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Charlie Sheen -- Protect the Warlock!

4/3/2011 1:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's performance in Detroit was so ... um, not good ... that security at the venue he's performing at tonight is so concerned about safety ... they've called a special meeting for today, just to be safe.

Sources at the Chicago Theatre tell TMZ they are aware of what went down last night -- and while they already have their precautions in place, they've decided to have an extra meeting on crowd control ... just in case.

We're told they will discuss whether or not additional security will be needed so that there are no issues and Charlie can be safe at his own show.

Stay tuned ...


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I thought #2 was a joke, no? If not there is more treatment needed.

1266 days ago


I hope this puts a stop to this sick man! His ego knows no bounds, and people should stop supporting his illness! He is NOT all that, as he seems to think.

1266 days ago


He sold a promise. His fans thought they were going to see and hear him speak the truth but he has no intention of being truthful about his life. It's a broken promise. It's a promise made because he believes his fans are idiots.

Charlie Sheen believes his fans are fools that are so far below him that they will be satisfied with anything he gives them. He is a celebrity. In his mind he is superior to all of his fans and he has no respect for any of them. He's right. They paid for nothing and when they got it all they do now is hope the next one isn't as bad.

His fans are going to see him in Chicago, some of the same people that went to the Detroit show. They believe he will improve. He is right when he calls them turds. All he has to say is "I love you" and they will come back every time.

1266 days ago



On the serious side... Watch the video... Charlie sitting there, speaking into the microphone in monotone, droaning on. Think back; who is this a mirror-image of??? I'm saying Jim Jones!!! This is one sick MF!!!

Posted at 10:19 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by bka62223

Yep..and you can bet that "15%" who support him would be more than willing to go with him to some island and "Live the CHUCKLES THE CRACK HEAD life!" then...when the morons find out? BRING ON THE KOOL-AID!

Man... I be that whole Jim Jones thing put a crimp in the Kool-Aid sales...P.R. disaster!

1266 days ago


He couldn't even act entertaining.

1266 days ago



I thought #2 was a joke, no? If not there is more treatment needed.

Posted at 10:59 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by Torpedoed
Nope, no joke...this delusional broad has been posting this like clock work on every Chuckles story...I'm thinking she's hoping he'll leave her a "cryptic" message, only meant for her! She has actually written THAT... "Leave me a message only I can understand" HOLY BAT SH*T Crazy Batman!

1266 days ago


Agent Blonde, I'll forgive you for beating me out for the Charlie Sheen Intern job and for getting the first TMZ post here.

Since I have no vested interest in and do not work for Mr. Sheen, as Agent Blonde does, I will express my opinion al la "Susan" in the LiLo camp. She is my idol of delusion.

My opinion is that the 2 1/2 Men producers purchased all those tickets and gave them away to the best hecklers and haters they could find. It was all a set-up.

You are still winning, Charlie. Don't let the haters hate. I still love you even though I'm a brunette, not a porno star and forgive you for not hiring me, even though I'm better qualified and gave a much more intelligent opinion than Agent Blonde.

1266 days ago


I'm from Boston, and while Charlie Sheen is supposed to perform here a week from Tuesday (the 12th) and at Foxwoods in Connecticut the following Sunday (the 17th), I have a sneaky feeling neither of those performances are going to happen.

The bad publicity will force Sheen and the tour's promoters to cancel the rest of the tour within a day or two.

I feel sorry for the other cast members and production crew of "Two And A Half Men", who will soon lose their jobs, since the show will likely get cancelled.

1266 days ago


Get Snoop Dogg, Sarah Silverman, P Diddy, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Piers Morgan to dance on the stage with you.

1266 days ago


I bet Charlie is reading all the comments on TMZ and ROL and laughing his ass off at what us mere mortals are saying about his show last night.

I doubt if he will change his show tonight. After all, Charlie don't think there is anything is wrong with his show he thinks there is something wrong with us. lol.

He believes he's brilliant and we should be honored to see and hear whatever it is he has to say to us. I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought a ticket.

You saw the man was talking crazy and don't give a crap about getting his life under control even for his children, calls his ex-wive a whore, talked about his boss in a negative manner on national TV and if the dog story is true, he neglected an animal so long until it eventually died from starvation yet some people spent hundreds of dollars to see his show and are surprised because it's nothing but trash. WOW.

1266 days ago


Hire more people to tell you that you're brilliant.

1266 days ago


@82. I'm afraid I think you're right--so that means that she thinks a boozed/cracked up broken down (and down) alternate life form called Charlie Sheen, who can't recognize his own sorry self in the bathroom mirror (better for him), recognized her beautiful brilliance in a crowd, and that at some future anonymous future meeting with the delusionally whacked he will see her and remember her, and she will have her screenplay made into a blockbuster movie, and Charlie and her will live happily every after. Sort of the like the end of that wonderfully horrid film Skyline, where Charlie plays the humanoid with the stolen brain protecting the oily chick on the space craft. Perfect hollywood ending and where I check out of this momentarily entertaining celebrity life moment.

1266 days ago


Yes, the perfect excuse to shut down the show if Charlie looks like he can't go on. You can't argue with someone who says "Charlies life might be in danger so we are postponing the show until we can work out security issues" or something like that.
Either they can buy time or cancel completely.

We will see.....

Posted at 10:14 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by NobodySpecial


Ding ding ding...we have a winner. That will be his out..too many "trolls" invading the audience and it wasn't "fair" to the real fans in the audiences, blah, blah, blah. Before last night I thought that it would be the famous "exhaustion" excuse that some given when they start canceling but last night's audience reaction and today's extra security article what you suggest is the most likely scenario. Will he even go ON stage tonight or will his "security" deem it an unsafe place and he never even shows up?

Posted at 10:36 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by rainbow4321

Take it one step further. They'll plant a provocateur in the crowd to start a ruckus. The show will be shut down as you mentioned for "security concerns" and postponed until further notice. Charlie will have no other option but go into hiding or at least on the DL for a while. Meanwhile Charlie will be the laughing stock. The only way to turn things around is for him to go into rehab.(which won't happen) I think the crack has blown his mind no matter what. Sorry, Charlie you made the choice to do the drugs and now your life is spiraling, no matter how you try to spin it.

1266 days ago



"Roadkill Tshirts" adverting Chuckles the clown and his wit.

Oh, and all those threats to the mothers of his children?

And just when I thought I had too much irony in my diet!

Posted at 10:44 AM on Apr 3, 2011 by Chaps

Ah love ya Chaps!...That's not too much irony in your's too much Chuckles in the world!

1266 days ago

margaret ramsay    

I know my friend has already e-mailed, but I would like to ask why all the idiots in the audience had nothing better to do than to waste their money, and why the public should be paying for high security (which apparently is getting higher as we speak) for this class clown!


1266 days ago
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