alex) Just wanted to get it on record publicly, so to speak. Ive been speculating this for a month or two, and Im more and more convinced that Im right. He knows exactly what he's doing.

1299 days ago


@2 You need to step away for awhile and take a deap breath of reality. way TMI

1299 days ago


"Well if you can make a better show then do it! I’ll hire you and everyone who has anything to say bad about the show. I challenge you, make one better!"

I already work 18 hours a day, thanks for the offer to "make your show better" but I have to work.

1299 days ago


"Roadkill Tshirts" adverting Chuckles the clown and his wit.

Oh, and all those threats to the mothers of his children?

And just when I thought I had too much irony in my diet!

1299 days ago


How can tonite be any better? He has NO material. His whole seen last nite?

crappy comic
pledge allegiance
girls kissing
weird video's ?
rap song
Maybe,just maybe he'll be on stage long enough to talk about anything he's been promising. He didn't last night. Avoided questions???

This guy is surrounding himself with enablers cashing in on his demise. If it was anybody other than Charlie, it would be sad.

1299 days ago
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