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Charlie Sheen's Show -- Completely Lacking in Glass

4/6/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's show in Cleveland last night was a strictly no-glass zone -- and we're told, it's all because the venue was afraid of the crowd turning violent ... and launching their drinks onstage.

Sources at Cleveland's Playhouse Square tell TMZ, it was all in response to Charlie's show in Detroit -- where he bombed so hard the crowd turned ugly ... booing and heckling Charlie on stage.

We're told management at Playhouse wasn't taking any chances -- and quickly enacted a plastic cup-only policy for drinks in the theater.

It worked too -- because as far as we know, no one got hurt.


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The truth is Charlie Sheen is a fraud. Afraid to do the very things he claims make him the Greek God that he is. Charlie believes his abililty to withstand interjecting himself with large amounts of cocaine and alcohol are what seperate him from everyone else. The reality is quite the opposite. Charlie Sheen does not do cocaine, drink alcohol or party like a rock star because he will die.

Charlie won't even gamble, he knows he can't afford to lose. He can't afford to take risks like he used to when he was younger. Charlie has become the monster he rebeled against his entire life. He doesn't even understand how.

Angry little man. If you're lucky you'll read this and have an understanding of what everyone whoever loved you was trying to tell you.

1261 days ago


WoW it's funny how many people on this blog are perfect + have never had anything they are so concerned about it drove them crazy.
Wish I was just like you (Ignorance is bliss, why didn't I take the blue pill)

1261 days ago


I don't think I've ever been to a concert or major event where glass is allowed. That's in 15+ years of concert going. Not a rare thing in the slighted.

Posted at 3:32 AM on Apr 6, 2011 by NelsonH
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Ditto, only I've been doing it for over 25 years.

C'mon TMZ. There are more than enough reasons to demonize this a-hole. Why make one up?

1261 days ago


Jealousy is such an ugly thing. LOL

1261 days ago


Define "Winning" lololol Duh..Loserrrrrrr!!!!

1261 days ago


And here i thought they had banned freak shows in the U.S.. Its Sad how Americans Piss thier money away on such Foolishness and then bitch that you cant make ends meet in todays economy, While this "****head" (Charlie Sheen) Takes your money and rubs your nose in it at the same time.

1261 days ago


Thanks TMZ for making stuff up as anybody who regularly attends concerts and or shows knows they don't allow glass bottles in a venue. This has nothing to do with throwing them but the risk of breaking one and then having to clean it up so people don't get hurt. What a joke TMZ is sometimes just making stories up in hopes people are stupid enough to believe them. It's so rare you actually get the chance to do stories on real celebrities that you shouldn't taint those stories by trying to extend your coverage. Sad, sad, sad.

1261 days ago


Funny how hollywerid was a-ok with all his vices until he called out the kosher power he has multiple targets on him. And any story about him is thick with hasbara trolls.

Perhaps AmeriKa is ready for a Gibson - Sheen movie...funded by profits from the do***entary "The passion of Christ".

1261 days ago


1261 days ago


@Collen: Lots of long-winded posts here... You sound like a bitter 'ex-goddess'!

1261 days ago

Master Po    

Every concert and sports event I have attended in the last 20 years has taken glass from people. So stop trying to make a story from nothing here. Detroit is still a pisshole.

1261 days ago


Certainly shows you the calibre of people who want to see Sheen and his "I'm so Hot" tour if they feel they have to remove the glasses because they are afraid the people will all kill each other.

1261 days ago


Aren't ALL theatres glass-free? Which theatres allow standing patrons into the theatre area with glasses and bottles?

1261 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Now there is some irony.

Police protecting Charlie from a belligerent drunk(s).

It just gets better and better.

1261 days ago


How is this a story? No venue whether for sports or theatre allows glass. Hell, Cirque De Soleil shows don't allow glass. Do you guys just make crap up? Oh yeah forgot where I was posting....LMFAO

And for you morons and trolls, do you really believe all you read? Especially in tabloid crap? Sheen has been tested SIX TIMES. All clean.

Do you really believe he beat the women who made the allegations while trying to extort millions from him during Divorce? Bloody sheep.

And killed his dog? With all the focus on animal cruelty, especially in California, don't you think it would have been investigated if there was one iotta of truth to it?

Grow a freakin braincell. You're all sheep. This is all an act to sell merchandise and make money by going viral. The haters buy it hook line and sinker. Not really surprising given that most are probably right wing, puritanical, bible thumping whack jobs.

Go pray to your imaginary friend and maybe you'll get a clue.

1261 days ago
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