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Evelyn Lozada Doubles Salary on 'Basketball Wives'

4/5/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evelyn Lozada got a HUGE raise before she struck a deal with VH1 to stay on board for Season 3 of “Basketball Wives” -- in fact, we're told she more than DOUBLED her old salary.


Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Evelyn didn't get the $20k per episode she demanded ... but we're told she's "very happy" with the counter-offer.

But Evelyn didn't just get a pay bump -- we're told Producers also APOLOGIZED to Lozada for the way she was portrayed in the Season 2 finale ... a huge reason why Evelyn was hesitant to re-sign with the network.

We're told Lozada -- who threatened to leave the show after she felt the producers backstabbed her -- is happy with the new deal ... and shooting is already underway.


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Ms. Jb    

Self-Exploitation for a price... oooh she is famous for NOTHING... NEVER married a baller... just been ran thru like toilet tissue... She is definitely the skankie skunk of the show... lol

1258 days ago

Lynn Diva    

The show is no longer amusing.THIS show is women who lack social skill and grace. They are poor examples of what real women should be.Reality TV shows should reflect women who are real movers and shakers of our commuinity authors CEO, Dr. ESQ. women who are makind a difference ect.

1257 days ago


Why in the hell we are all ways worried about somebody race. Americans need to get over that. Here in my Country we look at the person being Human, not as a race in hole. We just say they are from America. It really sad that America is the only Country look at people for their races. I never understand why Americans all ways putting their noses in other Country business , when they can get along with each other ,because of race. Really sad I talk to a friend that is a Human being and she was telling me if your Dad is Black and your Mom White, then you told to say you are black. How is that so,then you leaving out your Mom race as well. Wow so confuse here , I am so glad I am just over here for visit. Peace and know that God is the one to judge us nobody else counts!!!!!!So that being said if you found out you only had 30 days to live, then you should live life and do not care about any one making judgement upon you. Thanks

1256 days ago


And my stay here, if men can wear 2 ear rings in each ear.Then any one can wear blonde hair.On the hair dye box it do not says for what human being can apply this to. As far as the hair extension goes it do not says for this human being only. So to the person making the comment about this Lady trying to be of some race what ever that crazy.This Lady can have purple hair if she wants it her business she did not ask you to pay for it,or apply it. Just enjoy life let people be people. I think Teacher, Policeman, Firefighter, and other Service Man should be making more than any Sport Player.

1256 days ago


First of all,
Shaunie, I'm dissappointed in you because you were one of the main HATERS and gossiper on the show. You talk big sh*t with evelyn and Jennifer behind everyones back and act all innocent in their face.
Jennifer you need to stop being a damn follower, its so obvious that you hang on evelyn every word, are you so scarred to tell her your true feelings about her and OCHO or will evely get mad at you and wont be your friend anymore.
Evelyn you do have it going on.. its good to see that you have your own business but it's obvious you trying to stay on top by marring a NFL star. I totally doubt that Ocho will be faithful, or will you?? since you do have a sneaky side also.

1256 days ago


Evelyn is an opportunity skank. If she sees a chance, she's taking it. Don't matter who. Don't matter what. She has the perfect match in Chad Johnson, who also will try anything, any body. They are both narcissist f buddies who live only for attention and will stand on your dead body to get it. Naked if it will make the media. Chad gives a ring to anyone who gives it up. That stunt is probably over now too. Publicity hoes. Jennifer needs to wake up in the real world and grow a personality and life of her own. What a waste of beauty. Buy some brains with that money from your x.

1253 days ago


Is Evelyn for real? Or is she playing this "classless,loose,wannabe tough ghetto bitch" like a character in a movie. I find her "act" repulsive and vulgar. You know she isn't like that in real life, or she would get her ass beat.....she's like a tiny teacup poodle with a pit bull bark...aahahaha...and are we sure she's a she? Ocho Stinko?

1251 days ago


mickey 11 days ago She is first and foremost a whore . She thinks she has class and is better than everyone else what a joke!!! She has a filthy mouth. And while she looks good she is skanky she has slept with alot of men and why does she try to be white?? seriously this show is so dumb. Its bunch of EX WIVES SHE IS AN EX FIANCE!!!!!!!!!!! and she is engaged to a football dude???Im mean wtf . Scotty pippin and his wife should leave the show asap. They have too much class and are a decent family and should distance themsevles from the trash of this show asap. im sure once ocho whatever his name is has banged that stretched out coohie enough times he is gonna dump her good luck hooker ur gonna need it looks dont last forever.

Ummm excuse me but Larsa aka Scottie Pippin's wife isn't on this trashy show. She is on the boring show called Real Housewives of Miami LOL. Two separate shows on two separate channels LOL

1251 days ago

Ginny Lynn    

I do not like Evelyn whole demeanor. She has flaunted her beauty at he expenses of black stardom. In the eye of the beholder... she will pay one day and we will be there to witness it. She mean no one any good including her daughter (WHICH I AM TOLD SHE USES TO KEEP MEN). We cant wait for Chad to drop her like the tore out **** she is that can not find a plastic surgeon in the universe to paste her Taco together. I'm just saying.

1241 days ago


I hate her....such a slut.

1206 days ago


Evelyn is a evil, money hungry BITCH. Shaunie is the fakest BITCH IN THE WORLD. Jennifer you are a E.T and Yoda look a like. You could be a cute girl if you stopped hanging with ugliness and money hungry Whores!!! You need to get a brain of your own and stop following those wanna be sophisticated Bitches, Evelyn and Shaunie. Tami slow your role just a little, because you are the most GHETTO!. Royce keep putting all those BITCHES in check. And New girl, just shut the **** up. You are to anxious! Evelyn , did your daughter tell you when she grows up that she wants to be just like you, A WHORE!!!

1206 days ago


Angel....Think about that little dig when you go to get your next tan...people admire things that others have sometimes...no big wup.
Many people are mixed race, mostly because of the dominant race exerting power...I think its called abuse and rape....hmnnn? Now whats funny?

1204 days ago



1192 days ago


evelyn you wanna talk about how you didnt like the way you was portrayed last season but yet this season your making childish tee-shirts to sell that promote nothing but negitivity. After the way you treat people it wouldnt be suprising if nobody stepped foot in your shoe store to give you any business. I wish Royce would have mopped your A@#!!!! Believe me, that girl is tired of your BS and we all know what happens when some one is tired of some ones ****. Your really the none factor. Nobody i*****ing or jealous of you either. UGLY ASS!!!

1177 days ago


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1157 days ago
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