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Snooki FLIPS OUT at Wrestlemania -- The Crazy Attack

4/4/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! Snooki unleashed a BAD ASS finishing move at Wrestlemania this weekend ... crushing a WWE superstar with a backflipping, ass-smashing attack!!!

Snooki took out her aggression on some chump named Michelle McCool -- who got a butt-full of the Snookster before the "Jersey Shore" star pinned her down for the win.

We gotta ask ...

Snooki Wrestlemania Video

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No Avatar


It's all FAKE. She still SUCKS!!!

1209 days ago


@ mike please do. finish her off... and thank's for jumping on the grenade that is Snooki. The rest of MANkind thanks you for it. :shudder: lol

1209 days ago


I will say I don't like a person with a great copyright name of Snooki. But I would love to see a "girl" "woman" do a move like that on live tv. Not to mention with a body like that either. Kinda impressed. I know alot of guys here will not be able to do that. Most are just sitting watching there great horse pr0n. Not being able to do a single jumping jack.

1209 days ago


I gotta admit, fake wrestling is more up her alley than anything I've seen her do so far. Better than being arrested for drinking on a boardwalk or being a beyatch on a tv show. A show of physical endurance is more positive..

1209 days ago


C'mon, most WWE "Divas" can't pull off a move like that and it is definitely one of the best finishing moves from any the female strippers that they call wrestlers in the WWE nowadays. Atleast she has some amount of talent that seperates herself from the numerous D-list celebs that are frequently on TMZ. I'd bet most people would have their minds blown if they saw a Kardashian or Hilton do that. But because Snooki is an ugly troll, you guys don't give her any credit.

1209 days ago


I think she found her calling....Impressive..!

1209 days ago


I love it when people say wrestling is fake, but yet are on a site that mostly covers actors in scripted films. That's even faker than wrestling. Nothing wrong with it, but it's laughable to call wrestling fake after all these years. No one ever said it was 100 percent real.

1209 days ago


Those who say people who watch wrestling are trash or whatnot, what kind of people who post on gossip site or celebrity news site message boards? I am not saying they are trash or anything, I am just saying it's just keeping up another version of mindless entertainment. Everyone likes different things. Don't insult others who enjoy things that you don't. Wrestling is fixed, but it does take some ability, and it does hurt, most people could not do it. There is still a lot of pain involved.

1209 days ago


Snookie is lowering the bar for talentless whores every where. You used to have to be at least hot if you were a talentless whore. Now you don't even need that. And those "moves" she put on were remnants of her brief cheerleading stint. 2 moves do not a wrestler make.

1209 days ago


i believe this was a fixed match.....jus to hype up snooki!!!!

1209 days ago


@ SevB, i think you have to draw a distinction between REAL wrestling and the fake rough and tumble circus act that is "wrestlemania". Just saying...

Oh and nobody tries to claim movies are real we all know what they are, but i've heard more then a few try to claim wrestlemania and the like is the real deal. ;)

1209 days ago


dude i halft 2 say for a dirty mexican wanna be jersey girl, thats was pretty badass. Looks like she lost alot of weight and is actually doing something with her life... more than i can say for halft you fat trolls at home talking ****. You know half the women that post on this site are far uglier and fat than she is lol, its easy 2 sit behind a screen and talk ****.

1209 days ago


how can people watch this...

1209 days ago


@ #1) Snooki is on one of the highest rated shows in the country! Which is the highest rated show in the history of MTV. Picked up for a fourth season to be shot in Italy, has been given her own show on MTV with Jenny.....are you envious? Why hate, why can't you be happy for her?

1209 days ago


Why hate, why can't you be happy for her?

Posted at 12:25 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by Areader

Mmmhmm because we should all love a foul mouthed falling down drunk? C'mon she has a face only a mother could love, an arse, boobs and belly vying to see which one can go the distance the fastest and a mouth worse than any trucker/sailer I've ever heard! We should be proud that media calls her a celebrity? Yes there's so much to envy. LOL

1209 days ago
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