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'Deadliest Catch' -- New Captain, MAJOR Tension

4/4/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who took over for Captain Phil Harris on "Deadliest Catch" could really use some sensitivity training ... because dude used Phil's death to rip a crew member ... in front of Phil's TWO SONS.

TMZ has obtained a clip from the upcoming season of "D.C." ... in which Derrick Ray -- the new skipper of the F/V Cornelia Marie -- gets into a serious verbal spat with engineer Steve Ward.

During the fight, Phil's son Jake pleads for the two to make up ... and that's when Ray heartlessly snaps and says,"Phil's not here, he's f**king dead, okay?"

To make things worse ... Phil's other son Josh is also in earshot.

The new season kicks off April 12.


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Respect has to be earned and he's not gonna get it the way he's going. Dude's kind of a ****.
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1265 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Surreality TV. It is called editing to get the most viewers to watch.

1265 days ago


I'm getting really sick of you doing this TMZ. It is OBVIOUS you are getting paid by the networks to show these clips as a way for them to promote their shows. You've been doing this a lot lately (e.g. the Jump City Seattle clip where Levi injures his wrist).

I accept the pointless celebrity sighting stories because this is a gossip site, but this type of shilling of your site is really aggravating.

1265 days ago


How disrespectful to use Captian Phil's name like that let alone with his sons right there! How dare that jackass even whisper Phil's name. I hope Jake and Josh beat his ass on or off camera and make shark bait out of him! Phil was more of a capitan than this joker could ever think of being!
I wish Phil's sons would have taken over.

1265 days ago


I hope Josh knocks this guy out before the season is over.

1265 days ago


Nice try TMZ/Discovery but i still won't be watching the show. It got old and stale about 3 seasons ago...

Just get the next season of Gold Rush out already and i'll tune in.

1265 days ago


this show is on it's way out. This guy will chase viewers off in droves and Captain Sig's heavy handed ego will do the same. It's close to the end.

1265 days ago


Rude, thoughtless and disrespectful!!! Jerk!! Brought to mine how great Phil was at putting someone in their place...but he wasn't hateful. Miss you Phil!!! You could learn something from Phil's example! It takes more that steering and looking where to set your pots! Hang in there boy!!!

1265 days ago


I love how you all are wishing the boys would beat this guy up. He was wrong to say what he did about Phil, but what good would it do for Jake and Josh to hit him? That wouldn't be honoring their father.

1265 days ago


Didn't all the remaining good captains quit the show after Discovery Channel SUED them after last season ended?

1265 days ago


@27 -- They did but then Discovery and them came to an agreement so Sig and the others are back on the show.

As for this "Captain", nice move. If it had been me, I would have fired him right then and there as the boys -- I believe -- own part or all of the FV CM.

1265 days ago

Say what?!    

That mutha-fvcka better watch his mouth/back--the next few episodes will find him needing a helicopter rescue after being tossed over board in the Bering Sea!

1265 days ago


throw another shrimp off the barbie

1265 days ago


Wow, hoping the Harris boys showed him who the real boss is!

1265 days ago


wow how dare he disrespect phil's boys,their boat and crew!This was sad considering this is the first time that the boys will ever be fishing without their dad,to say that he is dead in that tone is very DISRESPECTFUL!

1265 days ago
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