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'Real Housewife'

Takes a Licking ...

for a Body Shot

4/5/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

40-ish-year-old "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Barney partied like a college kid this weekend -- by letting her BF do a body shot off her at a bar in Mexico ... and TMZ has the video.

The graphic lick-fest went down at the Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo San Lucas -- where Tamra's man Eddie Judge took his sweet-ass time prepping her stomach for the tongue-lashing she was about to receive.

Please, drink off "Housewives" responsibly.


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That video was taken at The ME in Cabo, not Casa Dorada.

1299 days ago


I'm convinced michelle is Tamra

1298 days ago


I am just trying to figure out who the hot dark kid with the glasses in the background is......

1297 days ago


You and Vicky had a talk regarding keeping your children out of the divorce. Wow now they only say their mom taking a bath with some strange young dude and letting strangers do body shots on her and going naked for NOH8. Yikes Those children can't being having an easy time with this. Selfish woman.

1295 days ago


I dont watch the show any more. she is acting like a real trash bag. her husband did the right thing leave her ass.she needs therapy like tommorow.

1295 days ago


How quickly Mrs. Prim & Proper who was ripping apart Gretchen at every turn has changed huh? If it were Gretchen acting this way last season we would have never heard the end of it.
Yes, she has a spectacular figure for her age, but she is far too old to acting this way. Its unbecoming and not classy behavior. Body shots? Really Tamra??

You can already see that Tamra's ranting about the girls is getting on her new Beau's nerves as is his love of taking photo's is getting on hers. Soul mate? More like lust mate. He's not impressive, but then neither is Tamra. They both seem very immature.

Did you catch the close up of Tamra when her Beau brought up having children? Its funny how we never get to see them how they really are because I saw wrinkles gallore which was much more refreshing for the women that compare themselves to these women. Tamra looks young from afar.

Fernanda is a beautiful girl and I like her personality so far. Hope they add her to the cast. I could care less which pond she chooses to swim in. When Tamra implied that she was an uqual opportunity swimmer I thought Fernanda could do so much better than that.

1290 days ago


If she has so much money, WHY doesn't she have a boob LIFT?? And while she's at it, go ahead & give the rest of the OLD body a lift. You look terrible & give a lot of us REAL 40 'somethings' a bad name.

1270 days ago


What about your kids? Don't you have some sense of moral integrity to keep your kinky actions behind closed doors instead of in front of a camera? Is it fair to embarrass them because of your selfishness? You might want to think before you act....

1208 days ago


Why does TMZ post these videos? The quality is awful, and you can't tell if that is even Tamra (and Eddie). Could be anyone. What a waste of 30 seconds of my life. *sigh*

1145 days ago


First of all, I'm NEVER going to Cabo San Lucas, not just because people like Tamra go there, but also because I know of disgusting trashy people who get married there and spend time there in a time-share. They are truly disgusting people who make Americans look bad wherever they go with their lack of interest in local culture, whether they're in Paris, Addis Ababa, New York or Boston.

And after what I've heard from my friends about vacationers in Cabo, my suspicions are validated. I don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of uncultured and ignorant adults acting like lewd spring-breakers.

At least, when I go to Paris, the city is big enough for me to avoid such people even if they might spend their honeymoon there. Besides, I don't hang out in places where they tolerate trash for too long.

1108 days ago


TAMRA YOU look great all these comments are from FAT ASS BITCHES that spend all there time on the internet wishing they look like you and as far as the guys go for a man to have the time to be commenting on this **** Thats just a little strange

1017 days ago


Tamra Barney is low class white trash. What a skank.

523 days ago
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