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K-Fed -- I'm Having a Baby GIRL!

4/5/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is gearing up for baby #5 -- and unlike the two kids he had with Britney Spears ... this one's a girl.


According to Kevin's now pregnant girlfriend -- ex-pro volleyballer Victoria Prince -- they're naming her Jordan ... because when the couple was deciding on names, they weren't sure of the sex and wanted something that could go either way.

Victoria's due in a couple months.


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I love how everyone bashes Federline for receiving child support from Britney but all you same people have no problem with a woman getting half or more of a famous guys wealth in a divorce... Federline gets chump change in comparison... such a double standard...

Women's rights = Women get everything they want, make all the decisions while bashing men...
Lol such a pathetic double standard we are creating today to 'make up for all the wrongs of the past'... idiots.

From everything I've seen Britney isn't any better at being a parent with only 2 kids... plus, she like most famous parents turn over all the work to nanny's... I'm guessing Federline actually spends more time with his 4 than Britney does with 2.

And I wouldn't call what Britney does as work... more like over produced lip synch crap that idiots buy into... she has little talent and can't even get her dance on while lip synching anymore.

1304 days ago


But Kevin, you already have a girl, the first child you had with Shar was a girl... you know, the ones that don't come from money.

1304 days ago


Lets give credit where its due. He has the most ACTIVE SPERM in HOLLYWOOD.

1304 days ago


wow shes really not a smart person at all....

1304 days ago

Jennifer Saums    

Sorry but Jordan is a boys name not a girls name! I don't understand why peope think of it as a girls name!The 1 st time I ever heard the name Jordan was back in the 90's (Jordan Knight) from the group NKOTB!My son is named Jordan & I think its crazy people name their girls this!

1304 days ago


thank god brittney is working and can support all these children. it is her child support to kfed that he lives on.

1304 days ago

jeffrey michael    

This guy is the biggest loser...What a dumb ass. I don't care if he has a big member quite having kids..You r a complete idiot..I welcome him to email me. This piece of Sh#@ is why our society is over populated and weak..F U Kevin numb nutt..

1304 days ago

baby girl    

how does he keep finding these females?? I mean seriously

1304 days ago

alexis w.    

BritBrit need to get herself together so he can't see a penny from her again i cant that scan bag he make me sick and her,she should run from him.

1304 days ago

Sheila Shigley    

Kfed is going to sue Britney again for child support although the kid is not Britney's and you can bet that Britney will not fight for custody for this one! It is just sad that Britney will have to spend her hard earning money to pay for Kfed, his gold digging gf aka Victoria and so on and so on.

1304 days ago


Yet another child that Britney will have to help raise, because this guy has nothing that resembles skills that could be used to earn a living. Does anybody remember the CD he made? No. No great surprise about that. I think 9 people in total bought it, all of them his family members.Five kids, three different mothers, no job. What a fine, upstanding citizen he is. Setting such a great example for everyone.

1304 days ago


Can this man please get fixed?!?!?!?!

1304 days ago


He already has like two or three baby girls, what the big deal about this one. He needs to stop nutting.

1304 days ago


Fed-X get a JOB!

1304 days ago


Jennifer, the character played by Elisabeth Shue in the movie '****tails' with Tom Cruise was named Jordan.

And there are many women in their 30's with that name. It's been around longer than the 90's... you're just too young and dumb to know what's been going on in the world.

It makes for a cute girls name and can be spelled like Jordyn... it's not just a boys name for your stupid boy.

1304 days ago
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