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Lindsay Offered New Role -- Charles Manson Victim

4/3/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could soon be a famous murder victim -- because TMZ has learned she's been offered the role of Sharon Tate in an upcoming movie about Charles Manson.

Sharon Tate
The movie's called "Eyes of a Dreamer" and is being produced by Brad Wyman ... one of the guys who did "Monster" with Charlize Theron.

The part of Charles Manson will be played by celeb photographer Tyler Shields -- whose work you might recognize -- and get this ... Tyler's directing the whole shebang.

So far, no word on whether Lindsay will accept.


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These Hollywood womanhaters are ****ting all over Linda Lovelace and Sharon Tate to exploit them further and ****ting all over Lindsay to exploit HER further for their ****wad vanity sicko projects. God and I can't even stand Lindsay but this is so transparent.

1264 days ago


the crock what happened to the role as linda lovelace what happened to the role as lois lane real actresses got those jobs. she is playing a drunk on you tube coming up produced by some guy off the street with a camera

1264 days ago


Sharon Tate was a classy woman...why would you want a piece of trailer park trash play the role of this beautiful woman?

1264 days ago


talking to delmar last night apparently the troll hands dont even like therock he really has no place on hear no opinion just empty space. micole said he was vile. pretty bad like him growing up no friends

1264 days ago


Lindsay and Dina next will announce that they're turning this role down so as not to offend Roman Polanski, in the hopes with all this news some tabloid will get him to say something in defense of her or even offer her a job (dream on girls),

1264 days ago


Also there are Hollywood rumblings that Randy Quaid will be playing the next Batman. Early predictions are that Randy will be nominated for an Acadamy Award, as well as be receiving his Lifetime Achievement award. No word on if Lindsay Lohan will be able to attend as Dina Lohan has informed numerous outlets that Lindsay has had 6 to 7 projects in the works for quite some time. Dina is positive that 3 of them are Oscar worthy, however the pending lawsuits against Danette Meyers, State of CA., and President Obama for not granting a full pardon in these dispicable allegations are taking up an extreme amount of time. Dina also reccants her statement that Lindsay had an addiction, stating "what kind of a Mother would I be if I didn't believe everything my daughter said." The upcoming estimated $50 million dollar payday for her next movie is expected to help start the Lindsay Lohan treatment center in which Lindsay will donate her time, efforts, and days of sobriety wisdom to patients. Dina asked that until then we leave Lindsey work as Oliver Stone/Francis Ford Coppela/Robert Redford are in negotiations for upcoming films.

1264 days ago


HELL NO!! Sharon Tate deserves way better then this talentless crazy jailbird to play her. If I was apart of the Tate family I would intervene and fast!

1264 days ago


yes and the lohans told me that mel gipson will be playing the father. in THE DIARY OF ANN FRANK. lohans next role offered to her was mother theresa

1264 days ago


i am telling you this is a hoax. the tate family roman polanski. and the producer no nothing about this. if dina and tmz told you lindsay will be taking charlies place on two and a half men i would find that closer to the truth. when they all wake up and see this they are going to blow their minds. have you seen lindsays Q score out of a hundred 9 like her 54 hate her and the rest dont care. she is a financial burdon on any film she makes

1264 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

So that foggy glasses, Chester the Molester, model abusing, porn photographer wanna be is not only in the main role, but is also directing it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The stench of rotting miasma that hammers through the air and obliterates the olfactory nerves is the perfect example of the typical steaming pile of Lohan that is left whenever one of these freaks from that loser family of grifters panics from lack of attention. This is so full of fail it's ridiculous that anyone would even dare to openly claim credit for such a monumentally stupid idea. It must be another Hollywood scam where, despite the complete cave in of a proposed movie, someone runs away with a pocket full of cash before anyone is the wiser. Good luck making it with Bloho in and out of jail and carrying around all of the other plagues of problems she seems so proud to spread. She's the 5th Whore of the Apocalypse, Graft.

1264 days ago


I wouldn't watch a movie about Manson murdering a bunch of people anyway so why would I want to watch it with this horrible person in it?

1264 days ago


By 2005, when her excessive partying and un-Disney-like behavior began to be chronicled in entertainment magazines, her name recognition skyrocketed to 53% and with it a negative Q of 33, with a positive of only 13. With each bad decision Lindsay made, the gap between her positive and negative Q scores only widened. Lindsay was systematically proving that not all press is good press and that America had little tolerance for squandered talent.

By 2006, her familiarity was 72%, well above average. Her positive Q was a 13; her negative, 37.

After her arrests and subsequent rehabilitations, Lohan's Q again fell in 2007. With 74% familiarity, she had a positive rating of 11 and a negative rating of 43. Her wishy-washy relationship with Samantha Ronson (as well as her flip-slop stance on going gay), coupled with her nude photo shoot in New York magazine (for which she was not compensated and was uniformly derided), increased her familiarity to 80% in 2008. Her positive rating remained an 11, while her negative rating shot up to a 52.

This year, 84% of Americans polled were familiar with Lindsay. Her positive rating has reached a low of 9, and her negative rating hovers at 52. Five times more people dislike Lindsay than are rooting for her.

You could argue that getting those nine Lindsay Lohan fans, out of every 100 possible moviegoers, is still better than getting zero people into a theater. The problem with Lindsay is how negatively so many people feel about her. For every nine people who will see that movie, 52 out of 100 people will be so turned off by her presence that they may choose not to see it.

The people have spoken and what they are saying is that Lindsay is a bad investment.
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1264 days ago


lindsey is not even close to being pretty enough to play sharon tate!

1264 days ago


Lindsay Lohan can't hold a candle next to Sharon Tate!! That would be a dire disservice to Sharon's memory...

I agree with the other user on here that said: BOYCOTT the film!!

1264 days ago


This "story" is just another way of some unknown getting his name in Internet gossip websites. I don't see how how extending a job offer to LL earns you respect in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan has no movie career especially with major studios as she is an unprofessional drug addict that wants to behave like Paris Hilton, but forgets that Hilton has no movie/television career to ruin.

Most actors A-B-C List don't want to work with her which is a major issue. Ask Mel Gibson with his cameo in Hangover 2 that was cancelled due to the objections of the cast.

Let LL go to bars and nightclubs 7 days a week. She is long past being a has-been, except for the gossip magazines and websites where she is A-List along with reality show morons.

1264 days ago
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