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Charlie Sheen -- Protect the Warlock!

4/3/2011 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's performance in Detroit was so ... um, not good ... that security at the venue he's performing at tonight is so concerned about safety ... they've called a special meeting for today, just to be safe.

Sources at the Chicago Theatre tell TMZ they are aware of what went down last night -- and while they already have their precautions in place, they've decided to have an extra meeting on crowd control ... just in case.

We're told they will discuss whether or not additional security will be needed so that there are no issues and Charlie can be safe at his own show.

Stay tuned ...


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I'm still confused at what the "UpChuck Nation" were actually expecting. Anyone surprised by the lameness of this event really did deserve to be shucked.

1299 days ago


@Posted at 10:34 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by snooker

Why do you care?
It's obvious Charlie Sheen doesn't care about you or anyone else in his SheenWorld.
He just Crapped all over you, his fans, and anyone who bought a ticket to his show.

Charlie is not going to do anything to Charlie-at least intentionally. He loves himself too much to do that to himself.

1299 days ago


Saw one pic of Charlie (in Detroit paper) that shows him in white shirt/sunglasses. Reminded me of a pic of Jim Jones of The People's Temple - just before Guyana tragedy.

1299 days ago

pat garrett    

charlie use this to open the chicago show!

1299 days ago


@57, Kaufman was a bit wacky too, but he wasn't stoned or a freadkishly accomplished egomaniac of napoleonic proportions. What Andy was--a mad comic genius. Shame on you for comparing him to this end of the denial stage of a nervous breakdown. Charlie head to the clinic, seriously, and not for those show the common folk your OK month long PR tours--start with a six month rez and see how it goes.

1299 days ago


They say you have to hit rock bottom before you get help. If this doesn't do it for him, I don't know what will. I certainly don't have any kind of sympathy for anyone stupid enough to buy tickets to these shows. You can see him ranting for FREE on the Internet. He's out of his delusional, narcissistic mind, what did you people expect? "LOSING" tour is next, are you going to that too?

1299 days ago


SECURITY...SECURITY!!! I'm a low life dog killer who can't put two sentences together because my brain has been melted while smoking CRACK and these people have the nerve to expect a SHOW from me because they bought tickets I was selling!



1299 days ago


I wonder if Charlie has been quiet today because he has been secretly in negociations with either John Stamos or Rob Lowe to take over the lead role in his "Torpedo's Of Truth" tour?

1299 days ago



charlie use this to open the chicago show!

Posted at 10:48 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by pat garrett

Are you trying to help him "put on a show" won't work dude...the guy is too far gone to take advice...

1299 days ago


@Billdobaggins - fake charlie

He can't do that stupid "if you think you are so good, then you do it" crap. He's taking peoples money and he promised them something amazing. It doesn't matter if the audience is too stupid to realize he has nothing, it's still charlies fault for not delivering.

Either he tweaks this thing and makes it better or closes down the show and admit he's just a clown.

1299 days ago


When his cars went off the road he stated to the police that he did not know how they get there and that they were stolen.

Last night in his show he told the audience that the cars went off the road because he was smoking crack.

Which are we to believe? Why would he change his story? Why would he sell tickets to 5,000 people and tell them he drove both his cars off a cliff after smoking crack? I'm left wondering, I've several questions that I'm sure will never be answered.

I've a feeling Charlie Sheen doesn't want to tell anyone about anything that happened to him becuase it was all illegal. He probably has lived his entire life doing drugs, getting drunk, gambling, buying prostitutes and giving them drugs. All of that illegal activity is bound to leave him paranoid. Paranoid and dangerous, probably has an idea to protect himself ripping up his spine like a chainsaw.

He has smoked cocaine for decades and now he realizes if he ever told anyone about his life he would be jeapordizing the people he did drugs with. if he did tell the world about his life, which is mainly doing drugs, he would have to include all the people he did drugs with. What's his favorite line "Charlie Sheen doesn't roll people".

Well Charlie Sheen if your entire life has been spent doing drugs then you're in with about 5 billion living people. Still paranoid?

1299 days ago


I am close to finishing my first script for Austin Film Festival, pursuing voiceover work, and know that I'm a vivacious, attractive woman--something that bitch@$$ emcee only wishes he could be. When next I see Charlie, I hope to get a big smile, a hug, and who knows? :) Love, Blizz Blonde

Posted at 9:54 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by AgentBlonde

Oh Good god...thought you were "closing to go finish your" what was it? oh yea "Porn Star Chronicles!"
Hey "Agentbluh" your self promotion is beyond the pale... help CHUCKLES THE CRACK HEAD CLOWN by NOT contacting him...mmkay?

Now, go take a bath and go get checked by your gyno before doing anything else this fine Sunday morning

1299 days ago

margaret ramsay    

Oh, my goodness, Seen still thinks he has something to offer, other than a terrific portrait of a total nut-case!!!! Give up Charlie and go to bed.


1299 days ago


The may well be advised to increase the clean-up crew as well..... likely to be some flying eggs and tomatos to contend with.

1299 days ago


What was it Charlie said on the radio on the Alex Jones show about Chuck Lorre?...."I took your something or other cans of dribble and turned them effortlessly into gold."

Bet Charlie wishes he had his "Two/Men" writers now...

1299 days ago
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