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'Real Housewife'

Takes a Licking ...

for a Body Shot

4/5/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

40-ish-year-old "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Barney partied like a college kid this weekend -- by letting her BF do a body shot off her at a bar in Mexico ... and TMZ has the video.

The graphic lick-fest went down at the Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo San Lucas -- where Tamra's man Eddie Judge took his sweet-ass time prepping her stomach for the tongue-lashing she was about to receive.

Please, drink off "Housewives" responsibly.


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Tamra's boyfriend was sending off his gay vibes when they met up with her male friend for lunch on a past episode. Then when she was cleaning out her garage to move, he wants to get all manly b/c she still has wedding momentos that he wants her to throw away. Before we saw him, she talked about how great he was, but anything that's too good to be true ususally is-he definitely has a controlling side that's starting to seep out.

Alexis is becoming more vain by the minute trying to fit in with this image of what a wife should look like in OC...she's afraid her husband will replace her at some point I'm guessing, he seems like that type. Peggy is wearing the post partum depression story like a hat. She brings it up everytime she talks to camera like a drama queen. Why is she always trying to re-live it? Camera time I guess. Many women suffer from and recover from it without jamming it down everyones' throats.

1296 days ago


C'mon Cathy she couldn't care less about her kids. The only thing she cares about is stroking her own ego. If her house was on fire she wouldn't save the kids, she would save the pictures of herself.

1296 days ago


C'mon Cathey she couldn't care less about her kids. The only thing she cares about is stroking her own ego. If her house was on fire she wouldn't save her kids, she would save the pictures of herself.

1296 days ago



1296 days ago


talking crap about a 40 ish lady (right) laying on a table and having a guy drink out of your belly is a DISGUSTING Grow up I could see this if your 20 but 40 ish come on. Pig

1296 days ago


To all the people saying this woman "needs to grow up"-aren't you the ones posting judgmental comments about some woman you don't know? How is that mature?

1296 days ago


seems to me like the "housewives" on most of the franchise shows (with the exception of Vicky G on the OC who earns big bucks on her own) will do anything to get a man with money or keep the man with money -beats getting a real job since they never could support the lifestyle on their own

remember Laurie on the OC basically putting her son and his problems on the back burner in order to go after George and ingratiate herself to his kids

just when her son should have been her priority- she made her priority snagging her next meal ticket- and we all know what happened to her son

probably all his life he felt redudnant and inconvenient to her lifestyle

sad and pathetic
but that's just my thought

1296 days ago


Nothing wrong with doing body any age. Something wrong with this white trash waste of space though!

1296 days ago


To all of you talking crap you put on a bikini at 40 and look this good! and if you idiots could read this was this weekend! so take a look at yourselves before talking badly about people you wish you could be! ;)

Posted at 2:55 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by Matt

Do you wish you could be her Matt? It`s nice that you don`t talk crap but these people are in the public eye and that`s exactly who we talk about.

1296 days ago


Whorey Housewives. How anybody finds them "sexy" is beyond me. Old women with tacked up skin and injected wrinkly lips. Just gross.

1296 days ago


Um, unless she went to Mexico and did this again, that is NOT her BF idiots! Try watching the show BEFORE you write the story!

1296 days ago


I can understand her wanting to have fun if she's breaking away from a life that felt like prison. (Don't know, I don't watch the show) Can she not have fun discreetly so she doesn't embarrass her children? Her children are the ones that suffer by having pictures like this plastered all over the media. If their father is more settled I would suggest they ask to go live with him.

1296 days ago


No one is jealous of Tamra. I know many beautiful women with great bodies at her age and they don't act like this. It's easy to be trashy but it actually takes maturity and self confidence to be classy.

1296 days ago


I do not believe no one here want's to look like a dried up mud puddle or leather belt in a bikini. She looks like what she is a ho that has been rode hard and put up wet many many times.

1296 days ago


THis woman is nothing but trash. Since she left her husband for his best friend and all other's she has been sleeping with, her kid's are no where to be found. She is to busy sleeping with every man she can find. She is dirty trash. Hope Simon has enough sense to take those kids away from this ho and make HER pay him child support. I am sure she makes enough every night on the street corner to pay him to take care of their kids since she does not do it.

1296 days ago
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