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Liddell's Baby Mama Accuses Him of Drug Use

4/4/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell's baby mama is firing back in her custody case against the MMA fighter, claiming in court filings his use of illegal drugs is what led him to take their son away from her. 

As TMZ first reported, Liddell and Lori Geyer are locked in a custody battle over their son Cade. Liddell filed for custody in California on Friday and a judge ordered the case be heard in Colorado.

As part of that hearing, Geyer filed docs in which she claims Liddell's use of drugs and alcohol have clouded his judgment -- and even cites the viral video of Chuck and his current wife working out in the nude (which turned out to be an ad for Reebok).

Geyer also claims Liddell tried to intimidate her during a visit she had with Cade in the days leading up to the court hearing by pacing back and forth and staring her down.

Brian Kramer, Geyer's lawyer, had no comment ... except to say he's glad a California judge shot down Liddell's move for custody.

Calls to Liddell were not returned. Both sides are due in a Colorado court on Tuesday.


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No Avatar



He doesn't take drugs!!!

Wait, are steroids considered "drugs"?


1296 days ago


Chuck Liddell is an ex-MMA fighter who is a serious drug addict (cocaine, etc.) He has been on TV interviews where he blacked out repeatedly from drugs, and the interviewer had to bring him out of it, at the end saying "Take care of yourself, man!" These interviews are on YouTube. There are also YouTubes of Liddell in the audience of MMA events having seizures from cocaine.

1296 days ago


Yeah he's not on drugs LOL!!!

1296 days ago


The sad part is she is right, if you are a MMA fan, Chuck has been a notorious durg user for years, the videos are on youtube, coke is his drug of choice, this poor kid, sounds like he has two idiots for parents

1296 days ago


What the **** are u guys talking about? I've never heard any of that! I'm going to utube right now

1296 days ago

chuck liddells son ... u know my name probly    

To yo...dude I'm his son and I know for a fricken fact he is not on drugs I hav many thing I wnat to call u rite now u little f++kin liar.... I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh and I. Hate people who believe yo

1212 days ago


Nice try Chuck, pretending to be your own son. There are very few people in this country that believe Chuck hasn't been on drugs. Just look at his picture above. He certainly looks like he's on something. Also I noticed that he is losing his hair, especially in the front. It won't be long before he no longer has a mohawk. His TMZ pics are scary looking. This one and in the article about his recent court case, that he blew off. He is starting to look like an old man. Drugs will do that to ya.

1208 days ago


wow you people are idiots. first of all chuck no longer uses illegal drugs. and the fact of the mater is alcohol is a drug which chuck uses as do millions of americans. Chuck also was never on cocaine in that interview you are a moron if you believe that! where are you getting your medical knowledge from? do you even kno what cocaine does? only a fool would think he was on coke. the truth is and he even says in his book is that chuck had pneumonia and was on the road doing promo work for 300 the movie.he took a sleeping pill woke up still had a bad cough because pneumonia and took cough syrup. you can clearly tell he is on a depresent of some sort! aka in this case cough syrup with a sleeping pill still in your system means you will be f3cked up!

you guys sound like people who ruined their lives like 98% of people on earth and are bitter. trying to act like you know stuff. sound like pissed off people who lost their kids in court cause your mistakes and know are bitter towards men of success like chuck.

1196 days ago


So James, you know for a fact that Chuck used to use illegal drugs? If he did before, why wouldn't you believe he has used them again? The drug habit isn't that easy to kick.

So because you read in Chuck's book that he only took cough syrup and a sleeping pill, then it must be fact. After all, Chuck couldn't possibly lie in a book.

Most people in this country have good lives. Just because you have money doesn't mean you can't get screwed up on drugs and be a menace to society.

1195 days ago

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