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Jackson Statue Erected Outside Soccer Stadium

4/3/2011 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

English Premier League soccer and Michael Jackson are synonymous with each other (just go with it) so it should come as no surprise that a statute in his honor was unveiled outside a stadium in London today. 

Turns out the owner of the Fulham FC, Mohamed Al Fayed, was close friends with Jackson. He had originally planned to put the statue outside of Harrods in London, but he sold the store last year.

So now it is displayed outside of a soccer stadium in London. Perfect match.



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Cherwood thank you again.

Michael had something aristocratic about him don't you think?
In 2000 when Prince Albert gave him the award for Artist of the Millenium in Monaco didn't Michael really look like a king?

I would like to ask you how did Jermaine meet the Prince of Bahrain and introduced him to Michael,if i am not mistaken isn't he on the creditor's claim list?

Answering my question if Michael communicated with his brothers and sisters you told me that he was close to both Jermaine,Randy and their mother.

On another post you told me that Randy as well as DW and RB screwed Michael's accounts to no end and pulled financial scams behind Michael's back to the point where he didn't trust anyone.

My question is:Did Randy give the money back to Michael or did Michael forgive his brother for getting him into financial troubles?

1303 days ago


i agree with you there regarding the chandlers .the mother inserted herself into michaels lfe. asked him to please call her son right in front of the child , intentionally putting mj on the spot.
the father was thrilled because he thought they would all be set for life, but june only had intentions of taking care of herself financial, not evan..
when evan realized mj wasnt going into a partnership with him and the 40 mil sony gave him , he hit the roof and june told him to f off. in that conversation, before any of the false allegations happened , evan told schwartz the he would make sure june never spoke to her son again..and she didn until after evan tried to kill jordan..
that custody battle between evan and june wasnt really about jordan becasue evan never bothered with the kid before mj came into the picture..
that custody battle was really over mj friendship.
which parent got to be his friend...
people were always trying to get a hook into mj becasue they would be set for life..
the chandlers
blanca francia using her son ...
and the awful arviso mother...
and of course they all have larry feldman in common...
never with the thousands of children that have gone to neverland and the hundreds that have stayed there for days or weeks, has anyone said even one unkind thing about mj , just how gracious he was to offer his hospitality ....
and only the three affiliated with feldman alledged anything,and they all wanted money..
shame on them...

1303 days ago


Dear Phantom, Thank you soooo much again for Lavender blue...In my whole entire home, it smells allways like lavander!!

1303 days ago


1 hour ago via TweetDeck

Jackie Jackson just tweeted

"Went to see Frank (DiLeo) at the hospital today. He's a fighter and I know he's going to come out strong".

I wonder if Jackie went to see if he had any deathbed confessions?

1303 days ago


4:21 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

Yes, I meant Frank
4:21 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

Which means he is still alive
4:17 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

When I say condolences I mean I am offering support to his family and his recovery
4:16 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

Obviously there is something I need to clear up, I went to the hospital over the weekend to visit freak Dileo & spend time with his family.
4:14 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

My prayers are with them.
1:10 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

I went to visit Frank Dileo in the hospital. I've known him for many years and I just wanted to extend my condolences to his wife and kids.
1:10 PM Apr 4th via Mobile Web

Yes, I think they're all fishing and I don't blame them, there's a lot of history here and it's not all good.

