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Amanda Bynes --

My Puppy Dog is


4/5/2011 9:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Horrible, terrible, tragic, heartbreaking news about Amanda Bynes missing 4-month-old Pomeranian Little Angel ... she's no longer with the living.

Amanda Bynes Missing Dog

Bynes tweeted the gloomy news moments ago, saying, "Sad day....Little Angel is in heaven now. RIP I love you."

This morning, Bynes announced Little Angel went missing sometime yesterday -- and begged her Twitter followers to help her locate the young pup.

So sad.



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so sorry to hear, amanda! i have a pom too. i hope she rests in peace.

1266 days ago


I hate this for Amanda, she seems like such a good girl. From the little I know she is a ,sensible dog owner. Her little baby will be missed.

1266 days ago


another responsible celebrity. go figure

1266 days ago


#111 -

I had something similar happen, only it was my six-year-old niece who let my lab out, and she did it on purpose because she thought that my dog, "Muddie" (her name is actually Maddie), would enjoy some fresh air!

We don't know the cir***stances, so it is unfair for people to say that Amanda is an irresponsible pet owner, idiot, etc.

1266 days ago


Irresponsible celebrities.. the dogs are better off in a pound. Why are celebs dogs always going missing? You dont deserve to have a pet. ****ing idiots.

1266 days ago


I wouldn't rule out suicide as the cause of death. Crazy you say? Imagine for a moment that you were a dog and Amanda was your owner... see what I mean? Canine suicide suddenly doesn't sound like such a crazy idea.

1266 days ago


To Ed, post #9. You're an idiot.

1266 days ago


all of you guys are so mean... she just lost her dog. she clearly didn't do it on purpose. those people who said it's just a dog clearly never have one and don't know how wonderful it is to have a dog

1266 days ago


Jeeezass ... I just started reading the comments ppl leave on this site and I cant believe how crazy and demented most of you are... Its actually kinda creepy... Its all horrible negative crap! I guess its justa bunch of losers that are low on themselves so they sit here and put down celebs and such all day.. I guess I feel sorry for you but holly get over it, lifes too short lol.. Accidents happen and yes its awful but they happen. Does not mean she a bad person or its her fault. It only takes a split second for a pet to get out of your sight, it happens all the time. Im sure she feels bad enough without all the crazies raggin on her.

1266 days ago


In the previous article, she said it "got out of my house somehow." And whose fault is that Amanda??? If you loved him that much, you should have made sure it didn't get out, just like you would if it had been a toddler. One thing I hate is irresponsible, negligent pet owners who don't protect their animals or treat them with the level of care and concern they should.

1265 days ago


So sad. Why was nobody watching that dog? How did it die? Puppies need alot of attention and I bet it was being ignored or
left alone too long. Celebrities should not have animals unless they or someone can be with them all the time.
Like Pink says..... I don't wanna be a Stupid Girl!!
Pay attention to your animals...LOSER!

1265 days ago


I feel terrible for Amanda and for the precious litle puppy. All animals have souls. Those of you who disagree have obvioulsy never raised a puppy, or kitten, or horse, or whatever. Someone was very irresponsible but it may not have been Amanda. I am sure she has help for when she is working and not home. Do not assign blame before ou know the enitre story. I run an animal rescue. I also buried a son and a daughter. No one cast blame on me when my children had a one in a million illness and could not pull through. I love my puppies as if they were my children now as they are allI have. Losing a pet is very painful. Why are people so unfeeling and uncaring about other's loses. Some people think that they are the only ones entitled to feel or hurt over anything. Celebrity or not - American or not - we all mourn our dead.

1265 days ago


funny how it doesn't mention how the dog died. She most likely was irresponsible and let it out. Don't feel sorry for her. She killed her dog!!

1265 days ago


How does she know HER PUP is dead. Did she find the body or is it just an assumption? It is sad either way. People become very attached to their animals. I know about loss.

1265 days ago


So this is news worthy or a pity party. This is to funny. lol

1265 days ago
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