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Lindsay Offered New Role -- Charles Manson Victim

4/3/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could soon be a famous murder victim -- because TMZ has learned she's been offered the role of Sharon Tate in an upcoming movie about Charles Manson.

Sharon Tate
The movie's called "Eyes of a Dreamer" and is being produced by Brad Wyman ... one of the guys who did "Monster" with Charlize Theron.

The part of Charles Manson will be played by celeb photographer Tyler Shields -- whose work you might recognize -- and get this ... Tyler's directing the whole shebang.

So far, no word on whether Lindsay will accept.


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Seriously, STOP posting on this story!!

Posted at 4:30 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by therock

Says the loser who is single handedly responsible for 1/4 of the posts.

BTW Sgt crackRock- I know you're a little slow, OK a LOT slow, the LL as Sharon tate and Superman stories are BOGUS!

If they were the slightest bit true the mainstream entertainment media would have picked it up.

Harvey aparrentlydismissed them as well, so find something else to vent your anger on.

1268 days ago


therock- Seriously, why would you have to forfeit any kind of bonus or have to retire your name? What do you do? This is one of the things that makes the Lindsay comments section so

1268 days ago


Why would they offer her a job when she might be IN JAIL!!

1268 days ago


Lindsey is more fitted to play one of Manson's freaky followers, not Sharon Take. It would be a bad move to hire her for that role, you need someone with taste and classto fill Sharon Tates shoes.

1268 days ago


We need to quit talking about her. What would happen if the media quit reporting on her? She would not like not being in the spot light, it is like she is being rewarded for being lawfully wrong over and over. If it was one of us they would have thrown us in jail, and forget about us. The old double standard. They say money cant buy happiness, well they love it when we all talk. So today I decided this is my last time to talk about her, or read any press about her. So goodbye Lindsey.

Posted at 11:15 AM on Apr 4, 2011 by Pris

The only problem with us all doing that is:

peoples views and perceptions can be easily manipulated in very severe ways.

Ones own personal opinions and thoughts can be formed and shaped by others.

Casual readers and less discerning tmz users would be tricked and confused by the sock puppet postings proclaiming her beauty fame and purity.

1268 days ago


anything to do with sharon tate and that whole scene is bad news....and tyler shields? a mini creepo like terry richardson...

1268 days ago


Seeing the picture of Sharon on this story, I went to You Tube and watched some videos of her and such a beautiful person inside and out. Lindsay Lohan playing the part of Sharon is a disgrace. Watch any video of her and it's just so sad. I'm disgusted by this entire movie rumor.

1268 days ago


Sharon Tate was so beautiful. Lohan looks, at her best, plain , at her worst, ugly, bloated, ancient, misshapen. And there's nothing to be done about those freckles & the ginger features.

1268 days ago


no. not gonna happen...reeks of publicity stunt, and yeah...isn't tyler shields a photographer?

1268 days ago


Thomas at #7: "Tyler shields is a photographer not an actor or director. He is starring and directing this? Total vanity project for him "

Omigosh, maybe it will compete with that other "vanity project", Tommy Wiseau's The Room (Adult Swim on Cartoon Network just ran it again for April Fool's Day, it's so bad it's hard not to watch).

1268 days ago


I have no idea who Tyler Shields far I get that he is a photographer. Why shouldn't he direct a movie?? They let that clothing designer, Tom Ford, direct his movie "A Simple Man" and it got kudos galore. If a fashion designer can do it, then I am sure someone used to capturing images on a still camera, can make a leap to moving images...

And Sharon Tate was beautiful, but a very mediocre actress. I am sure Lindsay can play her just fine. Not saying she SHOULD, just saying she could...I think Amanda Bynes (yes she's mostly known for teen movies) looks the most like Tate. She would have the wide-eyed ingenue look and innocence needed for the role.

1268 days ago


Charlie has a lot of truly nutty followers running around the streets who I am sure would love to show their bizarre devotion to Charlie by recreating the infamous crime which landed his crazy ass in prison. With that in mind, I hope Lindsay lands the role.

1268 days ago

mj blondin    

The Family will never let this happen...! Lohan is a Joke in Hollywood! If this Film is really better get a real actress to play the part of Sharon....why...cuz most people around the world have had it with Lohan!...LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

1267 days ago

mj blondin    

They dont even look sim....Look at Olivia from The City! Right on looks, not that she can act...lolololol

1267 days ago



She can act, although the two skits I saw her in recently surprised me because she displayed the acting skills of a mediocre actor in a mediocre high school play... So either she really has lost it (at least temporarily) due to lack of practice and too much alcohol and other drugs (including any prescription drugs she is on), or she just hasn't developed beyond "child actor" level. The movies she was in as a child/teen (up to but not including Herbie, he's done much better) were typically good movies, well-written and well-directed, and she did well in them - but so would have a huge number of other kid actors. Just tune in to the Disney Channel any random night and you'll see plenty of kids with as much (or more) talent and ability to do such roles.

The transition from successful child actor to successful grownup actor is difficult for anyone because the expectations are very different. Even looking younger than your years, an asset for a kid actor, is a serious liability for grownup roles (except in porn...). Lindsay hasn't seemed interested in even trying to make that difficult transition. I think she just lost interest in real work several years ago, so she's been looking for easier ways to make a pile of money to support the lifestyle. Her mother doesn't seem to understand this and keeps up the wishful thinking rather than accepting the fact that Lindsay is just lazy, among other things... At the moment, Lindsay isn't even suited for "B" movies (hey, they need actors, too!) because of her poor work habits and her continuing legal troubles. Meanwhile, other people her age in the business have been working hard and developing their skills.

Must admit, though, when I read the story my first thought was that maybe this would be a good role for Lindsay - should be pretty short, maybe her filming could be done in a day (about max for her current scheduling capacity and attention span). I mean, how much script could really be devoted to one of the lead character's victims (while alive, that is)?

1267 days ago
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