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Christopher Walken-Alike

Banned From Campus

4/4/2011 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man in the mug shot is NOT Christopher Walken ... but HOLY CRAP IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!


Unfortunately, the story behind the photo is pretty messed up -- according to reports, the 68-year-old man was accused of trying to abduct a 19-year-old female college student at Rider University last week.

The suspect, Tony A. Kadyhrob, was subsequently banned from campus -- but, according to, he was spotted near the university again on Friday.

By the looks of the photo ... this man may be suffering from a serious medical condition ... and the only prescription ... is more cowbell.



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Sad sad    

Raejean They are both 68. Go look.

1277 days ago


WTF someone help

1276 days ago


He looks NOTHING like Christopher Walken. TMZ's crazy.

1276 days ago

Rick Dick    

You're all idiots. And whoever wrote this article didn't bother reading the article about the dude. He only cared about the stupid mug shot. This dude was arrested for attempting to kidnap some bitch. TMZ is just too ****ing stupid and shallow to note that. And he didn't come back to Rider. After getting arrested, he was let out on bail, then ventured onto TCNJ's campus. You're all ****ing idiots.

That mother****er

1276 days ago


It is the Continental- the mustache at least

1276 days ago


Put him in jail and throw away the key! Don't EVER let this psycho back out on the loose! This is the type of person we do NOT want in our society! He's going to keep trying to hurt someone until he succeeds, so why give him another opportunity? If you try to kidnap anyone, you should be put in jail and never allowed back out! This guy is the kind of person you warn your children about! It's not safe to walk around anymore because of sickos like him! Get rid of him!

1276 days ago


I agree with the Walken resemblence, absolutely. But I also agree with #15, 50% Walken, 50% Jon Voight.

1276 days ago


he is just like a carbon copy of hitler

1276 days ago


He was arrested @ Rider then released on bail. While on bail he was at TCNJ where campus police caught him and barred him from campus... I actually saw him, he was so creepy, wearing teenage clothing. Weird. Apparently he was seen again at Rutgers. TCNJ is on high alert for him. A bunch of students are freaked out.

1276 days ago


Rick Duck, "the dude was arrested for attempting to kidnap some bitch"? Wow, isn't YOUR heart just BRIMMING with compassion for the victim?! You make all of this sound like it was no big deal and that the girl was nobody special so no one else should care that this happened to her. I wonder if you would still have such an attitude if she was YOUR relative, friend, classmate, whatever? How would you feel if someone denounced a girl you cared about as being "some bitch" after this sicko tried to kidnap her? That girl is important to SOMEONE even though she's obviously not important to YOU, and I'm just glad she's safe even though I don't know her myself.

I don't care if the girl is a "bitch" or not, she deserves to be safe from this psycho and who knows what he would have done to her if he had actually succeeded in his kidnapping attempt. You, however, sound like you're actually attacking this girl and DEFENDING the KIDNAPPER, so you're every bit as "stupid and shallow" as you accuse anyone at TMZ of being! It seems more to me like you just have an axe to grind and looked for any excuse to bitch at TMZ! You only made yourself look bad in the process.

Hint: Nobody cares whether or not TMZ actually read the article, so get over it. You're here trying to minimize a LIFE/DEATH situation and needlessly insulting the victim, and you think you're on some moral high ground with TMZ just because you read the article and they didn't?! Get real!

1276 days ago


Not Christopher but Hitler!

1276 days ago


I see the resemblance, but this is an insult to Walken's looks. While not a handsome man, this guy here is downright hideous.

1276 days ago

Roscoe Dash     

HE WAS AT MY SCHOOOOLLLL. I SAT NEXT TO HIM EXCEPT IT WAS NOT AT RIDER. FALSE ADVERTISING. He was spotted again at The College of New Jersey and banned from campus.

1276 days ago


This happened at my school. I was so freaked out when it happened even though the description they gave of him was just too ridiculous. "pointed boots, bushy mustache, and a beret." Like how can anyone that looks like that not be a creeper.

1275 days ago
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