1303 days ago


-#219: Hey Mymjj5 and Nan! I totally agree with you both--the whole thing was staged. IMO Murray placed one call or text that set everything in motion. This call told the Conspirators that Michael was dead and it was time to move to the next level.....I think the call in question was the one he placed to Michael Amir, Michael's Personal Assistant. If they requisition HIS phone records and Data, I bet they'll find a WEALTH of information....
Either Michael Amir or the Security staff called Randy Phillips and DiLeo, but of the two, I think Amir was again in a better position, since the Security staff had to perform their little IMPROV at Holmby with Murray for the benfit of the 911, EMT's, PPB and the Holmby staff....
There are WAY too many CONVENIENT coincidences for Murray, DiLeo and Phillips story to be real.....
-#225: Hey Sofi, not sure how Jermy and the Prince of Bahrain got together. Have to admit that my focus has never been on the siblings except for how they relate to Michael....unless we're talkiing about J-5. But I'm sure you can google him and get more info . I do have some knowledge on Janet because I was also a supporter of her career through the "Rhythm Nation 1814" era....
Sorry if my post was confusing, but I never meant to say that Michael was CLOSE to Jermy or Randy in his latter years. The only one I KNOW he was close to besides PPB was Katherine, and that even waned in the last year or so based on how infrequent she heard from him according to her.....
What I meant was that Michael did seem to TRUST Jermy in the latter years, and he and Randy saw him the most of the siblings. As for Randy, Michael has always had a soft spot in his heart for him--not sure why.....maybe because of the fact that Michael lived at Hayvenhurst with Randy during those ICONIC formative years that brought about "Thriller", and he did credit Randy with helping him work through ideas for his first 2 hit albums, even to the point of helping him record a rough demo in their home studio....
But although Michael looked to Randy for support, that doesn't mean the outcome was a happy one for him. I'm sure he had good intentions when he brought Randy in to his top position as Business Mgr, but Randy definitely made him regret that decision, as most of the claims on the Estate can be traced back to Randy. As shady as Dieter Weisner and Tohme were, even they didn't do as much financial damage as him....
Thing is, I think Michael was just trying to be a brother to Randy and give him a hand. Of all the brothers, he's the only one who seems to have had problems finding his niche, even though his MUSICIANSHIP was higher than all of the other brothers.....
As far as I know, Randy did NOT return any of the money to Michael so I would have to assume Michael forgave him because he loved him and because it's his nature. Do I think Michael would've TRUSTED him with his finances again? NO WAY....especially when he was in the middle of the trial of his LIFE in 2005, and had to find out that all of the Neverland and Hayvenhurst employees were walking off the job because they hadn't been paid for WEEKS.....
BTW: I LOVED how Michael looked at the Milennium Awards....GORGEOUS and HOT as ALWAYS!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1303 days ago


Cherwood,thank you and don't worry if i got confused.

YOU explained what i misunderstood,for that i am GRATEFUL.

1303 days ago


Either Michael Amir or the Security staff called Randy Phillips and DiLeo, but of the two, I think Amir was again in a better position, since the Security staff had to perform their little IMPROV at Holmby with Murray for the benfit of the 911, EMT's, PPB and the Holmby staff....
DUH....on my part!!! Dileo said that his friend "Michael" called him and stated there's an ambulance in front of Michael Jackson's house...It very well could have been Michael Amir!!

1302 days ago


Jackson kids! with La Toya..31 march to help with japan relief.

1301 days ago


I see that TMZ deleted all my posts about the Chandlers. I told the truth that Michael Jackson denied ever molesting Jordan Chandler and in the 1994 settlement papers the singer had five of the six charges brought against him removed. Seduction, battery, sexual battery, intent to inflict emotional distress, and fraud were all erased from the lawsuit because Michael admitted he never molested Jordan and Larry Feldman who is Jordan's lawyer agreed to drop those charges because he knew his clent was lying. That is why the criminal charges were dropped soon after the settlement was delivered. Jordan had admitted behind close doors that he was never molested by Jackson. Only the charge of negligence stayed and that is why Michael' insurance company paid the settlement for him. Insurance companies only pay settlements for negligence lawsuits. In the case of Michael Jackson negligence means Jordan was a very troubled young man who needed psychiatric help and Michael should have stayed away from him to avoid disaster because Jordan was pathologically obsessed of Michael. TMZ REMOVED MY POST BECAUSE IT TELLS THE TRUTH THAT MICHAEL JACKSON WAS INNOCENT. Evan Chandler and June Chandler they both knew the truth that their son was never molested by Michael yet they went after Michael in a civil court to get money out of him.

1298 days ago
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